Chapter 2891: The Dark Typha Blossoms

“An eight-palace emperor is not bad but you won’t be able to last more than a few moves before losing.” Li Qiye smiled at Goldtypha True Emperor.

No one uttered a word of displeasure regarding this haughty comment unlike the start of the fight. He has shown his abilities by easily beating the previous three combatants, sweeping them away like fallen leaves.

The students present wondered about this claim from Li Qiye.

“Is it possible?” One didn’t believe him.

“There’s no way, how can he beat an eight-palace emperor so quickly? He has to be Orchid Sage to do something like that. No, I don’t even know if Orchid Sage can.” Another student commented.

The emperor himself was shaken to hear this. Li Qiye’s nonchalant comment affected his dao heart.

Of course, this wasn’t enough to make him panic. He took a deep breath and regained his composure despite feeling the pressure.

It didn’t sound like the guy was bragging. If this was true, then he was facing an opponent on the same level as his master…

He quickly dispelled this fear and focused up.

“Your grand dao looks incredible.” Goldtypha said: “The power of your punch earlier is peerless and I am no match against it.”

He spoke humbly. Of course, this was also the truth.

He sighed and continued on: “Because of my poor talents, I only know a few tricks, will you spar with me?”

Everyone exchanged glances after hearing his polite tone. Since when did this person become so humble?

“Didn’t Li Qiye refer to himself as Fiercest before?” Some students thought that Goldtypha was the clear underdog.

They thought that this particular title was very suitable for Li Qiye.

“You’re from the dark typha tribe, right? Your kind is skilled in spreading seeds. Just a wind taking some of them is enough to destroy a kingdom or more. A very dangerous tribe indeed.” Li Qiye said.

“You’re too kind, Dao Brother, someone as strong as you only needs one wave to destroy everything as well. My little tricks can’t reach the apex.” Goldtypha smiled.

“Very well, spread your seeds then, I will stand here.” Li Qiye said.

“Thank you, Dao Brother.” The emperor cupped his fist.

“Let’s see how strong your flowers are. Go.” Li Qiye seemed nonchalant.

“Yes.” Goldtypha took a deep breath. His eyes lit up like two suns right away.

“The emperor wants to disseminate his seeds.!” Some students became excited and shouted.

“That’s extremely dangerous.” Some students retreated a thousand miles away.”

“The emperor fought against Jewel Immortal Kingdom during his youth. He also sent out his flowers and let the seeds spread across that kingdom. Dark trees grew everywhere and drained the kingdom until there was nothing left but ashes.” A student who saw him in action before said. He shuddered again after recalling the event.

“Members of this tribe can be incredibly destructive.” Most felt a chill coursing down their spine and started retreating.

The blossoming of the flowers and dispersal of the seeds of a dark typha was extremely frightening.

“Don’t worry, he has eight palaces and can perfectly control his flowers. He won’t harm the innocent.” Some had trust in the emperor. Nevertheless, even this type still kept a safe distance.

“Buzz.” The emperor revealed his true form - a dark typha tree that has grown for millions of years, basked in an ancient aura.

This tree looked like a dragon with vines coiling around it. It looked both bizarre and harmonious.

The emperor wasn’t an ordinary dark typha and had a golden shade. He was a special species, born destined for greatness with incredible talents. That’s why he was able to become an eight-palace emperor.

There were only flower buds on the tree right now, the petals were still closed.

People shuddered at this sight, having heard that these seeds were just like dandelions. At full bloom, the seeds would scatter and follow the wind.

However, unlike the romantic dandelions, the seeds here represented death on a large scale - total extermination.

Once latched onto anything, the seeds would take root and drain their host’s blood and life force or any spirit energy. Every inch of the targeted land and its inhabitants would wither away.

Goldtypha’s seeds should be even more terrifying. His targets wouldn’t be able to escape regardless of their grand dao and techniques. The seeds would lock-on to the target and drain their life.

“Can he dodge the seeds?” One student murmured while looking at the emperor’s true form.

“Hard to say, one half-step Everlasting got trapped before and needed to use a heaven-defying flame to burn the seeds.” His friend replied.

“Buzz.” The typha tree started glowing. His area turned into his own domain. His golden light immediately engulfed Li Qiye.

“He locked on now.” One spectator said.

This was a special type of domain too. Li Qiye could try to run but this golden light would always be shining on him.

“Running to the edge of the world won’t do anything now.” Another commenter added: “He needs to have something strong enough to burn the seeds or he’ll be drained.”

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye showed no signs of anxiety and continued to watch.

“Whoosh!” A gentle breeze came by and the flowers spread their petals; the buds released the seeds.

“It’s happening!” A student shouted while watching the dissemination process.

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