Chapter 290: Deity Jikong Wudi (Teaser)

Chapter 290: Deity Jikong Wudi

“Deity Jikong Wudi!” Hearing this name, even geniuses who considered themselves extraordinary were shocked.

Jikong Wudi — such a domineering name. He dared to call himself unbeatable — he was peerlessly supreme! [1. Wudi = Unbeatable/Matchless.]

Jikong Wudi, the descendant of the Space Trample Mountain, the sixth generation grandson of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong with three saint aptitudes. There were not many cultivators comparable to Jikong Wudi in the entire Mortal Emperor World.

Someone once said that only Jikong Wudi could compete with Mei Suyao’s Immortal Bone by using his three saint aptitudes.

He hadn’t trod his dao journey for a long time, but anywhere he passed by, his opponents would all be convinced by him, thus people called him "deity".

The arrival of Deity brought about strange visual phenomena amidst the heaven and earth. This caused all the aspiring students to sigh in lamentation. Many arrogant geniuses all lost their colors after seeing Deity’s...

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