Chapter 2881: Golden Lightdragon

The twisting of space resulted in a physical depression in the shape of a funnel. Everything would eventually fall inside.

“Pop!” The shrinking process suddenly changed into a spread as if a giant monster had infiltrated this world, filling it up to the brim.

A mighty force assaulted the four directions. Forest and mountains nearby instantly crumbled.

“It’s here!” The trio focused their gaze.

The pine valley was no longer there, replaced by a massive sacred beast.

“It wasn’t sleeping underground, just hidden in space.” The trio understood right away.

“No wonder why that beastly presence was so faint either. It wasn’t here in the first place.” Stonecarver added.

“It’s very mighty.” Goldpython took a deep breath.

This beast standing in front of Goldtypha was indeed large relative to normal ones. However, its size wasn’t that impressive compared to the behemoths found in the ancient courtyard. Remember, some creatures in here spanned for a thousand miles while being extremely tall.

Nevertheless, people would be astonished to see it all the same because it was a unique draconic species! 

A blinding gold from top to bottom - from its scales to claws. 

It had two muscular legs looking just like pillars with the body similar to that of a tiger. It had a dragon head and a long tail with something akin to a heavy hammer at the tip.

It also had two wings made of light from the back, large enough to blot out the sky and send out endless light. The individual strands were as large as pillars, looking just like totems. People couldn’t help feeling respect.

“A special type.” The true god said.

“Yes, a golden lightdragon, born with this affinity already. Superior compared to ordinary sacred beasts.” Goldpython was surprised.

“Right.” Stonecarver added: “I’ve heard that the courtyard has a dragon like this one but none had seen it before. Everyone assumed it was just a rumor.

“Raa!” The dragon’s roar shook the entire area and echoed through the courtyard.

Numerous sacred beasts prostrated on the ground in fear, seemingly greeting their king.

Mountains crumbled and rivers surged crazily. Numerous slumbering beasts were awakening.

At the site of a broken mountain, a massive lion bowed its head towards the direction of the dragon.

The water in one river splashed crazily as a thousand-miles-long flood dragon stood up and roared, also bowing towards the golden dragon.

Powerful ancient beasts were awakening. They either greeted the dragon or showed their subservience.

This golden dragon was clearly a king in this courtyard despite the high level of beasts found here.

Perhaps it wasn’t the strongest king in this place, it still stood among the upper echelon.

“What’s going on?” The students were frightened by this sudden change. 

Their knees trembled from fear after seeing so many old behemoths waking up again. Their beastly auras ravaged the realm.

“Over there!” Some looked over towards the direction of the golden dragon.

The golden dragon exuded a draconic presence, looking like a dignified ruler without needing to resort to intimidation.

The sacred light from its wings could enlighten other living beings, seeming quite supreme.

Not to mention ordinary true gods, even a True Emperor felt a great pressure while standing before this dragon.

Low-level emperors might not be able to handle it.

“Bam! Bam!” Each of its steps crushed the ground and made the courtyard quake. It wasn’t afraid of Goldtypha at all.

“My way is life, my way is death…” Goldtypha took out a book and began chanting in harmonization with the dao.

“What is that thing?” The spectators who have arrived were astounded.

As the emperor was chanting his immortal book, runes filled with the power of a progenitor emerged like an ocean.

Moreover, this progenitorial force felt pure and original just like a newly opened jar of wine with a fragrance yet to dissipate.

This meant that the book was personally written by a progenitor and very recently as well. Most importantly, it was also being used for the first time, hence the impressive power.

It felt as if a supreme progenitor was here in person. People felt the urge to prostrate in worship.

“Written by Orchid Sage himself.” Goldpython commented.

“Looks like Goldtypha alone can’t tame this golden dragon, he needs help from his master.” Stonecarver added.

“This progenitorial power is insane.” The spectators found it hard to stand straight. Some dropped to their knees.

“That’s why Orchid Sage is the only person in our time comparable to Luminous Master.” The mighty trio was having a hard time too.

This was only a book written by him. Now imagine the actual person in action. 

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The runes latched onto the dragon’s back and turned into a saddle.

Goldtypha took a deep breath after seeing this. He closed the book and smiled while looking at the dragon and reaching for its head.

The dragon closed its eyes and let him pat its head. 

“It’s tamed!” Everyone was shaken to see this.

“A golden lightdragon…” Next came envy.

“Go!” Goldtypha jumped on its back and sat down on the saddle.

“Whoosh!” The dragon flapped its wings and soared to the sky.

“Raaa!” It roared after reaching a certain height.

Next, many ancient beasts in the courtyard roared back in response, resulting in a deafening orchestra!

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