Chapter 2896: Orchid Sage

“Boom!” The others have poured their vitality into Goldtypha.

His body erupted with a blinding flame engulfing the entire area. The eight-palace emperor has returned back to his peak state.

His imperial aura and flame looked like a tsunami ravaging the celestials above the nine firmaments.

“Creak.” He slowly pushed the lid off the cauldron. 

Everyone could feel its immense weight from his action.

“Creak…” It felt as if he was pushing an invisible top of the sky itself.

“Buzz.” He eventually finished removing the entire thing and starry light gushed out of the cauldron like a surging river. Ancient constellations emerged with vast space within them.

“Raaa!” In the next moment, the ancient beasts and the golden dragon roared in unison then exuded starry lights.

“Poof!” They turned into light particles before anyone could react.

These particles gathered together to form various constellations as well - giant bear, aquila, ophiuchus… [1]

These constellations contained massive space and life gestation with the highest order of power.

“Buzz.” The constellations made from the beasts along with those from the cauldrons harmonized together and created a substantial maelstrom. This maelstrom started rotating and taking in every single celestial nearby.

“Rumble!” The rotation of the maelstrom continuously increased until there was nothing left in the sky. The world seemingly disappeared along with the emperors and all the ancient beasts.

It sucked in everything and started to expand. A supreme power existed within, on the verge of manifesting into reality and becoming the ruler of all.

“Boom!” The world turned dark as a new starry sky took over.

A youth emerged beneath this sky vault, calm in appearance yet dominating in presence.

He glowed brightly as if his body was made from the stars. Dao lines outlined his body.

He seemed so far away because even the universe itself was only a part of his being. He seemed surreal yet so supreme. Everyone needed to prostrate before him.

“Orchid Sage!” The students shouted after seeing him.

His aura and flame remained hidden yet the students have already started to get on their knees including those at the eternal level.

This was a generation with two new progenitors and he was one of them. He has yet to pick an official title after becoming a progenitor because this was only the beginning for him. He wanted to wait till reaching the apex before picking one. [2]

This wasn’t his true form but the move seemed invincible already. He was the world and the world was him.

Numerous spectators became moved to see this man.

He rarely showed himself after becoming a progenitor. Some believed that he was in another isolated cultivation session to seek the dao. Others thought that he had left this realm and started traveling farther.

Today, this manifestation of his didn’t seem real but the aura exuded from it still felt lofty. People couldn’t help lowering their head with respect.

They also understood why it was so crucial for Goldtypha True Emperor to tame a beast like the golden dragon. He needed it to empower his cauldron. The higher the activation power, the higher the eventual output.

At this moment, everyone felt they were standing below this newly-created space. Only Li Qiye was up there to face Orchid Sage.

They didn’t dare to breathe loudly while quietly watching this scene.

Orchid Sage might not be here in person but one would extrapolate his actual strength by gauging this great technique.

“A bit interesting, I’m a little impressed.” Li Qiye smiled at the figure.

The crowd became frozen after seeing Li Qiye still unperturbed while facing a progenitor. He was domineering enough to have zero fear.

Orchid Sage’s eyes consisted of a gathering of starry light. They looked like two pulses capable of piercing through everything. Just his gaze alone was intimidating enough.

The students on their knees already didn’t dare to move. Their legs trembled uncontrollably.

They found out that a “progenitor” wasn’t just a title. It represented the ultimate power.

Of course, this gaze still didn’t affect Li Qiye at all.

“Let’s get started.” Li Qiye took one step forward and crossed through endless space. It only took the blink of an eye before he got close enough.

The sage began as well with a brush in his hand. He waved it and unleashed a blinding radiance. [3]

“Boom!” A river of time streamed out of his brush.

It crossed through millions of years like a flood breaking the dam and shot towards Li Qiye. It wished to drag him back to the past and completely annihilate him.

“Galactic Brush!” People shouted after seeing the river of time after one stroke.

Just imagine the destructiveness of this rampaging current from the river of time. Because of this, Li Qiye’s body started dissipating into particles and washed away.

“Damn!” The spectator shuddered.

“A million years with a single thought.” Li Qiye laughed after seeing this. His dissipating form suddenly lit up and came together again, completely unharmed.

“Boom!” Li Qiye swung his hand and the river of time was suddenly lifted up and twisted it back towards Orchid Sage.

“This is possible?” One student said in a daze. The rest of the spectators became slack-jawed.

Just withstanding the temporal current was amazing enough but this guy just casually reversed the tide. This was something unimaginable.

1. There are direct translations for these names. Literal would be bear, serpent, hawk; I think it’s a little awkward to put in Greek names

2. So does this mean his name isn’t actually ‘Orchid Sage’, it is his real name or is it a title anyway since everyone nowadays has a title before becoming anything powerful? Need more context. It can be a real name but it ends with sage/saint. The literal translation for each character would be Orchid Book Talented/New Sage. I shortened it to Orchid Sage for readability and lacking context on the book and new part.

3. The book part makes more sense now after we see his weapon

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