Chapter 2908: Seeing Three-eyed Prodigy Again

Someone was staring at the old chiseler with a serious expression while Li Qiye was leaving.

It was Three-eyed Prodigy. He didn’t even dare to breathe at this moment.

His golden eye could see things unclear to others. Other half-steps didn’t have the same vision. Because of this, he realized just how mighty the old man was.

Prior to this, he has seen powerful characters like Luminous Master and Orchid Sage. However, these two couldn’t compare to this old man.

This was someone truly standing at the apex. Why was he here, just chiseling away?

The prodigy has always been arrogant as the current youngest half-step. He was indeed a great genius even from a historical perspective.

Now, he trod carefully and didn’t want to bother the old man. A half-step like him wasn’t worth mentioning because that old man could turn him to dust in no time at all.

His golden eye shifted around, able to see through a few things from the chiseling process. This shook him to the core. How many other people could do something so heaven-defying right now?

“It’s not good to spy.” A voice suddenly broke his concentration like an unwelcome thunder blast.

He became startled and instinctively jumped back to keep a distance. This strong reaction was warranted because this place was prohibitively difficult to reach.

He had numerous treasures allowing him to infiltrate this place, albeit with extreme caution.

He didn’t see a single person, not even a ghost during this trip in this vast land.

Thus, someone being next to him naturally made him jump from fear. Moreover, he was powerful too and should have been able to detect anyone getting close.

This guy got next to him despite him being on guard, meaning that he was so close to death while being unaware.

He put on a defensive stance and summoned a treasure while looking towards the direction of the voice. 

He saw a man standing leisurely where he used to be - Li Qiye.

Seeing Li Qiye for a second time gave him chills all over the place. He staggered backward in shock: “You again!”

This was the person who he didn’t want to see again the most. Why?

He has seen plenty of masters including the current two progenitors. However, he could still gauge them and know of their abilities.

The next step up was the old chiseler. He believed this old man far surpassed the two progenitors.

Yet, he could still have a general idea of this old man’s power. It was still within the realm of speculation.

This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye who truly frightened him. His golden eye was capable of dispelling all illusions and seeing the truths. 

Li Qiye remained unfathomable even though he used his eye to its utmost. The guy seemed to be a limitless entity. The world was small compared to him, unable to contain his true might.

The previous meeting was his first time seeing someone beyond his understanding. That’s why he ran for his life after coming up with an excuse, no longer able to put up the usual haughty act.

Reputation and dignity didn’t matter at all. He believed that opposing Li Qiye would result in certain death.

After escaping, he swore to himself to stay as far away from Li Qiye as possible, never appearing in the same place.

Unfortunately, he didn’t expect to meet Li Qiye here. Thinking about how close they were together just now left him with cold sweat.

It would only take the blink of an eye if the guy wanted to kill him just now.

“Hey now, I’m not a ghost and I won’t eat you either, no need to be so afraid.” Li Qiye glanced at the youth.

“No, of course not, Senior is the grea-greatest in history…” The youth let out a forced smile while feeling extremely embarrassed.

This was also another first for him - needing to boot-lick. He sounded so awkward, unlike the black bull who could spew out lines after lines.

“Don’t call me a senior when I’m only eighteen. It makes me feel old.” Li Qiye said.

“Right, right, Honorable One. only eighteen, I see, so amazing…” The youth shifted his attitude right away, still sounding awfully unnatural.

“You’re no good at flattering but at least you’re smart enough to put your pride aside and flatter me.” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled.

The youth has grown used to listening to others flattering him, not the other way around. He didn’t feel good right now and wanted to run away.

“Your golden eye is not bad at all, very useful.” Li Qiye praised with a nod.

This casual comment could be considered a peerless honor. Alas, the youth became afraid after hearing this.

He felt as if Li Qiye could reach and dig out his eye in the next second so he moved back another step.

Li Qiye naturally saw this and shook his head: “Don’t worry, I won’t be taking your eye or I would have done it long ago.”

The youth heaved a sigh of relief and said: “My ordinary eye can’t get into your sight, Honorable One. It’s not worth mentioning compared to your great vision.”

“Wow, your talent is good indeed, ten times better at flattery already, no wonder why you’re a half-step Everlasting despite being so young.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The youth didn’t appreciate the empty praise but there was nothing he could do outside of smiling along.

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