Chapter 2894: I Am Invincible

It took a while before Goldtypha True Emperor created his body once more. Unfortunately, Li Qiye had taken his vitality so he looked deathly pale from this grave loss.

He took several bottles of pills before regaining some vitality back. This still wasn’t enough to take him back to his peak state.

The crowd shivered after seeing his appearance. An eight-palace emperor lost just like that. He would have died if it wasn’t for the golden dragon.

Most importantly, Li Qiye didn’t really do anything from start to finish.

In the beginning, Li Qiye said that he could take the emperor down with haste. They were skeptical at first but it turned out that he was just telling the truth. Their lack of information made them assume that he was spewing nonsense.

They instantly exchanged glances of horror regarding his frightening power level.

Goldtypha True Emperor was solemn. He had experienced first-hand the terror of Li Qiye after barely escaping from the ocean of vitality.

That bloody ocean made Li Qiye seem like the ruler of the entire world. Meanwhile, an emperor like him was nothing more than a drowning ant.

“You need to be at least a progenitor before trying to suck my blood.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Everyone took a deep breath in response, feeling suffocated - the emperor included. He knew just how powerful a progenitor was because of his master. He knew that he had no chance of becoming one.

Li Qiye finally finished gathering his vitality that was absorbed earlier and the emperor’s vitality as well.

The emperor’s plan backfired completely, he failed to get a single strand of Li Qiye’s vitality while losing all of his.

“Got anything else?” Li Qiye smiled and looked at the group.

The trio and Goldtypha True Emperor couldn’t help taking a step back. The students felt the same fear too. They could see that these four were no match for Li Qiye.

Those who have looked down on Li Qiye in the past felt a chill coursing down their spine. The ones who were actively disrespectful prayed for Li Qiye to not be a vengeful man. Otherwise, death seemed inevitable.

Goldtypha looked over towards his golden dragon. It had created a new claw and was still quite powerful. He then turned over to the trio next and met their stares.

They were ready to listen to his plan since he was the strongest among them. Plus, his golden dragon could command the ancient beasts nearby.

“The four of you can come together now.” Li Qiye posed with both hands behind his back while suggesting.

This comment dealt quite a blow to the three emperors and one True God. They were prestigious and have dominated for a while now.

Even Orchid Sage had nothing but praises for them. They garnered respect wherever they went. Even those stronger than them didn’t dare to treat them with disdain.

Alas, Li Qiye’s current attitude showed that he viewed them like ants. This feeling was definitely new and vexing.

Unfortunately, venting seemed impossible due to the power disparity. They realized that the four of them together weren’t enough to take him on.

“Fellow Daoists? Got any plans?” Goldtypha asked with a serious tone.

The trio couldn’t come up with anything because Li Qiye’s power far exceeded their expectation.

The students thought that no one would mock the group for running right now. Anyone else would instantly think about escaping after facing someone of Li Qiye’s level!

It’s not that embarrassing to run and lose one’s shoes in the process after being in this unlucky situation.

“Dao Brothers, if you wish to leave, I will do my best to hold him back.” Treasure Source True God broke the silence.

The emperors exchanged glances - they were really thinking about running away. However, fleeing like dogs would be utterly humiliating.

“But if you wish to fight, I will take the vanguard and put my life on the line! Blood might spill and this might be my last day but I will do everything I can to avenge Elder Deng and pay him back.” The true god looked quite determined, ready to fight to the death.

The emperors smiled wryly after hearing this. They didn’t know whether to feel respect for the guy or to feel sorry for him.

They were here for personal gains but the true god only wanted to repay a debt. His action was certainly foolish but people couldn’t help feeling respect for the guy.

The emperors hesitated, knowing that the best course of action was to run.

To be frank, being able to escape alive would be the blessing of ten lifetimes. Nonetheless, they would lose all of their reputation and prestige.

“Leave first, Dao Brothers, I got this.” The true god shouted after noticing their hesitation.

He was the one who persuaded them to oppose Li Qiye but at this final moment, he chose to be a heroic man and let them leave. 

Ultimately, he was ready to die fighting against Li Qiye so he didn’t mind buying time for them.

“My master gave me a move that is almost equivalent to him being here in person. Dao Brothers, do you want to give it a shot?” Goldtypha pondered for a short moment and said.

“Orchid Sage in person?” The two emperors became emotional.

If this was indeed the case, then this move should be incredible. A progenitor was invincible and capable of dealing with any situation.

They suddenly found hope because a move prepared by Orchid Sage should be heaven-defying.

“If you three agree, then I will require your assistance.” Goldtypha added.

He also wanted to fight, unwilling to lose in this manner and flee. He cultivated and battled his whole life and has met progenitors before. However, this was his most humiliating defeat, nearly dying without seeing a single technique from his foe.

He couldn’t accept this and wanted to try again to at least force a reaction out of the guy.

“I agree. Till death it is for me.” The true god was the first to answer.

“Fine, another fight then. Losing like this is unacceptable. Let’s at least make it a clear and honorable defeat, even if we have to die to do so!” Stonecarver gritted his teeth, unable to accept the humiliation just like Goldtypha.

He was blown away like a feeble leaf. Leaving right now would leave a permanent shadow in his mind. Li Qiye would always be there in his nightmare.

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