Chapter 290: Deity Jikong Wudi

Chapter 290: Deity Jikong Wudi

“Deity Jikong Wudi!” Hearing this name, even geniuses who considered themselves extraordinary were shocked.

Jikong Wudi — such a domineering name. He dared to call himself unbeatable — he was peerlessly supreme! [1. Wudi = Unbeatable/Matchless.]

Jikong Wudi, the descendant of the Space Trample Mountain, the sixth generation grandson of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong with three saint aptitudes. There were not many cultivators comparable to Jikong Wudi in the entire Mortal Emperor World.

Someone once said that only Jikong Wudi could compete with Mei Suyao’s Immortal Bone by using his three saint aptitudes.

He hadn’t trod his dao journey for a long time, but anywhere he passed by, his opponents would all be convinced by him, thus people called him "deity".

The arrival of Deity brought about strange visual phenomena amidst the heaven and earth. This caused all the aspiring students to sigh in lamentation. Many arrogant geniuses all lost their colors after seeing Deity’s aura. Even the most conceited man would not dare to compete against Deity.

Goddess Mei Suyao had arrived, and same with Deity Jikong Wudi. Overnight, this news flipped over the academy and the Eastern Hundred Cities.

Many powerful predecessors were sent into a daze after learning about the situation.

“This… is too crazy. Does the representative of the Eternal River School need to join the Heavenly Dao Academy? At this point, she is capable of opening her own sect to preach her dao!”

Another royal lord murmured: “Deity Jikong Wudi also does not need to join the academy. Immortal Emperor Ta Kong had only left for thirty thousand years, and he left behind enough veterans to help Deity Jikong Wudi become an Immortal Emperor; where is the need to join the academy?”

Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was the last Immortal Emperor of the Emperors Era, and he was also the most contemporary. His influence in this world was far greater than other Immortal Emperors who had left this world for a long time. This was why, even though the Space Trample Mountain had only been created thirty thousand years ago, no contemporary heritages dared to look down upon it. Because it was the newest Immortal Emperor heritage, its inner strength was enough to cause others to tremble.

The fact that both Goddess Mei and Deity Jikong Wudi joined the academy stunned many people.

A previous generation Ancient Saint muttered: “Such a situation has only happened once or twice before. The first time was when Immortal Emperor Hao Hai studied at the academy, and the second was when Second Sage Wang Yuan was in charge of the academy. Two admittance time periods that recruited all the best geniuses in this world... Could this time be comparable to the first two?”

Someone else murmured: “The student acceptance period one thousand years ago was not as great as the situation right now.” Geniuses from all five territories in the Mortal Emperor World were arriving despite the long distance.

“Something is wrong.” After these two joined the academy, a few undyings from the great powers suddenly realized something. “Even though the academy opening its doors is indeed a large matter, it is not quite heaven-piercing. This news traveled way too fast. How could these other territories receive this news and send their descendants to the academy within just half a year? Is this really only for studying?”

After hearing the reports from their juniors, a few old men who were halting their blood force suddenly woke up from their Era Blood Stones and wondered: “Could it be that the Heavenly Dao Academy’s portal is about to open again?”

Only monstrous existences like the Eternal River School or the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom knew the real story. However, soon after, the old undyings of the other powers very quickly recognized that this was not an ordinary matter.

All of them thought about one thing — the portal of the Heavenly Dao Academy from the legends.

Since a very distant era, there was a legend about the Heavenly Dao Academy. It stated that the academy was built on the Void Gate’s earth vein. The Void Gate was one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures; it could only be heard of but not seen by the inhabitants of this world. Everyone believed that the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures and Scriptures never existed, that they were only a hoax.

Despite that being so, the rumors about the academy’s portal never stopped. In a very ancient era, there was hearsay information that the portal inside the academy could open the Void Gate while others thought that the portal had nothing to do with the Void Gate at all, that it was only a portal to a divine realm or a great treasure left behind since the Legendary Era.

“Could it be that the Void Gate will open at the Eastern Hundred Cities in this generation?” This speculation caused many hidden characters and undyings buried in their coffins to become unable to sit still as their hearts began to beat faster.

