Chapter 2912: Prodigy Turned Silly

Spiritheart True Emperor was scared out of her mind after these two intruders got on her hawk. She thought that this was an ambush and became cautious. However, she heaved a sigh of relief after seeing these two. However, she didn’t trust Li Qiye at all.

After all, he was infamous for killing three emperors. One of them, Goldtypha, was stronger than her.

It wasn’t easy for an emperor to come out in each generation. Alas, he killed three at the same time. The title, “Fiercest”, wasn’t an exaggeration.

That’s why she was on guard after seeing him. This was the case for everyone in Academy of Light right now.

Today, he was just as famous as Holyfrost True Emperor, Brightking Buddha, Metalkin War God, and Violet Dragon Empress.

“Young Noble Li and Brother Three-eyed, it’s my pleasure.” She cupped her fist and politely greeted them despite being cautious towards the two.

Remember, Li Qiye had teased her before. Others would have held a grudge.

“It’s our pleasure, Your Majesty.” Three-eyed Prodigy looked a bit nervous and tense.

He always acted as he pleases towards everyone else. This wasn’t the case here. His arrogance was nowhere to be found before the emperor.

“That’s too much, Brother Three-eyed. I do not dare to accept being called “Your Majesty” by you, it will lower my lifespan.” She smiled in response, looking quite charming: “You can call me Spiritheart if you don’t mind.”

She was correct for she only had seven palaces and he was a half-step Everlasting. An Everlasting was on the same level as a progenitor; a half-step was absolutely below that.

However, he was definitely stronger than her, not to mention being more gifted as well. 

“I, I don’t think that’s proper?” His carefree attitude was all gone now when speaking to her.

This was someone who could learn the most profound things with a single glance or just by listening. He could then freely apply the concepts later on.

Now, his talents were useless before Spiritheart True Emperor, his brain inadequate.

“It’s fine.” She smiled: “Your talents are praised by everyone and I’m a fan of yours as well. Please give me pointers when an opportunity arises.”

“Well… I, I don’t, don’t think I’ll be a good teacher and will only waste your time.” He kept on stuttering and looking like a silly child.

“You’re joking, Brother Three-eyed. No one can teach better than you since no merit laws can trouble you.” Spiritheart revealed a soft smile.

Just this little smile alone almost robbed the youth’s soul away.

“...” The youth became empty-headed after seeing her smile.

She actually found his silly appearance rather interesting right now.

“Where did your intelligence run off to?” Li Qiye shook his head and elbowed the youth.

The youth woke up and became embarrassed by his awkward act. His face turned red as he stood there, speechless.

The emperor didn’t mock him for it and only smiled beautifully. This knocked him out once again.

Li Qiye didn’t know what to do after seeing the guy’s lack of flirting skills. He elbowed him again and said: “Say something at least, the emperor wishes to ask you a few questions.”

The frozen guy regained his wits and let out a dry smile: “I’m, I’m actually quite slow and can’t understand some merit laws right away.”

“Slow?” Li Qiye knocked his head in response: “How old are you again? You’re a half-step already, if you’re slow, then everyone else is idiotic beyond cure.”

He was trying his best to help the youth.

“Young Noble Li is completely right.” The emperor added: “You are the youngest half-step right now. Soaring Sword Marvel is half a year older than you and needed the help of his master, Luminous Master, to reach the half-step level. On the other hand, you relied on your talents alone, so no one else can compare to you in this regard.”

She was speaking the truth without any exaggeration. His talents right now were indeed matchless in Immortal Lineage.

“Really?” The youth felt elated to be praised so sincerely.

He has heard this praise so many times from others, even from those stronger than him. This eventually led to immunity. The praises became normalized and he got nothing from it.

This wasn’t the case right now. She said the same thing as others but her words were as pleasant as can be to his ears.

“Would a seven-palace emperor lie?” Li Qiye felt a bit helpless with him.

The youth smiled awkwardly after hearing this.

“The path towards the dao is boundless so a meeting is a type of fate and fortune. The two of you are geniuses so take this chance to talk about your experiences with cultivation. Perhaps you will gain something from it.” Li Qiye smiled and added.

“I see…” The supposedly smart youth looked anything but.

“I recently have a few questions about the dao. Please give me some advice if you don’t mind.” Spiritheart was an open-minded person and didn’t mind being taught.

“Okay, we can discuss it.” The youth gained some spirit since dao conversations were his forte, not flirting.

“I feel a fog rising on my path with confusion in my mind, please use your golden eye to take a look…” She revealed.

“I’ll try.” He was happy to offer his assistance and opened his third eye.

The two of them began a long conversation regarding their dao knowledge, understanding of merit laws and cultivation methods…

The boy was awfully reserved in front of his crush but his confidence in the dao allowed him to talk unceasingly. Moreover, he always got straight to the crux of the issues in a profound manner and managed to impress her.

After all, he had a unique understanding of the grand dao due to his talents. The prodigy has finally returned.

He didn’t hide anything either and shared all of his findings - something very beneficial for Spiritheart. She also reciprocated by telling her gained knowledge. 

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