Chapter 2890: Emperors Are No More Than Ants

"It’s useless to struggle.” Li Qiye casually said while facing the trio.

He added more force to his punch and penetrated all existing affinities.

“Boom!” The seal and the python’s massive jaws instantly crumbled.

Everyone could hear the deafening sounds of disintegration resulting from the punch’s gale.

Stonecarver’s chest was penetrated, resulting in tiny rocks falling off him.

Keep in mind that he was as tough as jade due to his race and its innate abilities. The members were considered to be impervious to any damage. Alas, he didn’t even have the chance to scream this time.

“Sssh-” Goldpython was large enough to swallow the world whole. However, the head started to crumble first then the rest of his form. Golden dust scattered chaotically to the wind.

The all-penetrating punch had a remnant force striking the true god as well.

“Boom!” He bellowed in pain since this force also pierced his chest, destroying the treasure lake within.

Blood splashed everywhere as he fell down backward and smashed into the ground; his eyes wide open with disbelief.

The students’ jaw dropped to the ground. They stood there frozen; no one uttered a single sound.

A single punch had taken care of the trio. Its force must have been insane, only belonging in the legends.

Goldtypha True Emperor became serious; his heart skipping a beat. This power far exceeded his prior evaluation.

“Is this really happening?” One student refused to accept this reality.

“Yes...” His friend smelled the stench of blood and licked his dry lips. His voice trembled.

“Look, they’re not completely dead!” Another noticed.

Everyone looked over and saw Stonecarver’s crumbled pieces coming back together. Something started glowing, perhaps the light of life fixing his broken state.

Meanwhile, the same light appeared around Goldpython’s specks of dust. These light particles fused with the specks of dust and brought them together once more.

The true god’s gaping chest also had an amber glow, looking quite enchanting. The lake came into form again - this was his treasure source. He recovered in no time at all and the hole on his chest started to close.

“They’re still alive.” One student excitedly shouted. Others heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, two powerful emperors dying to a single punch would be too much to take. They found it hard to accept such a reality.

“It’s not that easy to kill emperors.” One student quietly said. Who knows if he was trying to make himself feel better or to support the emperors?

After all, the success of the punch still amazed the crowd even though the trio survived.

The three themselves were shocked too. The fastest to recover among them was the true god.

Normally, true gods’ life force and tolerance were lower than a comparable emperor. In other words, an emperor was harder to kill and would recover faster.

This wasn’t the case here because the treasure in his chest immediately saved the true god. The lake was as bright and vibrant as ever. Its light actually spread to the two emperors, accelerating their recovery as well.

People couldn’t believe this reversed situation. It should be the emperors helping him, not this way around.

“Just like the legends, Treasure Source True God found a truly amazing artifact.” One spectator praised.

With the help of the treasure source and the already amazing resilience of their realm, the two emperors recovered in no time at all and regained their human form. The wounds disappeared and their vitality replenished.

They would have spent an immense amount of energy and vitality in order to survive and recover from that fist. However, the treasure source truly aided them in regaining some energy back.

“Not bad at all.” Li Qiye praised the extraordinary treasure.

As Li Qiye walked forward, Goldtypha emerged before the trio.

He was clearly afraid of Li Qiye taking advantage of this situation since the trio was at their weakest and most vulnerable right now.

“Your turn now?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“I will also overestimate myself and ask for a spar with you, Fellow Daoist.” Goldtypha stabilized his dao heart and said.

He had no confidence in his own abilities right now but running away wasn’t an option.

To do so would leave behind an indelible shadow in his mind. He would never be able to improve with this unstable dao heart.

Moreover, an emperor couldn’t abandon his allies either. To do so would leave him open to ridicules for generations to come. Furthermore, he would be throwing away the reputation of his master as well.

All in all, he needed to risk it all and fight despite knowing the power difference.

The spectators watched with eager eyes. Goldtypha was far stronger than the trio. Maybe he had a chance of taking on Li Qiye.

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