Chapter 2892: Vitality Drain

The blossoming of the evil typha flowers issued gentle breezes. They fluttered back and forth before releasing little seeds looking like strings of cotton.

“It’s happening!” The spectators became startled and carefully took in every moment.

Some shuddered in response, knowing that these seeds represented death and suffering.

They also looked like snowflakes, only with a golden shade. This looked like a scene out of a painting, only that it was a death sentence.

Something seemed to be attracting the seeds towards Li Qiye. They fell on him in a gentle manner just like snowflakes.

However, little tentacles dug out of the tiny strands and tried to drill into his skin.

“Dodge!” One student actually shouted.

Li Qiye completely ignored the seeds, perhaps this was out of confidence.

The tentacles were a thousand times smaller than needles, invisible to the naked eyes.

They made it into his flesh and crazily grew, using his body as fertile soil.

“No, they made it inside!” A powerful student was startled after seeing this.

It looked like Li Qiye was wearing a fuzzy fur coat due to all of the seeds latching onto him from top to bottom - a very strange appearance.

Goldtypha True God was surprised, not expecting success to come so easily and quickly.

He assumed that Li Qiye would use a merit law or something incredible to destroy his seeds. However, the guy didn’t try to resist in the slightest.

The ease of success made him think that this wasn’t so simple since his opponent was extremely strong.

“I didn’t expect it to go like this.” Everyone felt the same way as they watched the tentacles from the seeds drill into Li Qiye and start to grow at a crazy pace.

Li Qiye didn’t do a single thing to stop this process from happening.

“What’s going on?” Confusion struck the crowd.

Normally, even the weaker combatants would try to dodge. Or, the simplest response would be to turn and flee.

On the other hand, Li Qiye stood there and let the seeds latch onto him without a care as if he had too much blood to spare.

“What is he doing?” Some scratched their head, unable to figure out Li Qiye’s intent.

“He’s just overconfident, right?” One of them murmured.

“Yes, super arrogant.” A smart student said, believing that Li Qiye purposely did this out of arrogance.

The whole event left Goldtypha in a tough spot while thinking that trickery must be happening. Nevertheless, he had no other choice but to keep on riding the tiger.

In the next second, his tree form exuded a brighter golden radiance. The seeds draining Li Qiye also started faintly glowing.

“Zzz…” It sounded as if a million leeches were sucking on his blood.

The seeds began growing bigger while sucking his blood just like balloons being inflated. The tree also started growing since the seeds sent back Li Qiye’s blood and energy.

The crowd witnessed the whole thing in astonishment.

“It’s sucking Fiercest dry.” One student saw the speed of absorption.

“He’s dead for sure!” Another student shuddered, thinking that Li Qiye couldn’t escape this time around.

“He courted death for being so conceited.” One frightened student who had seen the tree in action before said: “Not to mention living beings, even the soil will be drained of any energy. This tree is really good at that.”

“Is it really going to end like this?” One powerful student disagreed and said softly: “Fiercest is so strong so there’s no way Goldtypha True Emperor can win so easily. I’m sure he has other ace cards up his sleeves.”

All in all, most students were horrified. They knew that these seeds could drain the vitality of everything and take roots. From this, numerous more dark typha trees could grow.

Li Qiye started changing with wrinkles appearing and other signs of aging. His life span shriveled like a deflating balloon.

Meanwhile, the emperor’s true form became larger and larger - the size of a mountain now.

“Is he about to die?” Everyone could sense Li Qiye’s vitality being drained away by the emperor. It wouldn’t be long until he turns into a dried corpse.

Stonecarver and the others heaved a sigh of relief while watching the draining process. Li Qiye shouldn’t be able to reverse this situation regardless of any heaven-defying ability.

Strangely enough, Li Qiye seemed nonchalant as he smiled: “Feels pretty good, right? Let me help you.”

A buzzing noise heralded a series of explosions that made the world tremble, seemingly on the verge of collapsing.

Everyone could hear a roar. It felt as if a tsunami was drowning the sky. 

Of course, there was no tsunami. This was just the sound made by an eruption of vitality stemming from Li Qiye. This force instantly channeled into the emperor’s body.

The seeds have been sucking his vitality previously but that was only child’s play in comparison to this new influx, akin to a tiny stream versus an ocean pouring down on the world.

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