Chapter 2897: Invincible With A Brush Stroke

The reversed temporal river rushed back towards Orchid Sage with extreme speed, only inches away from him in no time at all.

The sage swung his brush again, seemingly painting in one swift motion. The river instantly disappeared - a million years seemingly vanished just like that.

The students became amazed once more, having never thought of a technique like this.

“This is possible too? He’s invincible with that brush.” One stunned student murmured.

“Pretty much, that’s why he’s called Orchid Sage, certainly invincible with his brush.” A powerful student said: “One stroke is enough to create winds and lightning. This is no big deal for him.” [1]

“Break!” Li Qiye stepped forward again for a simple punch with a smile.

This looked like a rough move with no technique to speak of. A villager would do something like this during a quarrel. Elegance and profundity couldn’t be found here.

However, the stars shattered as a result. Supreme grand dao and mysterious merit laws seemed so feeble before it.

The sage retaliated by writing four characters - Dao through the earth. [2]

“Rumble!” Loud explosions detonated as a massive landmass emerged between Li Qiye and the sage, separating the two.

It was extremely thick with enough distance to encompass the sun, moon, and nine heavens. Life could go on as normal in this place.

No defense and treasure could be more resilient than this landmass!

“Boom!” Li Qiye made direct contact with his punch. Rocks and soil went flying like a wave. The entire place was flipped over.

His punch served as a meteor destroying the entire area, piercing through it in no time at all. This destruction was truly moving.

Such a punch was more than enough to destroy any kingdom or sect back in Immortal Lineage. They didn’t stand a chance against this vulgar move from him.

The sage wrote again after seeing this - overwhelming ambush.

“Boom!” A world with ten entrances emerged. Each entrance had a terrifying existence.

To the south was an enormous saber-wielding asura king. Behind him were numerous more asura tribe members.

To the north was a yaksha emperor holding a halberd with an ocean behind him. Various other malevolent spirits posed behind him.

To the east was a garuda spreading its wings with enough force to flip over the three worlds and the karma itself…

To the west was a divine dragon. Its roar crushed the celestials and severed the supreme creations…

Overwhelming ambush.

These armies surrounded Li Qiye from all sides. The students couldn’t believe it since the sage only needed to write four characters to mobilize so many troops.

Moreover, they were elites as well from the various legends.

“Are they real or just illusions?” One student wiped his eyes.

“Illusions, no. They can crush you in the blink of an eye.” A powerful peer shook his head and said.

“Oooo-” The horns of war sounded as the armies entered the battlefield.

“Kill him!” They roared and began the offense.

The asura king swung his saber, resulting in numerous sharp waves. His army rushed for their foe like a tsunami of steel.

The yaksha emperor gave the command and leaped upward to deliver an all-piercing thrust straight at Li Qiye’s heart.

The furious garuda flapped its wings and sent down lightning and fire, wishing to drown out Li Qiye.

Not to mention one man, even a system would fall to this invasion. The spectating students were scared out of their mind after seeing the sheer destructive capabilities of these armies. Some dropped to the ground, paralyzed. Though they were powerful, they wouldn’t be able to stop a single blow from the horde.

The most frightening thing was that they came from the brush of the sage. Just a few strokes were enough for him to destroy a system. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he could do anything as long as he had his brush.

“Orchid Sage…” Now they finally understood the significance of his title.

“Let’s go!” Li Qiye wasn’t afraid at all and let out a battle cry against the incoming armies.

“Clank!” An ocean of swords emerged behind him and issued their hymns. Millions of swords pulsed with a golden light. Their vibration made space and time tremble as well.

In the next second, they flew forward with an unreasonable speed. This was a harrowing ocean smashing into the armies.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Heads started flying into the air then pillars of blood gushing out.

This scene of carnage was unreal. Golden lights flashed, causing men to lose their head and blood.

The armies didn’t even have the chance to scream before being decapitated by this golden ocean.

“Boom!” The armies fell to the ground at the same time and caused a considerable quake. Blood ran like an ocean; corpses piled up like mountains.

“Ugh…” Some students were scared out of their mind and vomited the content of their stomach.

“Boom!” The ocean of swords didn’t stop either and continued heading for the sage while destroying everything in its path. Distance and time didn’t matter due to its incredible speed.

All living beings cowered in fear before this terrible ocean. The sage moved his brush faster this time - only one truth.

“Buzz.” The moment the characters appeared, the sage became resplendent and an expanse of light descended from above.

1. So Orchid Sage is a title too, and I might need to consider changing it to Scholar Sage since the orchid part isn’t as important. Historically, there is a type of orchid named bog orchid that is used to kill bookworms. Thus, libraries can be called orchid pavilions or orchid platforms - these are flowery names. So with this context, the orchid part is potentially no longer the focus, just an adjective to make the title sounds better

2. This phrase doesn’t translate well at all. Literal is - thick earth filling the road. The last two characters have various meanings - to fill the road (also fig. clamor, cries of complaint); to communicate a moral; to convey the Way; to express (idea, preference, complaint). I decided to change it into dao through the earth to make it sound like a technique

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