Chapter 2900: A Virtuous Showing

“Crack!” The space above cracked like porcelain after the crumbling of Orchid Sage.

The entire thing shattered and disappeared from sight and everyone found themselves in the ancient courtyard again. 

The valley of the crystal crab came into sight along with the bright sun rays.

Alas, the spectators remained stunned from the previous events. They touched their face then their body before looking around.

All four limbs and the rest were still intact, not melting like before. 

“Hahaha! We’re still alive and well!” The first ones to calm down yelled excitedly.

“We’re still alive.” Everyone else regained their sanity later and saw that everything was fine.

Nothing felt better than being alive especially after experiencing a terrible disaster, nearly being erased like the content of a painting. They heaved a sigh of relief and started cheering in full force.

Unfortunately, not all of them felt the same way. 

A loud bang occurred shortly after the restoration and many were crawling on the ground.

The disappearance of the sage destroyed the fusion so Goldtypha emperor and his allies showed up again.

They were completely pale, not because of fear but because that move earlier required too much vitality and energy.

Just standing was difficult now. Plus, that final move from Li Qiye also injured them and made them spit out blood.

The spectating students were stirred. That move just now looked like the sage was here in person and should have been unbeatable. Alas, it still lost to Fiercest.

“I think only a progenitor in person can actually take him on.” One student murmured.

“Raaa!” The dragon roared.

Everyone thought that it was about to rush forward and fight to the death. However, it turned and fled so fast without worrying about its image to the astonishment of the crowd.

“Rumble!” The rest of the ancient beasts followed the dragon and ran for their lives as well in such a pitiful manner unlike their haughty appearance prior. Only the four human combatants were left behind.

This stark contrast took the crowd like a storm. A while ago, these beasts were so intimidating and impressive, making the spectators tremble with their auras.

Now, they ran away like dogs who have lost their masters. The spectators didn’t know how to describe this.

That golden dragon, in particular, was even more shocking. It was the king of beasts, a being stronger than an eight-palace emperor. Alas, it didn’t maintain the style of a king at all and let go of its image to be the first to flee.

The four could only stand there and smile wryly. They were still beasts and survival was in their instinct. Running was understandable against a stronger opponent.

Unfortunately, the four couldn’t copy them. To do so would damage their own prestige along with their sects’ reputation.

They shouldered not only their own pride but also the honor of their systems and sects. Thus, dying in battle was preferable to running.

“Let’s finish this.” Li Qiye smiled.

“To the death!” Treasure Source True God was the first to make a move.

“Boom!” He leaped to the sky and the source on his chest unleashed all of its power. He also channeled his own energy into it.

The power turned into an energy beam shooting straight at Li Qiye’s chest. It broke through the spatial fabrics and appeared at another spatial location before continuing its trajectory.

“Go for it.” Li Qiye arched his chest, seemingly amused.

“Boom!” When this mighty beam struck Li Qiye’s chest, it didn’t penetrate it contrary to expectations and was actually repelled backward towards the true god.

“Boom!” It struck and instantly destroyed his treasure source.

“Ah!” It then penetrated his chest. He fell and smashed into the ground, creating a huge pit. His blood stained the soil. He slowly closed his eyes during his last moment without any regrets. 

His death earned him the respect of the crowd because of his rather noble attempt at avenging Deng Rensen.

They asked themselves - would they do the same thing if they were in his shoes? Most likely not.

“Very courageous and commendable. That’s how a man should be.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly.

Some actually mourned for him. He wasn’t a top genius or anything like that, just a man worthy of respect.

“We are inferior compared to him.” The three emperors exchanged glances after seeing this.

“It is fate that have brought us together as allies, so I shall follow Brother Treasure Source.” Stonecarver laughed and leaped into the sky to unleash a spear thrust at Li Qiye.

“Brother Stonecarver, I got your back!” Goldpython turned into a golden tsunami of steel and rushed forward.

“It is an honor to fight alongside you three. Let’s die together today.” Goldtypha also laughed heartily.

His weapon of choice was a disk that created three thousand worlds launching at his foe.

There was definitely an order to the attacks but they felt as if they were coming simultaneously.

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