Chapter 2906: Ocean Of Light

The next location consisted of a seemingly bottomless abyss. No one could climb out after falling inside.

This didn’t stop Li Qiye from jumping down there and turning into a freefalling meteor. This descent had unbelievable speed.

After an unknown period of time, he finally landed on both feet and reached his destination.

This place was the nethermost area of Sacred Mountain and the system.  Even powerful emperors couldn’t necessarily reach this place.

A pulsing light greeted him near the entrance. After entering, he saw a boundless ocean ahead.

It hid deep beneath Sacred Mountain. There was no way for one to reach the other side.

The most shocking thing was that this ocean contained all the light of the entire system. It was the dao source of Academy of Light.

No one would believe this at first sight due to the sheer ridiculousness of the whole thing. A dao source of a system could grow to this size?

In reality, this wasn’t only the light power left behind by Desolate Saint. It consisted of millions of years of accumulation from the sages, experts, and all living beings in the system.

Normally, most systems would start to decline after years of prosperity. The power of the dao source would also wither as a result.

This was not the case for the academy. For the inhabitants, it didn’t matter if they had cultivated a light merit law or not as long as they believed in the light.

The stronger their faith, the more light power would be within them. After death, this light force would return to the earth. Those who were completely converted would send this power to the dao source without wasting any.

This was the reason why those who died in Sacred Mountain looked so peaceful. They were fully converted and thought that they were one with the light and would live on with the system. Thus, death wasn’t that scary.

This served as the scariest part of the academy. Its inhabitants toiled for a lifetime and after death, their everything would become the light and join the dao source.

In other words, the dao source would take everything from them - their vitality, energy, and all of their fortunes.

It was no wonder why the bull mocked the saint as a hypocrite, thinking that he was nothing but a dark existence. Most would share this thought after finding the truth about its dao source.

Of course, one couldn’t refute the saint’s amazing abilities for doing something like this. It’s just that those on a similar level would look down on his choice.

Just imagine how many lives have lived in the system through the ages. They worshipped the light and continuously strengthened the dao source after death.

This number was simply incalculable. This eventually culminated in the great ocean of light before Li Qiye. He smiled and started flying over it.

Most would never be able to reach the other side despite trying for a lifetime. Moreover, this ocean wasn’t calm either.

It had tidal waves and dangerous gales in all places; some reaching far enough above to knock down the stars. These light storms were truly frightening.

Nevertheless, the size and dangers of this ocean didn’t deter Li Qiye in the slightest. He crossed through them without any difficulty and was very close to the source.

“Badump, badump, badump…” He could hear a sonorous noise similar to a powerful heartbeat from a distance.

He found that it was the source of this ocean - the heart of light! It has been beating the entire time, only heard by those managing to get this far.

This heart made of peerless light was different from a regular one. All the light affinities in the entire world gathered in this place.

Each beat absorbed and released light forces. Each release resulted in a purer version of the light, meaning that any light force getting in the heart would be refined to perfection by the heart.

Strangely enough, the heart seemed to have a strand of darkness rotating around it just like a dark halo.

This was astounding because this dao source could be said to be the gathering of the strongest light power in the entire world.

A strand of darkness should be insignificant in comparison. Just one wave from this ocean should be able to incinerate it.

However, the light didn’t have any intention of burning the darkness away. The intertwining rotation of the heart and darkness looked like a dance between two lovers, never wanting to separate.

How could these two eternal enemies stay so close? When one side was strong enough, it would definitely take down the other and in this case, the light was far superior. Nevertheless, the darkness still hovered around like a moth drawn to the flame.

“What a sight to behold.” Li Qiye became slightly emotional after seeing this bizarre scene.

He opened his eyes and his gaze crossed through the ages in order to look at the past of this heart.

The heart of light also felt his terrible gaze and shrank slightly. However, its beats still continued with the same rhythm. It still looked as holy as ever with no hidden intention.

Of course, his gaze was pervasive and all-seeing, able to see the true essences of the heart.

He found that it was indeed a heart of light and truths and nodded approvingly.

“I see, regardless of your methods, you still left behind your conscience and knowledge of the light after returning to the darkness. Maybe you were trying to make your darkness even more perfect by removing all traces of light. Or… is this an attempt at leaving a substantial legacy for future descendants, a mark of your existence after falling completely?” Li Qiye shook his head, pondering.

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