Chapter 2883: Refinement

The jumping flame in his palm wasn’t especially vigorous at the moment.

Unfortunately, its power exceeded the imagination, capable of burning everything. This wasn’t empty praise - it could truly burn everything.

The mighty dark blood became horrified as a result and automatically receded like the tides before Li Qiye did anything.

The dao root at the bottom of the pond also felt danger and understood the potential of this dao fire. It immediately released its grasp and tried to run away.

“Too late for that.” Unfortunately, Li Qiye released his immobilizing pressure and stopped it from moving.

His flame slowly flowed down his hand like water, aiming for the dao root. The slow flow made it look like a thick liquid instead of a flame.

“Boom!” The moment the flame made contact, the dao root unleashed an insane power crossing through time and space. This sudden eruption could suppress the gods and devils while causing everyone else to tremble with fear.

It was accompanied by boundless light almost like the opening of a new world. This light force could destroy everything.

A figure floated inside this world of light - just an embryonic form ready to be born.

Nevertheless, its aura alone was magnificent just like a supreme progenitor. If it were to be born, it would instantly possess the power of a progenitor.

The light turned into a shield in order to stop the incoming dao flame and prevent it from burning the root.

Unfortunately, the flame still persevered and burned through this light barrier. An entire world of light couldn’t stop Li Qiye’s dao flame and was penetrated.

“Ah!” The figure screamed before being incinerated to nothingness.

“I’ve killed your true form, let alone this seed.” Li Qiye smiled.

Sizzling noises continued as the dao flame ravaged the root. It became as thick as honey and wrapped around the root before burning it away.

The power, mysteries, and laws of this dao root were completely annihilated. The only thing eventually left behind was a piece of dao essence around the size of a bead.

“Poof!” The flame took this refined dao essence for its own since it was truly nutritious.

Meanwhile, the dark blood was still trying to escape. It panicked even more after seeing the fate of the dao root.

It was already too late. Li Qiye’s hand came down again and the flame turned towards it.

“Zzz…” The blood let out a strange noise before being locked by the flame.

The burning process this time wasn’t as gentle as before but more like a burning flame with oil added. The scorching temperature quickly burned the black liquid.

The dark blood struggled but escaping was futile due to the flame’s suppressive nature.

“Zzz…” The entire liquid turned into smoke and the deed was done.

“Creating this dark blood and reaching an agreement…” Li Qiye disapproved and said: “Not a good thing at all.”

The dao root earlier refined the dark blood into light power. How come this dark blood didn’t try to escape? It willingly acted as nutrients for the dao root. On the other hand, it tried to escape after seeing Li Qiye’s dao flame.

This meant that an agreement had been reached during the formation of this pond between the root and the dark blood.

“What a shame.” Li Qiye looked around and sighed: “Being called a saint is easy, but to actually be one? The world is too shallow to actually recognize this.”

Next, he flicked his finger and destroyed the painting on that wall as well before leaving this hall.


The bull has been staring at the gate the entire time, feeling nervous for the first time in a long while. 

“Creak!” The heavy gate eventually opened, revealing the darkness inside.

“Hmm!” The bull shouted and assumed a battle stance against the evil inside.

“Calm your butt down.” Li Qiye came out from the darkness and joked.

The bull heaved a sigh of relief and dropped the pose: “Thank god, you’re finally out, Sir.”

“You thought I would die inside?” Li Qiye gave him the side-eye.

“No, of course not, you’re invincible, one and only in history. How could that little fiend stop you?” The bull laughed and flattered.

“Forget it, your wish has been carried out.” Li Qiye said before unleashing a palm strike.

The entire palace crumbled the moment he pulled his palm back. It turned into dust and disappeared from the void.

“Is this prudence necessary, sir?” The bull didn’t expect this: “That little fiend can’t escape from you.”

“Not because of that nightking phoenix. If one decides to do something, do it thoroughly. I erased everything in there from this world.” Li Qiye said.

“Fuck!” The bull couldn’t help cursing: “So that Desolate Saint was really a sly hypocrite then, he left a backup plan in there, didn’t he? Hahaha, so he’s no saint, see, just a devil!”

Li Qiye didn’t reply.

“Hehe, Sir, what did he actually leave in there?” The bull was particularly curious.

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