Chapter 2886: Danger

“Boom!” The horned rhinoceros gathered momentum from a thousand miles away before marching forward with extreme speed and power.

“Rumble!” Numerous peaks were instantly flattened.

“Clank!” A sound resembling a saber leaving its sheath resounded as the rhinoceros utilized its horn.

Just the initial movement of its horn heralded numerous lacerations crisscrossing on the ground.

The crab retaliated by swinging its claw at the incoming slash, also resembling a gigantic saber splitting the sky - enough to tear out a new galaxy.

“Boom!” The claw and the horn struck each other causing fiery sparks to go up like fireworks.

“Hssh!” Meanwhile, the python spewed out enough miasma to cover the entire crab, submerging the whole area.

“Buzz.” The sacred light of the crab erupted. It became a war god representing the light. This aura protected the valley.

Unfortunately, the land outside of this protective barrier instantly corroded.

“Screech!” The fiery crow unleashed endless true fire. Even the smoke of this fire was poisonous.

“Poof!” It crazily flapped its wings, causing the flames to become several times more powerful.

The fire itself was frightening enough with a temperature capable of turning mountains into lava. This lava became infused with the toxic smoke and was immensely destructive to both the terrains and everything else.

“Zzz…” It began eating the light barrier of the crystal crab.

“Boom!” Runes emerged everywhere on the body of the crab, culminating in the appearance of a golden pearl. This pearl seemed to be channeling the power of the light, causing the ground to lit up with an overwhelming force.

The barrier instantly became brighter to stop the corrosive nature of the poisonous fire.

“Raa!” The lion’s sound waves struck the barrier next. 

“Crack!” Cracks appeared around the light barrier.

“Activate!” The crab chanted and pinned one claw into the ground, seemingly taking roots in the depths.

The light power from the ground oozed out even more and assisted the barrier.

“Rumble!” The world shook back and forth as the crystal crab fought against four ancient beasts alone.

This seemed like it would go on for a while. The spectators took a deep breath for composure while thinking that this crystal crab was extremely strong.

“This crab is definitely a king too, can’t be that much inferior compared to the golden dragon.” One powerful student said.

“I don’t think it can get out today though, a prolonged fight is very disadvantageous for it.” Another experienced student shook his head.

“Yes, it’s not only fighting against those four. Other beasts are waiting on top of the emperors.” Many students could read the situation.

“No one here can do anything to stop it from escaping but death is certain if it wishes to defend this position.” An Eternal student said.

The crowd agreed with this assessment. The opponents couldn’t stop the crab from running but it seemed determined to protect this valley. This was very unwise.

“Zzz…” The corrosive noises returned on the barrier. The crab clearly expended too much vitality and energy, on the verge of running out. The light barrier dimmed down considerably as a result.

The situation instantly turned severely disadvantageous for the crab.

The sound waves and corrosive fire continued barraging the barrier. There were signs of dissipating now. A total collapse seemed inevitable and the valley would fall next.

“Raa!” The lion and rhinoceros took note of this and amplified their assault, fully exerting their power and vitality on the next attack.

“Rumble!” The barrier started shaking, the same with the valley underneath.

“It won’t be long now, two hands can’t handle four fists.” One student said.

The students noticed that the mighty crab was running out of stamina. Its defensive barrier could fall at any moment.

Zhou Qiushi and the other students instantly jumped into the formation above the valley, pouring their energy into the crystal crab.

Alas, this amounted to nothing. They had the heart but not the strength. Their feeble cultivation added to the formation was akin to adding salt to the ocean, unable to change the current state of battle.

They wanted to cry from seeing the futility of their help due to the high level of the combatants involved. In fact, they needed the protection of the crab, not the other way around.

If this light barrier were to fall, the entire valley would be drowned in the poisonous smoke. They would turn to dust right away.

Meanwhile, the magpies also wanted to help the crystal crabs. Alas, their foes were just as strong so they couldn’t afford to be distracted.

“You know, those four couldn’t have beaten this crab without the help of so many beasts.” One student said.

The spectators could tell that this valley would have been just fine if the crab only fought against the emperors.

“They really want those eggs.” They also realized the emperors’ determination.

“Rumble!” The light barrier melted in many places; its light dimmed continuously.

The struggling crab was being pushed back despite its size, inch by inch.

“It’s about to end, it can’t hold on anymore.” The spectators saw that the valley beneath the crab’s stomach was gradually being exposed with it pushed backward.

The crab roared, still trying its best. Meanwhile, the youths beneath became anxious about their fate. Some vomited blood from overexerting themselves to give more energy to the crab.

“Boom!” The barrier finally fell. The poisonous smoke invaded the valley like a flood.

“That’s it!” Everyone knew that this place was about to turn to ashes.

“Scram!” Suddenly, an explosive shout echoed across the area!

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