Chapter 2895: Against Three Emperors

“So be it, till death.” Goldpython took a deep breath and showed his stance.

The other three have made up his mind so escaping alone would be unreasonable.

Though he wasn’t a top emperor, he was still considered a noble. Running like a dog without a master and abandoning his allies were unacceptable to him.

“Done talking yet?” Li Qiye’s leisure attitude was a stark contrast to the somber mood of his foes.

The group exchanged one last glance before nodding. Goldtypha said: “We will fight to the death.”

“Good, I didn’t expect this courage. I will let you have your wishes then.” Li Qiye smiled.

The emperors didn’t think Li Qiye was being frivolous with his choice of words any longer.

“Are they really fighting to the death?” A few students were moved, knowing that a big battle was about to happen.

“I don’t think the four can match Li Qiye still.” A student said with a serious expression.

A while ago, many certainly thought that Li Qiye would lose to these four. Now, Li Qiye had displayed such impeccable prowess and was a massive safe bet.

“I am once again overestimating myself, though with hesitation out of shaming my master. He left behind a grand dao and I would like to try it against your supreme techniques.” Goldtypha solemnly said.

“Orchid Sage is your master, right?” Li Qiye casually said: “Okay, I’ve heard people talk about how amazing he is recently, so let's see what he can do.”

His casual tone suffocated the listeners. A while ago, Goldtypha would become angry to hear Li Qiye talk in this manner about his master. However, he didn’t dare to do so without his master actually being present right now. The opponent was clearly above his level.

“So this is a move from Orchid Sage?” One student quietly murmured.

Most were eager to see this move. Orchid Sage was one of the two progenitors in this current generation. Few were qualified to see him.

Just being able to witness a move created by him would be worth their trip here.

“I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t learned even ten percent of my master’s abilities.” Goldtypha slowly said: “I do not dare to represent my sect and master for this battle. I am simply representing myself and wish to fight you out of pride and arrogance. This move might be from my master but I can’t exert its true power, maybe ten to twenty percent.”

The emperor needed to make it clear that he was only representing himself, not his system and his master. After all, if he were to lose, it would damage his master’s reputation. 

“I see. Don’t worry, go ahead and use it. I won’t go cause trouble for your master.” Li Qiye smiled.

The spectators looked at each other after hearing this. He made it sound as if he had already won, not caring about the progenitor or his technique.

“Quite domineering indeed.” Everyone knew Li Qiye was strong at this point. However, even a progenitor wasn’t enough to enter his sight? Orchid Sage’s power far exceeded juniors like Goldtypha.

“I’m eager to learn. Dao Brothers, let’s do this!” Goldtypha took a deep breath and shouted.

“Yes, till death!” Goldpython shouted, throwing caution to the wind.

“Everyone has to die eventually. Dying on the battlefield is a meaningful one.” Stonecarver added.

“My life will be used to repay a debt!” The true god roared: “To fight and die together with you, emperors, is an honor.”

Their heroic auras surged to the sky, seemingly capable of devouring the mountains and rivers.

“They’re real men.” A spectator praised after seeing this.

People nearly forgot that they were emperors after their swift defeat earlier. The trio got swept away like leaves while Goldtypha lost in the blink of an eye.

But now, their determination to fight against this powerful foe without relenting earned them some respect from the crowd.

They no longer had the embarrassed and ragged appearance like before. Their imperial auras were in full swing now.

They wanted to use their lives to protect their prestige instead of begging for forgiveness or running away.

“Boom!” The golden lightdragon moved behind the emperor and spread its wings, illuminating him with a supreme light.

“Raaa!” It roared and the other ancient beasts moved into a circular formation in the back.

“Raa!” These beasts also roared. Their beastly auras surged and it seemed like a stampede was incoming.

The students shuddered in response before the torrential aura engulfing the area.

“Right, forgot about this.” Everyone remembered the dragon’s ability to command the other beasts.

This formation should be quite powerful, far superior to what the emperors can do. Hope sprung up among the crowd.

“The four of them combined on top of this beast formation and the move created by Orchid Sage? Maybe that can beat Fiercest?” One student wondered.

“Yes, there’s a chance.” Everyone watched with bated breath.

“Buzz.” Goldtypha True Emperor summoned a cauldron with pulsing light from the stars.

Numerous runes were engraved on the surface along with embedded gems that look just like stars.

It felt as if he was holding an entire galaxy in his chest. The cauldron could have been refined from one while the gems were made from stars.

It was brimming with the power of a progenitor. The pulsing light of the stars made this progenitorial aura feel tangible like a flame.

The emperor had a serious expression, looking quite holy with his own imperial aura.

“An ancestral treasure personally refined by Orchid Sage.” A student shouted.

The treasure has yet to send out its suppressive force but the crowd already felt it. Many started prostrating with reverence.

Remember, there were plenty of Eternals among the students. Nevertheless, they still found it hard to withstand this progenitorial aura. Just imagine the scene if a progenitor was actually here in person.

“Go.” Li Qiye didn’t think too much of this aura.

“Dao Brothers, help me activate this cauldron.” Goldtypha took a deep breath and said. 

Normally, he could control this cauldron himself. Unfortunately, his vitality has been drained by the previous match.

He recovered a bit but was far from his peak state, hence necessitating assistance from the other three.

“Yes!” The three shouted and placed their palms on his back.

“Rumble!” They didn’t hold anything back this time around.

The two emperors glowed while channeling their oceanic vitality. The true god had a wondrous radiance covering him from top to bottom.

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