Chapter 2898: Who Is Stronger?

The descending light seemed to be a pathway towards a land of immortal. One would gain immortality in no time at all.

Orchid Sage became everlasting while basking in this light. The seas might run dry and the stones might go soft but he would still never change.

He was the only truth - truly indestructible. This truth would always exist regardless of the era and epoch. It wouldn’t change due to the passing of the ages or the fluctuation of the grand dao.

This particular brush technique was quite heaven-defying.

“Rumble!” The ocean of sword was stopped by the descending light symbolizing the truth itself, resulting in explosions that made the world tremble. 

Just the apocalyptic sounds alone from the numerous swords slamming into the light scared the hell out of the students, turning them pale.

This particular barrage would have been able to pierce the earth and make it all the way to the nine levels of hell.

However, this light successfully stopped it and allowed the sage to stand strong still.

“So powerful, that’s a progenitor for you. A True Emperor, no matter how strong, still can’t compare. The gap between these realms is unsurpassable.” A student praised.

“Looks like Fiercest is finally meeting his match.” Another added.

“Clank!” Right when people were still commenting about the block, the swords suddenly came together and became one.

The golden swords turned into a single bronze sword of extreme size. It posed amidst the sky, making heaven and earth seem smaller in comparison.

Everyone gasped after seeing its size; some quivered in fear.

This sword… if it were to fall down on its own, it would still be enough to crush an entire system. There was no need for techniques; its weight alone was the most dangerous edge.

“Crack!” In fact, even the spatial fabrics of this area couldn’t handle its weight and started cracking. It felt that the place could crumble at any moment.

“Clank!” It unleashed a sure-kill slash at the sage, just a simple vertical motion bereft of techniques and variations. Everything would turn to ashes and powders anyway.

“...” Everyone turned white and felt their knees buckling.

The slash crushed all the spatial and temporal affinities in the blink of an eye.

Orchid Sage’s expression changed as he flicked his brush in the ink-splashing style.

“Boom!” Alas, nothing could stop the weight of this sword.

The light crumbled - even the only truth couldn’t withstand this.

It continued cutting straight at the sage.

“So terrifying!” One student screamed.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The ink splashes earlier turned into tidal waves shooting at the sword.

These tsunamis were large enough to drown the entire world. Unfortunately, the slash still split them apart.

“Bam!” The sage was blown flying.

Everyone was astounded to see an invincible progenitor losing an exchange. This news would shock the entire world.

“Buzz.” As his body went flying, the sage still swung his brush - spatial fold.

Numerous deep dimensional spaces appeared out of nowhere and Li Qiye was pushed into one of them, disappearing from sight.

The sage finally stabilized his stance. His glow wavered for a bit like a flickering candle. It took a short while before it calmed down.

Even the avatar of a progenitor lost to that slash earlier. How many systems could actually survive?

“Is this the end?” People exchanged glances after seeing the banishment.

For some reason, many hoped that this would be the end of Fiercest since he was too terrifying and devilish. All the students here were afraid of him.

“I hope so, there should be no way back after being banished so far into a deep dimension.” One student murmured.

“Pop!” Unfortunately, a portion of space collapsed and Li Qiye walked out, still as nonchalant as ever. He didn’t lose a strand of hair after leaving that dangerous void.

“Fiercest…” Another lamented.

“A decent warm-up, you’re not too bad. Let’s get started for real this time.” Li Qiye smiled at the sage.

“What?! That’s just a warm-up?” The students’ jaw dropped to the ground.

If that was only the prelude, how terrifying would the real battle be? They could even destroy the world!

“Boom!” A divine flame materialized and surged around Li Qiye.

He didn’t quite exude an invincible aura but with the appearance of this flame, he turned into a supreme master. Each of his actions indicated his supremacy. Everything else was meaningless and insignificant in his eyes.

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat after seeing this new state of his.

A while ago, he looked lazy and indifferent about everything as if he didn’t want to waste an ounce of strength. This was the case even at the start of the battle against the sage. Now, they realized that he was only playing around earlier.

“Is this him at full power?” Some of the kneeling spectators were overwhelmed with fear.

“No, I don’t think so.” Another Eternal felt the same horror: “I think he’s only using just a tiny bit of his power now unlike before.”

“You, you don’t think you’re exaggerating it too much?” The other student said: “If this is only a tiny bit, then what if he goes all out? He’ll be able to massacre progenitors?”

The Eternal didn’t say anything, thinking that it was impossible. A terrible existence capable of massacring progenitors simply shouldn’t exist in this world.

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