Chapter 2893: Filled To Death

“Boom!” His massive energy stemming from his vitality instantly drowned the nine heavens and ten earths, the eight desolaces and the myriad realms.

It overfilled the world; an explosion seemed imminent.

“That’s, that’s messed up!” Everyone became stunned. Everything else was insignificant compared to the level of his energy.

Explosions followed by even more explosions. All of Three Immortals seemed to only be a tiny corner of this vast energy expanse.

What in the world would withstand this preposterous amount of energy?

“No!” The emperor shouted in horror.

Just think about it, what would be the result of him receiving all the vitality in the world? He couldn’t have accepted even one-tenth of the amount.

His true form grew even faster - now a sky-blotting tree. To be exact, this was due to it being overfilled instead of regular growth.

The emperor was no longer in charge of the situation and couldn’t sever the connection. Li Qiye, the person in charge, continued to add more energy into the tree.

The moment he began to suck Li Qiye’s vitality with his seeds meant that his fate palaces were open for Li Qiye. There was nothing he could do now.

“Rumble!” Loud blasts emanated from within the tree. It had a hard time dealing with the nonstop waves of energy.

“Stop!” The emperor bellowed again. It was already too late.

“Boom!” The monstrous tree instantly imploded, the same as the emperor’s body.

His humanoid section exploded into fleshy bits. His blood rained down the area to the astonishment of the crowd.

No one expected this development. An emperor could die from old age or be killed by a powerful foe or falter in a dangerous forbidden ground…

However, the swift defeat of an emperor due to overconsuming energy was completely unexpected and unbelievable. This story would frighten all listeners.

The trio didn’t expect this either since they had confidence in Goldtypha True Emperor.

The problem was Li Qiye didn’t resort to using fighting techniques. Just his majestic vitality and energy were enough to take down the emperor. Thus, their dao heart was greatly affected after seeing the exploding emperor.

The seeds latching onto Li Qiye fell off and scattered away.

“Too weak.” Li Qiye chuckled and recalled his energy.

“Rumble!” The most terrible black hole in the world emerged around Li Qiye. His energy cascaded back into his body like a boundless ocean.

Though he released his energy earlier, he could also recall them without losing anything. The only victim here was the emperor.

“Ahh!!!” A scream came among the energy tides like a cry for help from a lost soul amidst a torrential storm.

The students calmed down and saw a strand of soul among the ocean of energy - the true fate of the emperor.

They realized that Li Qiye wasn’t only taking back his vitality, he also wanted to take the exploded emperor’s own as well.

“The emperor is still alive!” One spectator shouted.

He struggled in the tsunami; his true fate exuded bright radiance in order to stop the absorption process.

Unfortunately, he was but a tiny ship fighting against the currents of an ocean, on the verge of toppling at a moment’s notice and powerless to resist.

Li Qiye’s energy had turned into tidal waves as he recalled them. These tides could sweep everything back towards him.

“Fiercest wants to devour the emperor’s vitality, no, his everything too!” A student shouted.

“What should we do?!” The trio wanted to save Goldtypha but the tsunami of energy was too powerful. Joining in would end with them being swept away as well and eventually turned into Li Qiye’s food.

This might be considered a primordial flood capable of destroying everything. It wouldn’t be long until the emperor’s true fate is done for.

“That’s so terrifying.” Everyone turned pale while watching the emperor’s struggle.

They finally understood why Li Qiye didn’t do anything and let the seeds latch onto him. The guy wanted to use his overabundant energy to force an implosion then take the emperor’s essences.

“Boom!” In this crucial moment, a sacred ray flew by and saved the emperor’s true fate from the currents.

“Rumble!” Unfortunately, the rescuer was blown flying; its claw that touched the currents instantly turned into blood.

“He’s saved…” The trio could finally breathe again.

Everyone looked over and saw that it was the golden lightdragon who saved the emperor. Unfortunately, it lost a claw in the process, crushed into blood by the current of energy.

The body of a golden lightdragon was virtually indestructible and impervious to all attacks. Alas, that claw was finished in no time at all.

They became impressed with the emperor for lasting so long in that current, not shaming his cultivation level.

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