Chapter 2885: Myriad Beasts

“Rumble!” The explosions made the entire courtyard quake. The ground seemed on the verge of being torn asunder.

The cries of beasts accompanied the nonstop explosions. Their terrible auras swept through ten million miles to the horror of listeners.

Many students immediately ran over.

“Goldtypha, Stonecarver, Goldpython True Emperor, and Treasure Source True God are working together.” This astonishing news came out and the crowd couldn’t believe it.

“What? Their enemy must be powerful.” One startled student exclaimed.

Remember, these four were extremely strong. Only prodigies such as Metalkin War God were stronger than them in this system.

Stonecarver, Goldpython, and Treasure Source True God were powerful in their own right. This trio should be able to sweep through the realm undefeated. This was before taking Goldtypha into account.

Who would want to oppose this powerful alliance? This clearly showed the ability of their current foe.

“Not only that, but they’re also commanding ancient beasts to attack. It’s a large-scale battle.” One student closer to the fray reported back.

This only added to the excitement and rush.

The students could see awakening beasts everywhere, gathering under the banner of Goldtypha True Emperor.

This was truly a sight to behold - an ape as tall as the heaven, a venomous serpent spanning for ten thousand miles, a rhinoceros trampling several mountains and rivers...

Their awakening turned this area into a primordial world. These massive beasts were its rulers. Other existences paled in comparison and were as insignificant as flies.

Everyone was assaulted by their numerous auras. The weaker cultivators nearly got blown away by the gales.

Goldtypha was among the gathered beast, sitting on top of his golden dragon and being in charge of the situation. Meanwhile, the other three behind him also rode ancient beasts, each protecting one side.

Goldtypha was the most eye-catching of the four due to his role as commander, ordering the beasts to attack fiercely.

Of course, the one actually controlling the beasts was his dragon, not him.

The students didn’t dare to get close to this powerful alliance and watched from a distance, still in awe of the mighty beasts.

“Goldtypha True Emperor is amazing and his dragon is crazily strong. How the hell did he tame it?” One student became envious while looking at the golden dragon.

“To be clear, he didn’t tame it himself. The dragon lost to Orchid Sage, only someone like the sage could defeat this beast king. The emperor alone certainly couldn’t.” A student who watched the whole thing elaborated.

“Yes, this golden lightdragon is definitely a king in this courtyard, that’s how it mobilized so many beasts.” Many jealous students were there to watch.

“Rumble!” The battle had entered a heated and destructive stage. The entire courtyard was shaking. Everyone felt that all of Sacred Mountain would shatter if this continues.

The emperors were sieging the valley of the crystal crab. This area had nonstop earthquakes due to the barrage.

The crab had prepared a formation in order to prevent enemies from invading its territory.

People could see a massive crab in the valley. It was shiny with a powerful sacred light, similar to a holy soldier.

The crab was truly gigantic. Its back could shoulder the entire sky while protecting the valley below with its eight claws.

This wasn’t actually Visceraless Young Noble’s true body, but rather a fusion of the crab and its formation that had taken in the momentum of the heaven and earth. 

The crab was quite strong. None of these invaders could take it on in a one-on-one scenario.

However, four colossal ancient beasts were attacking at the same time from four different directions with impeccable teamwork.

One was a python spanning for a thousand miles with green scales as tough as armor plates. It looked bizarre under the sunlight. On top of its head was a fleshy horn. 

It opened its mouth and sent out a gale of poisonous smoke. This type of miasma engulfed the entire area.

The trees nearby naturally decayed. However, even the mountains were affected and collapsed right after.

To the south was a violent rhinoceros - ten thousand feet high with mountainous legs. It trampled everything in its path. Its horn looked like a heavenly saber.  “Whoosh!” Just one slash created a sizable canyon.

From the north came a crow - a unique type with the fiery affinity. Its blazing wings, once spread, could blot out the sun. It poured down endless true fire and turned the world into an ocean of flames. Its flapping wings added gales to boost the intensity of the fire.

Lava started flowing through the cracks in the ground to the horror of the spectators.

The final beast was a lion, the smallest of the four - golden from top to bottom and looking quite gallant.

“Raa!” The shockwaves from its roar had a devastating and corrosive nature, instantly destroying everything nearby.

Not only did the terrains fall victim but space itself started to crack and collapsed.

The four powerful beasts together made it hard for the crab to defend.

Meanwhile, the two peacebringer magpies couldn’t help either. They were preoccupied with fighting two other ancient beasts.

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