Chapter 2880: Goldtypha True Emperor’s Plan

Meanwhile, in an isolated valley with pine thickets issued pleasant sounds with the gentle breezes. The branches swayed back and forth in an enchanting manner.

This corner of the ancient courtyard was quite tranquil and peaceful. Its location was hard to find.

A man sat here, adorned in a golden robe. Dao runes continuously rotated around him.

His stillness made him look like a golden statue that was one with heaven and earth.

People clearly saw him sitting there but upon a second glance, the place where he sat would be empty.

His title was Goldtypha - the person who opened the ancient courtyard. Few saw him after this process.

Treasure Source True God, Stonecarver True Emperor, and Goldpython True Emperor have found him.

The true god was indeed impressive, able to find the hidden emperor, unlike the others.

However, the trio didn’t dare to disturb Goldtypha at the moment. They kept their distance on a faraway peak, curious about the meditating emperor.

He didn’t move an inch yet, seemingly in a state of zen.

“Listen, what is he saying?” Goldpython was worthy of being a three-palace emperor. He heard something after focusing.

The other two also closed their eyes and tried to listen to the dao.

They finally heard a dao sound. However, it didn’t come from the grand dao itself but rather, the meditating emperor.

The ears and eyes couldn’t discern this sound. They would only be able to see the emperor and his physical form.

On the other hand, anyone strong enough to listen to the grand dao could hear the emperor’s dao chant.

All three could see invisible phenomena now. A dark typha was growing behind the emperor with tough roots - weather-beaten yet still managed to persevere through the years.

In addition, a creeping vine coiled around the tree, seemingly one with it. Perhaps it was indeed a part of this tree. Flower buds could be seen on the branches, as fragile as dandelions. Just one breeze could blow them away.

The most eye-catching thing about this tree was its golden color. The roots, tough branches, leaves, and even the flower buds were all a tantalizing gold.

Unfortunately, those who knew about it would overlook its beauty due to its horror.

This particular dark typha was a king among its species, powerful beyond imagination. It could destroy a kingdom or a sect without utilizing any merit law or art, easily too.

The trio knew that this tree was the real body of Goldtypha. He came from the dark typha tribe, a mighty branch of the demon race. He eventually became a disciple of Orchid Sage then reached the imperial realm.

Its branches were swaying back and forth not because of the winds. They were moving in accordance with the rhythm of the dao. This resulted in dao noises heard by the trio.

Under this cadence, the dao runes turned into a mantra and melted into this world. To be exact, they were fusing with this valley like snow - a silent harmonization.

“What is he trying to do?” Stonecarver narrowed his eyes, trying to assess the entire valley.

Goldtypha should have a reason for lingering so long in this place.

“He’s dao preaching, but to whom? I don’t know.” Goldpython True Emperor saw the hints.

“There’s a gigantic beast here, extremely powerful too. It must be hidden and in hibernation.” The true god’s treasure source figured it out.

This heaven-defying item was quick to spot anything unusual.

“You’re right.” The two emperors meticulously sensed this land and also noticed a faint bestial aura. Despite the weak connection, it clearly contained a peerless power belonging to the light affinity. Each string seemed to be rich and boundless.

“Yes, a mighty ancient beast is slumbering here.” The two emperors exchanged glances.

“He wants to recruit it.” The true god said.

Goldpython shook his head: “This one is too powerful. Using force should be difficult if not impossible. That’s why he’s here to preach his dao, hoping to persuade it.”

“A successful recruit will be incredible, more than a tiger gaining wings.” Stonecarver put on a serious expression.

This trio sensed that this sleeping beast could be even stronger than Goldtypha True Emperor. Having a stronger mount would absolutely bring his battle potential to a higher level.

The three of them held their breath, excited to see the beast inside this valley.

As the emperor’s dao mantra permeated, the trio could see the valley slowly melting away. The spatial fabrics became distorted.

“This is the mantra of a progenitor, so profound and mighty.” The true god commented after listening to the dao sounds.

“Yes.” The two emperors noticed as well: “It might be created by Orchid Sage specifically for the sake of recruiting sacred beasts. Goldtypha True Emperor came prepared.”

With this realization, the trio glanced at each other, thinking that this recruit attempt might be successful. The mantra from a progenitor was truly heaven-defying.

Goldtypha True Emperor must have asked Orchid Sage for help before coming here and received this mantra.

“Rumble!” Loud waves followed the spread of the mantra. The valley began to change.

“It’s coming, this sacred beast is about to show itself.” One of the three said.

They opened their eyes wide, wanting to see the beast. After all, an eight-palace emperor like Goldtypha should have high standards.

Spatial ripples loudly blasted nearby. Strangely enough, the awakening of this beast actually wasn’t that impressive and disorderly. The mountains nearby didn’t collapse, unlike their expectation.

This beast wasn’t slumbering underground either.

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