Chapter 2889: Defeating Two Emperors With One Hand

“Go for it, let’s not waste time so let's do this with one or two moves.” Li Qiye stood there without a care, not bothering to pose for battle.

The two emperors looked at each other and nodded.

“Excuse us then.” The two shouted and became shrouded in radiance.

“Buzz.” They became dazzling.

Goldpython looked as if he was made from thousands of gold parts assembled together. The light behind him turned into a pair of wings made of numerous snow-white sabers lined together with a chilling aura.

As for Stonecarver, he exuded an ink-like glow with runes appearing among them. It also occasionally flashed with the luster of a treasure. The runes seemed to be coming out of his body, causing his jade-like form to be more noticeable.

“Rumble!” The area shook with explosions due to the majestic auras of these emperors. They ravaged the land and affected its dao. 

Numerous students became frozen as a result. They felt as if there was a boulder pressing down on their chest, rendering it impossible to breathe. In fact, this aura was strong enough to smash open their ribcage.

“Take him down!” The two of them shouted in unison. Their voice destroyed some stars in the sky to the horror of the spectators.

“Boom!” Stonecarver took the initiative. His runes condensed together to form a supreme grand dao. This invisible force came crashing down towards Li Qiye.

The spectators couldn’t actually see this move at all despite hearing the explosion.

Nevertheless, space crumbled as a result, looking like shattered glass. Pieces scattered everywhere as the dao shoots for Li Qiye.

The world seemingly sank a little as a result. The crowd felt themselves being suppressed by an invisible grand dao and couldn’t move in the slightest.

Some thought that they had been pulverized into a flat meat paste, falling on the ground as a result.

At the exact same moment, strange buzzes resounded as golden light filled up the sky.

Goldpython True Emperor’s pieces turned into countless needles. They flew forward with the greatest sharpness and speed, penetrating at Li Qiye’s weak spots.

The entire sky was covered with them while each individual needle carried the power of a star. They aimed to destroy his dao foundation.

This meant that even if he was struck by one, his dao foundation would still be damaged, either killing him outright or turning him into a cripple.

That was only the first wave. The second consisted of his wings slashed down like a thousand blades. A tsunami of sharp blades came with a murderous force.

The spectators gasped after seeing Goldpython in action for the first time. They realized that his body could separate and turn into unpredictable weapons.

This shouldn’t have been surprising. He was a metalkin so his body could separate into numerous pieces that can make up various weapons.

“So strong!” The three moves impressed the students.

“Child’s play, that’s all.” Li Qiye smiled and spread his palm for a casual strike in response.

“Boom!” This palm strike unleashed a gale wiping away the fallen leaves and clouds.

Everyone saw the grand dao collapsing. Stonecarver True Emperor staggered loudly backward; blood streamed down the corner of his lips.

The incoming needles and blades were swept away by the gale as well. Both scattered to the ground.

“Zzz…” The needles and blades came together to form the emperor once more. He crawled up from the ground, looking to be in a sorry state.

The palm strike acted like the autumn wind, injuring Stonecarver and sweeping away Goldpython.

The spectators couldn’t believe their eyes despite witnessing in person. Two emperors couldn’t withstand a single move from Li Qiye.

Goldtypha True Emperor himself took one step backward, narrowing his eyes.

“Try a punch.” Li Qiye took one step forward and punched.

“Boom!” The force broke the eight desolates and crushed the myriad realms. Everything turned to dust and ashes.

It lacked the mysteries of the dao and didn’t contain an amazing form. It simply relied on brutality and ferocity.

The two emperors became startled, strong enough to know how frightening it was.

“Kill!” They had no other choice and went all out.

Stonecarver made two fists and his body exuded the same black light, only with greater intensity. He turned into a supreme imperial seal and flew forward.

“My dao can reach the heaven!” Stonecarver roared.

This supreme seal shot straight for the fist while carrying an ocean of the grand dao. It didn’t only have the power of an imperial dao but also a force originating from the start of time.

“Rumble!” The sky turned dark as a result. The stars lost their brilliance.

“Seal of Origination!” Some students shouted in astonishment.

This was an innate ability of the Celestial Stone Tribe unlocked when one becomes as strong as an emperor.

The power of this particular seal came from the personal power of the user on top of the original force of their tribe. This could be considered Stonecarver’s strongest weapon.

Meanwhile, Goldpython started transforming and turned into a massive python.

“Sss!” It opened its mouth for a bite straight at Li Qiye’s fist.

It was big enough to swallow the stars in the sky. Its teeth looked like divine sabers showing no mercy.

“Boom!” The fist finally made contact with the seal and the python.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” The seal and Stonecarver’s body along with the great python had cracks everywhere like a broken porcelain piece.

“I will help you, Dao Brothers!” Treasure Source True God roared.

“Boom!” His chest seemed to be opening in this split second. A majestic lake came into form. Its undulating water looked like amber.

A matchless light in the form of a wave came out from the lake and drowned over the two emperors.

“Buzz.” The two emperors became resplendent with this boost of power from the true god.

“Rumble!” The seal and the python’s jaws tried their best to suppress Li Qiye’s punch again.

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