Chapter 291: Heavenly Dao Academy (Teaser)

Chapter 291: Heavenly Dao Academy

“The Realm God from the legends?” Chi Xiaodie, who was standing to the side, had been listening to the conversation and couldn’t help but exclaim. She had heard of a few legends regarding the academy’s Divine Beast Protector.

It had always been mysterious. Rumor has it that it had lived for a very long time, but the world had not seen the Divine Beast Protector for tens of millions of years.

Some people even speculated that there was no such existence and it was only a rumor deliberately spread by the academy.

“Yes, the Realm God.” When talking about the Divine Beast Protector of the academy, even the casual Old Daoist Peng became serious: “My old little brothers said that the Realm God has recently become unstable.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “Your Heavenly Dao Academy has opened several portals, and the Realm God should have left already. It has stayed in this world for too long when it should have returned to ashes. Unfortunately, your academy from generation to generation has always been reluctant and kept on keeping it here.”

Little Autumn couldn't help but admire as it spoke with grandiloquence:...

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