Chapter 2913: Flirting

The emperor was clearly talented in order to have her current achievements, just slightly inferior compared to a historically brilliant genius like Three-eyed.

Thus, Three-eyed also benefited from the conversation. He would excitedly shout and praise after hearing any profound parts.

The two of them reached a state of complete focus and didn’t keep track of time.

After all, they weren’t from the same sect and rarely had an opportunity to have a conversation like this.

Each system and sect always wanted to safeguard their merit laws and dao knowledge, not sharing it with others. 

Though the prodigy and the emperor couldn’t discuss their sects’ merit laws, just their dao knowledge and cultivation experience were plenty. These pieces of information from them could already be considered precious merit laws.

And since these were their personal findings, they didn’t have any restriction stopping them from divulgence.

The conversation went on and they forgot about time and place. Meanwhile, the five-colored hawk flew towards the sky moat with lightning speed. Li Qiye sat to the side with his eyes closed, seemingly asleep.

The other two chatted for a long time before stopping. They noticed that they have almost made it to the sky moat.

Keep in mind that the distance from Academy of Light to the sky moat was extremely long. Even though the hawk was fast, it still needed a considerable period of time. That’s how long their conversation was.

Alas, they found it to be very short.

“We’re almost there.” Spiritheart smiled while gazing ahead.

Three-eyed only glanced forward for a second before turning his sight back on the emperor: “Time flew by…”

“Not quite, we’ve been talking for a while now.” She smiled.

“I see. I thought that it was just the blink of an eye.” He chuckled in response.

Time really went by too fast for him. The days seemed like the blink of an eye while talking to her. Nevertheless, this short moment was one of the happiest moments of his life.

In the past, successful sessions of cultivation have also brought him joy. Alas, talking with the emperor gave him a completely different feeling. He wanted this moment to last forever.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as he wished, hence his disappointment after seeing the sky moat. It meant that they were about to separate, probably to never see each other again.

“I’ve benefited greatly from our conversation, thank you for your guidance.” Spiritheart stood up and bowed.

He hurriedly got up and returned the gesture: “No way, you, also taught me a lot, widening my knowledge regarding the grand dao.”

Spiritheart nodded her head and smiled, clearly bidding goodbye to him.

“Invite her to your place, it’s common courtesy.” A voice resounded, interrupting the youth’s daze.

The youth calmed down and stared at the emperor, not knowing what to say.

“Do you want to invite me?” The emperor smiled after seeing his awkwardness.

“Umm… if you have time, you should come visit our God Eye System.” He hastily said. He didn’t dare to ask her to visit his actual home, only his system.

“How could I say no? I will certainly visit God Eye when I have time.” She nodded, accepting his invitation.

His heart skipped a beat after hearing this. This was the most pleasant thing he had heard so far, overwhelming him with happiness.

“Great, that’s great, I will personally welcome you then.” He nodded his head several times, wishing for that day to come as soon as possible.

“That’s not enough.” Li Qiye jumped in again: “She will be traveling so far to see you so you need to play the role of a good host and a tour guide. Most importantly, you also need to escort her back safely to Garden of God. It’s not safe for a woman to travel alone. How are you going to answer her seniors if something were to happen?” 

He decided to be a good person all the way and helped these two.

Otherwise, this kid had no chance given his flirting technique. Courting her was harder than reaching the sky for him.

“Should, should I?” The youth was uncertain because this was way too blatant and direct. Everyone could see his intent by that point.

“Yes. A gentleman is responsible for protecting the ladies, are you a gentleman?” Li Qiye asked.

“...” The youth didn’t know how to answer.

“I’ll be counting on you then, Brother Three-eyed.” She jumped in and salvaged the awkward situation.

“Good, good!” He nodded his head repeatedly like a chicken trying to eat grain.

Just imagining their time together made him feel like he was floating on air. He also felt grateful towards Li Qiye. He really wouldn’t have the courage to invite her without him leading the way.

“We’re here.” Li Qiye said.

The other two looked forward and saw something resembling a massive monster.

The sky moat resided at the frontier of Immortal Lineage. Taking one step past the moat meant entering endless space.

This wall stretched through space for innumerable miles. To keep it simple, this place covered all of Immortal Lineage, serving as the frontier defense.

At the center was the famous Sky Pass. While standing in this location, one gained a panoramic view of space.

To the left was the endless Uncrossable Expanse. To the right was Sky Ruins with stars and broken battlefields.

Because of these two things blocking the way, outside invaders needed to go through Sky Pass to get to Immortal Lineage.

Thus, the sky moat was the ultimate wall while Sky Pass served as the ultimate fortress.

The youth became disappointed after they made it to their destination. He knew that it was time to separate from the emperor.

This wasn’t his first time visiting this place but this complicated feeling was unprecedented.

“Gentlemen, see you again.” The emperor cupped her fist towards the two.

“See you again.” The youth unwillingly cupped his fist.

Li Qiye smiled and nodded before leaping off the hawk. The youth followed him right after.

“Screech!” The hawk roared and started flying towards Sky Ruins.

The youth stood on top of the wall and continued gazing towards the emperor’s direction.

“She’s gone already, stop standing there.” Li Qiye woke him up.

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