“The Void Gate does not exist in this world!” An undying that had lived for countless generations woke up and murmured: “Ever since the past, countless wise sages had explored the portal of the Heavenly Dao Academy. Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai, Second Sage, and many others that were all invincible characters of their generations. They had all searched this portal, and there wasn’t a Void Gate or anything at all!”

No matter whether the academy’s portal had anything to do with the Void Gate or not, at this second, countless reclusive masters and undyings at the Eastern Hundred Cities lost their patience and followed this matter closely.

To them, the relationship between the portal and the Void Gate was not important because the portal itself was a great opportunity. Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai, and Wang Yuan were all great characters. When they studied at the academy during their youth, they obtained their great fortune inside the portal. Many people — later on — attributed their future success to the fortune taken from inside the portal.

A portal to reach a divine treasure; a path to reach a supreme fortune... How could these undyings who knew insider information not become excited?


Today, Chi Xiaodie was dissecting a Monarch Fish that was captured by Li Qiye.

Peng Keng ran out from the Everlasting Courtyard and said with a watery mouth: “Not bad, a River Monarch Fish — excellent! This thing becoming a demon is really rare, even in the Heavenly Dao Academy’s territory.”

During this time, Li Qiye had captured too many fierce beasts, including Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits, ferocious birds and insect kings. After training for some time, Chi Xiaodie’s weapon controlling art became more masterful. Day after day, she was immersed in cultivation. Right now, her control of her golden saber was as simple as a cook using his knife. In just the blink of an eye, this River Monarch Fish was dismembered and each part was perfectly divided.

“Now, let me make a fish feast for everyone.” The salivating Old Daoist Peng took out the ingredients and started to make a fish feast at the temple.

After his cooking was finished, Little Autumn came out of nowhere and jumped on the table. “Smells so good!”

Then, Li Qiye also came out. The old daoist then cheerfully said to him: “Young Noble, come taste my cooking skill.”

Although he said this, his hands were already competing with Little Autumn. The two of them were as fast as the wind; they wished that they could devour the entire feast by themselves.

Old Daoist Peng was a food connoisseur, and his cooking was also great. Chi Xiaodie was not shy as she also participated in this grand war for the food. Only Li Qiye was nonchalant; since time immemorial, what immortal feasts had he not participated in? Li Qiye had eaten many banquets from Immortal Emperors.

After eating his fill, the old daoist spoke to Li Qiye: “The portal of the academy will open in this generation.”

Little Autumn tapped its stomach with a still-unsatisfied appearance and shook its head: “No, Smelly Daoist, this boss can guarantee that your portal will open within half a year, or maybe one to two years if it takes a longer time. Just wait and see.”

Little Autumn had recently followed Li Qiye everywhere within the academy’s territory to analyze the earth vein so it clearly understood the changes.

It then spoke with the tone of an expert: “Your heaven and earth vein is pulsing and changing too dramatically; I am sure that there is a problem.”

Li Qiye was not surprised in his idleness. One of the reasons why he came here was for the academy’s portal. He wanted to look for the Void Gate once more.

Li Qiye glanced at the old daoist and asked: “Is the Heavenly Dao Academy recruiting students again?” Li Qiye had heard some news after traveling around the academy’s territory.

Old Daoist Peng smiled and said: “Yes, it is quite an unfortunate matter. Paper cannot wrap fire so the truth will come out. The portal has opened several times before, and those undyings had always been watching closely. Thus, we might as well let their juniors come in.”

Li Qiye leisurely said: “The Heavenly Dao Academy has never been afraid of anyone.”

“That is true. My old little brothers crawling out from their coffins could indeed suppress anyone with bad intentions.” Old Daoist Peng smilingly continued: “We’ll just let them deal with this matter.”

Li Qiye looked straight at the old daoist and asked: “Then what is your academy afraid of?”

The old daoist’s heart sank and said: “This…” He knew that he couldn’t fool Li Qiye. He withdrew his carefree look and took a deep breath before saying in a grave tone: “This has something to do with our academy’s Divine Beast Protector.”

“Right.” Li Qiye nodded his head and said: “Your Divine Beast Protector is very old, and it would have become dust if it wasn’t for the heaven and earth vein. Could it be that it will finally rest in peace and return to the earth in this generation?”

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