Chapter 2899: An Immortal Chapter Created

The sage’s expression turned serious after seeing Li Qiye.

“Buzz.” Space and time suddenly reversed as the sage moved his brush with extreme speed.

He wrote eternal characters in a split second - a dao chapter emerged and took over.

He didn’t stop there either. His hand moved like a soaring dragon with peerless profundity.

The entire world was his canvas; just a few strokes were enough for him to depict all creations.

An unbelievable event occurred. The sage wrote numerous characters that eventually came together to form an immortal scripture.

It floated in front of him, seemingly ready to spread the immortal path. It exuded strands of light with incredible momentum. Each could start a new era.

This scripture seemed to be the beginning of a world. The individual words and phrases could create everything.

It was capable of explaining and deriving karma, time and space, the samsara, immortality…

The crowd shuddered after seeing this scripture. They felt that all merit laws and techniques in existence couldn’t compare to it. The thing should be the most sought after art to gain true elucidation of the dao.

“Rumble!” The sage touched the scripture and became shrouded in an immortal light, seemingly absorbing the scripture.

“Boom!” The finished process turned the shrouding light into an immortal flame.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Numerous immortal plates appeared and latched onto his body to form a full set of armor.

“Rumble!” As he spread out his palms, a whole new world seemed to be coming into being.

He did it very slowly, wanting an entirely new world. This required massive power.

“Boom!” A crack appeared in space to make room for this new entity to take over.

A ray of light emerged through the crack - one belonging to the start of time.

This ray alone could destroy the present world. It was still faint and flickering like a candle in the wind but this didn’t mean it wasn’t strong enough.

This light was the end of a world and the beginning of a new one.

“Buzz.” The area started melting like snow under the sunlight including the stars and galaxies up above.

Space and time gradually melted as well. Nothing would be left but ashes at this rate.

With the destruction of the outside world, the internal world inside the gap started growing stronger and filled with life, ready to jump out.

Destruction and creation - the students thought about this issue.

“What…” They found themselves melting along with the world.

They looked around and saw their peers turning ethereal and indistinct. Fear overwhelmed them as they tried to run.

Alas, the moment they turned around, they saw nothing behind them, only a vague expanse slowly disappearing.

Not even a speck of dust managed to escape the melting process.

“Are we done for?” They had nowhere to run, akin to being lost in an ocean.

Eventually, they found themselves unable to move too.

“I’m only twenty and still have so much to see! Am too young to die!” One student screamed helplessly.

“Fiercest? He needs to do something now!” The crowd thought about Li Qiye.

They didn’t want him to win a while ago due to his terrifying abilities. But now, he became their shining hope.

Strangely enough, the world and themselves were melting and changing but they could still see him.

Unfortunately, he suffered the same fate and became fuzzy, nearly dissipating in this expanse. The students lost all hope as a result.

“We’re done for, we’ll disappear with this world.” One of them lamented.

Everyone here was scared out of their wits. This wasn’t dying or being killed - they were simply being erased from existence. They were simply drawings on a piece of paper that could be erased at will along with their world.

“Not bad at all.” Li Qiye in his fuzzy form still chuckled, acting nonchalant.

His chuckle sounded so pleasant right now, almost like the sound of a savior.

“You have a lot of potentials and will improve greatly in the future. Unfortunately, this is only a little clue to what can be, not true creation. It isn’t enough to fight me.” He casually said.

The crowd no longer viewed this arrogant comment as being insane and thought that this was the best line ever said. They hoped that he was speaking the truth.

“Time to end this.” He smiled.

He emerged once more with clear outlines as if he was separated from the melting world.

“Boom!” He slammed his palms together.

A supreme power emanated from the impact and instantly swept through the area. This shockwave extinguished the light coming out of the gap and sent the progenitor flying to the horizon.

“Crack!” This avatar had cracks everywhere. This mighty being couldn’t withstand the ultimate blow and crumbled.

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