Chapter 2888: One Versus All

Everyone waited for Li Qiye’s response. It was clear that the other side wouldn’t relent before getting the eggs.

Three emperors together were enough to deter most people, especially Goldtypha True Emperor.

This wasn’t only because he had eight palaces but also due to his master, Orchid Sage.

In their opinion, no one should go all out against this group for the sake of some eggs. This could end up offending a progenitor - a very grave matter avoided by rational people.

“You want the eggs? No, what you need to do right now is scram before I make this place your grave.” Li Qiye smiled at the group.

Everyone was shocked to hear this including Goldtypha True Emperor.

The original trio’s expression turned slightly ugly. Regardless of their refined personality after reaching this level, to be publicly looked down as something worth less than a coin left them in an awkward situation.

There was no way of accepting this humiliation. Thus, a murderous glint flashed in their eyes despite knowing Li Qiye’s power.

After all, they were experienced fighters who wouldn’t cower in fear against a stronger foe.

“Fellow Daoist, no need to threaten us.” Goldtypha spoke: “Tall mountains and long rivers await us in the future, those on the same path. Why not be flexible now, we only ask for the eggs and will handsomely repay you in the future.”

This was very reasonable, earning a nod from many students.

Why did people come to Sacred Garden? Certainly for the beasts and eggs. Thus, they sympathized with the emperors’ effort at getting these magpie eggs.

Plus, they were willing to share with Li Qiye or even repay him greatly later. All in all, Goldtypha’s request was reasonable and appropriate.

“It won’t be just a threat for long. Scram or die.” Li Qiye smiled.

The emperors froze after hearing this, thinking that he was pushing it.

“So arrogant and overbearing.” One student murmured: “Does he think he can fight against three emperors?”

“He’s being a bit unreasonable and greedy here, wanting all the eggs for himself.” Another found this unfair for the emperors.

The emperors exchanged glances, knowing that a battle was inevitable.

“Looks like you won’t yield, not even a single step.” Goldtypha became serious.

“Yes.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Killing the three of you is as easy as pie, oh right, can’t forget ‘I’m very rich’ either.”

“My name is Wang Weiyuan!” The true god scowled, still unhappy with the nickname.

“Whatever. I’ve given you the opportunity, take it or die.” Li Qiye said nonchalantly as if killing these four was the same as stomping some ants.

“Does he think he’s a progenitor or something?” One student questioned.

“Definitely not.” A powerful friend replied: “He’s a half-step Everlasting at best, that’s why he’s so arrogant.”

Everyone knew the two current progenitors in Three Immortals were Orchid Sage and Luminous Master.

Li Qiye would be extremely famous if he were a progenitor.

“A half-step, huh? The same as Three-eyed Prodigy and Flying Sword Marvel.” One student said: “Yes, a half-step should be arrogant indeed. Goldtypha True Emperor can’t win. Eight palaces aren’t enough.”

“Not necessarily.” A more knowledgeable student jumped in: “That depends on the half-step and eight-palace emperor. Don’t forget whose Goldtypha’s master is. A disciple of a progenitor is far superior compared to his peers. Plus, there are two emperors and an Eternal, quite a mighty alliance.”

“True, you gotta take into account the powerful golden dragon as well. It can command numerous ancient beasts right now, probably enough to start a stampede smashing Li Qiye into a pulp.” Another student nearby added.

Many nodded in agreement. Another commented: “And furthermore, Li Qiye might be a half-step Everlasting but he’s from Repentance, that background is no match for the emperors.”

The group agreed again. The emperors came from prestigious sects and had wise masters. A student from Repentance paled in comparison.

Say Li Qiye was a half-step, his treasures and battle experience remained inferior to his opponents.

“Very well, I will overestimate myself and request a spar with you, Fellow Daoist.” Goldpython stepped up after exchanging glances with his allies.

His battle power was in the middle so he was a suitable candidate to gauge Li Qiye’s strength. 

He chose his words quite well too, showing the style and humbleness of an emperor.

“You alone are not enough to warm me up. All of you together is a bit more interesting.” Li Qiye shook his head. 

Goldpython True Emperor’s expression became extremely unsightly. This was his first time being treated with such disdain after making his dao debut. 

He was still an emperor so how could he swallow this indignation? Moreover, he has seen more powerful foes in the past. They still treated him with relative respect. [1]

“I see, haha, you are extraordinary indeed.” Goldpython didn’t know how to express his rage outside of laughing. He already showed great restraint by not shouting back.

“Looks like you’re very confident in your cultivation.” He added.

“More than enough to kill all of you.” Li Qiye smiled back.

The continuous contempt left the emperors exasperated.

“Very well, then I will team up with Brother Goldpython to try a few moves against you, what do you think?” Stonecarver could stand it no longer.

“I will support you two.” Treasure Source True God stood behind the two emperors.

Goldtypha remained quiet on his dragon, clearly accepting the trio’s action.

“If that’s the case, I’ll try my best to take you three down in a few moves.” Li Qiye casually glanced at them.

This response was infuriating. The emperors were being polite by requesting “a few moves”.

Li Qiye’s direct response was the same as slapping them on the face without showing any consideration.

“So arrogant, even enemies don’t speak to each other like this.” One student became unhappy with Li Qiye’s tone.

“It’s obviously because of his background. People from Repentance City have no culture and grace. He won’t amount to anything more than a powerful brute, just like his villainous ancestors.” Another said with disdain.

The emperors were apoplectic but took a deep breath and calmed down, stabilizing their dao heart. These battle-hardened warriors could always remove unnecessary thoughts so that they could go all out in a fight.

“Let’s get started, Fellow Daoist.” The two emperors cupped their fist.

They remained cool and collected, still open and honest before a serious battle - true to the style of the emperors.

1. I really thought about skipping the two lines above. I feel like we’ve seen these lines before already, nearly identical with Goldpython/Stonecarver but ultimately decided against it. The next line still flows well even without this repetition

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