Chapter 2884: Are You Lonely?

“Fine.” The bull shrugged after not getting a response from Li Qiye.

It always had a sour opinion on Desolate Saint, thinking that the guy was a hypocrite and not believing in his light.

Because of this, it was very curious about the backup plan hidden inside that palace. Unfortunately, Li Qiye didn’t wish to divulge this information.

“Okay, it’s my turn.” It suddenly became excited and let out a roar.

It shook its body once and grew endlessly in size. This growth was unimaginably fast. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that its body blocked up the entire area. 

Any bigger and even the sky would crack from being overfilled. Just one hair alone was the size of a heavenly waterfall. It couldn’t grow larger right now due to the area’s spatial limits.

Its eyes looked like two suns with enough light to illuminate the nine firmaments.

“Ooo-” Its roar sounded like something existing at the start of time. This mantra had enough force to derive a great world with wonderful profundities. It was simply incredible and shocking for a roar to have this world-creating property.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions detonated without pause. A majestic light appeared in this vast space, almost like the birth of a new galaxy.

Dao laws appeared out of nowhere, enough to form a vast ocean with laws and runes. Each of them was archaic, seemingly from an old era with the same origin as Three Immortals.

“Boom!” A tsunami eventually formed because a colossal mountain emerged from the center of this ocean.

The mountain was unaffected by the dao waves, seemingly indomitable. It was the lord of this ocean. As it slowly ascended, the waves calmed down and eventually dissipated.

After it came out completely, one could finally see that it was made from dao runes instead of rocks and stones. It should contain numerous profundities.

Moreover, it looked capable of suppressing everything with its immense weight.

“Ooo-” The black bull roared and swallowed the entire mountain whole.

Li Qiye only watched and didn’t interfere with its action.

Next, the bull shrank back to its original size, just another divine-looking beast.

“Hahaha, Sacred Mountain is mine from now on, I can finally take it away!” It laughed smugly.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “So what if you have this seal? Can you really take it away without permission from the old tree demon?”

“Well…” The bull hasn't thought of this before: “Shit, if he dares to stop me… I’m gonna take him down!” 

“I can see that you’re not a match for him unless you break your own shackles. Otherwise, you’re nothing more than a big piece of charcoal.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Damn it, it’s still that bastard Desolate Saint’s fault. I would really let him have it if he were alive.” The bull became dejected and stomped the ground.

“Your obstination is unnecessary.” Li Qiye said: “The world is vast and you are free to soar. You’re being too stubborn with this tiny land. The more it is on your mind, the more it will act as a heart devil.”

The bull quietly pondered for a bit. It eventually looked up and asked in a serious manner: “Then, forgive me for asking, Sir, what are you stubborn about?”

Li Qiye stared towards the horizon and didn’t answer.

“Sir, you’re right, I am indeed stubborn about this tiny land. However, the vast world, in my opinion, is not as nice as this place in my mind. After reaching a certain power level, if we don’t have an obsession or something to stay sane, who will we be then? Life becomes meaningless without a home to yearn for.” The bull showed a rare moment of sincerity.

“You only yearn when you are away from it, unable to go back.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Maybe, but at least it will be a mental pillar in our heart.” The bull continued: “I know that you’re capable of anything you wish, but I’m sure you also yearn for home. If there is nothing worth remembering, you won’t treasure this world at all.”

“Everything is ephemeral, mere specks of dust.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“That’s precisely why we need an obsession.” The bull went on solemnly: “It’s not hard for someone like you to destroy this world if you don’t care for the living beings. But this isn’t the right now and that’s why you destroyed the thing left behind by Desolate Saint. Thus, you have an obsession in your heart too.”

“Well said.” Li Qiye nodded in response: “The apex is emotionless, same with immortals, but this isn’t because the latter is emotionless, it’s just that nothing else in the world is worthy of their attention and mind. When standing at the apex, the other inhabitants become utterly insignificant.”  

“That’s why I think I’m living very well right now. This land is a little tiny but I don’t need the vast world outside of it. No need to soar in endless space, only the home where I was born. It doesn’t matter where I go in the future, this place will always be my home.” The bull laughed.

“Home is nice, very nice. Everyone wants to have a place like that.” Li Qiye commented. His gaze became profound and seemingly traveled through the ancient past.

“Sacred Mountain is my obsession and my home.” The bull seemed very pleased with itself: “I might not have any family members but still got a neighbor in that tree demon. Hehe, but from now on, I’m in charge now, that demon needs to obey me, hahahaha…”

Li Qiye chuckled and felt happy for the bull since it had a clear goal in mind.

“Sir, what kind of people or place will your home consist of?” The bull calmed down and respectfully asked with earnest eyes.

Li Qiye glanced back at the bull before turning towards the horizon. He didn’t respond until a long while later: “Home is where the heart is, a family is up to fate.”

“Looks like I’m not at that level yet, sigh, that’s why you’re a big shot and I’m just a bull.” The bull was momentarily caught off guard before praising.

Li Qiye smiled and started leaving.

“You must be very lonely.” The bull watched his departing figure and shouted.

Li Qiye paused for a bit but something else interrupted him.

His eyes became fierce as he turned towards the distance.

“Rumble!” Blinding light and loud explosions blared.

“There’s a problem.” Li Qiye crossed through space right away.

The bull looked towards the source of the explosion and shook his head: “A bunch of fools courting death. Hehe, Sir seems to be in a bad mood too, it looks like he’s about to make blood flow like the rivers.”

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