Chapter 2887: Effortless Slaughter

“Boom!” Heaven and earth seemed to be exploding from the sheer intensity of the voice.

This massive power rushed forward and annihilated the poisonous smoke.

The four beasts were lifted off their feet and sent flying, smashing several mountains in the process.

Only the crab and the valley remained untouched by the sudden blow.

This development startled everyone due to the cataclysmic force earlier knocking away four gigantic beasts. No one present had this power right now.

“Who is it?!” The students shuddered in fear and started looking around.

“It’s Li Qiye, the guy from Repentance.” They saw the new combatant and shouted in astonishment.

“Him?!” All eyes fell on Li Qiye who was floating on top of the valley.

Meanwhile, the black bull behind him shook its head and murmured: “You’re all done now.”

With that, it jumped into the valley and stopped caring.

“He’s here.” Stonecarver and the others became serious.

Goldtypha sitting on his golden dragon stood up and glared at Li Qiye.

“How can this be? Since when does Repentance Institution have such a powerful student?” Those who have never seen Li Qiye in action before were startled.

“Because you didn’t see him killing the god of archery earlier. His power is unfathomable.” A previous spectator said.

“So bizarre and unbelievable, I’ve never heard of that place producing such a powerful student.” Many found this astonishing due to the history of Repentance Institution.

“Raa!” The four ancient beasts got up and bellowed, unable to accept the defeat earlier.

They exchanged glances before deciding to attack Li Qiye in unison.

“Rumble!” The rhinoceros utilized its speed again, unleashing another slash with its horn.

The python spewed out more toxin, wishing to drown him. The crow sent out true fire with the immensity of an ocean. The lion roared and blocked out his escape route with tidal sound waves.

The four of them worked together perfectly and attacked from all directions. Li Qiye had no chance to run.

Li Qiye’s body quaked in this crucial moment. Time seemed to be prolonged and everyone saw the scene in slow motion.

First came ripping noises before the screaming. They saw him grabbing the jaws of the python and tearing it in halves starting from the mouth.

Remember, this creature spanned for a thousand miles. It was lifted up in the air and torn apart - truly a magnificent scene.

Blood and viscera rained down, filling up the ground.

“Gaa-” They then saw him stomping on the rhinoceros, grabbing its horn and ripping it out of the beast’s head. Every bone in its body was also crushed from the stomp.

The crow was the next target and started screeching. Li Qiye unleashed a tiny flame onto the bird, instantly turning it into a ball of fire then ashes.

“Raa…” The lion’s scream abruptly stopped because Li Qiye also ripped its head away from its body. The spine was still connected to the head.

It felt as if there were four of him attacking at the same time - tearing the python in half, stomping the rhinoceros to death, incinerating the crow to ashes, and decapitating the lion.

Of course, there was only one Li Qiye. His speed was just fast enough to leave afterimages everywhere. This created an illusion that there were multiples of him killing the four beasts.

In the next moment, he showed up in the same place again while crashing noises resounded. The massive corpse of the lion fell loudly to the ground while the blood of the python still poured down.

This slaughtering happened in 1/10000 of the blink of an eye so Li Qiye looked like he didn’t move from the original spot.

The atmosphere became frozen while the spectators were stunned, unable to react.

His speed was unreal. More importantly, these powerful beasts felt like ants when fighting against him.

Stonecarver and Goldpython’s expression soured. They realized that they have still underestimated him.

Goldtypha couldn’t sit still as his expression darkened with a fierce glint in his eyes. He hasn’t seen such a powerful foe in a long time.

Of course, a powerful foe wasn’t something nice to have but it also made his blood boil with excitement.

“How can he be this strong…?” The stench of blood woke a student up from his stupor. He staggered several steps backward in fear.

“Just who the hell is he? Why do we not know anything about someone so strong?” Another student found this strange.

Even the ancient beasts gathering in this place instinctively retreated. Intuition told them that Li Qiye was very dangerous. They were at a loss; some even wanted to retreat. However, the golden dragon rose up and suppressed the rowdy beasts.

Li Qiye glanced at the beasts and the emperors, aware of the situation right away.

“I see, causing trouble the moment I’m gone.” Li Qiye told them.

Everyone held their breath in anticipation. The alliance formed between the emperors and the beasts was enough to force anyone back.

However, Li Qiye didn’t seem flustered at all to the astonishment of the crowd.

“He’s haughty but his strength can back it up.” One student murmured.

The emperors exchanged glances. Stonecarver spoke first: “Fellow Daoist Li, we have no ill-will towards you and had no intention of hurting them either.”

He paused for a moment before: “We simply wanted to take the eggs and breed them into powerful divine birds, so please do us this favor.”

He was being honest and humble enough. Most would be elated to be spoken to in this manner and decide to give this mighty alliance some face.

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