Chapter 2879: Nightking Phoenix

The focused gaze seemed to gather the darkness like the receding tides. It swallowed everything in the world; even the light couldn’t escape.

This nefarious power of darkness was enough to crush the gods and emperors. Unfortunately, Li Qiye remained impervious.

He still didn’t care about this creature because his eyes moved past the mountain of bones towards deeper into this hall.

Desolate Saint was a mighty progenitor. This creature was powerful but he didn’t need to spend so much effort just to get a mount. It clearly served as the protector of something here.

What item warranted this level of effort? Plus, even if he wanted to protect something, he should have left behind a behemoth of the light affinity instead of this dark creature. This particular decision was worth pondering over.

“Raa!” The creature coiled back to block Li Qiye’s eyes, aware of his intention. Its roar sent out a tsunami of shockwaves with enough corrosive force to destroy a galaxy. Alas, this was just another ineffective attack.

It flicked out its whip-like tongue after blocking Li Qiye’s sight, quite a terrifying scene.

Li Qiye glanced at the creature and said: “Very well, I will kill you for blocking my path.”

He spoke as if this was a trivial task. Remember, the creature before him viewed Everlastings as food.

“Raa!” The creature let out a loud blast.

“Boom!” It coiled again, causing the area to tremble. Loud metallic noises could be heard as its scales rose up, acting like armor plates. This black armor plate made it look quite divine despite its dark affinity.

The creature clearly sensed Li Qiye’s power and didn’t dare to underestimate him.

“I will slay you using Desolate Saint’s sword.” Li Qiye smiled and slowly unsheathed Repentance.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” However, the sword started shaking violently, not wanting to leave its sheath. This resulted in loud friction noises as it resisted Li Qiye.

The sword clearly recognized the dark creature and didn’t wish to kill it. It used to be Desolate Saint’s personal sword while the creature used to be his mount. They shared the same master and used to be together, hence its rebellion.

“Hmph.” Li Qiye snorted and tightened his grip: “What’s the point of keeping you around? I will make molten metal out of you!” 

His chilling threat made the world tremble. The masters, even the progenitors, would twitch with fear, realizing that he was the true supreme!

The sword shuddered because of his threat and gave up on struggling. It had enough intelligence to know that he would carry it out. This divine sword was completely helpless against him. Its fate was not pretty if it were to disobey him and being turned back into molten metal was truly horrifying for a sword of this level. 

“Clank!” It left the sheath and its brilliance illuminated the entire hall.

“Raa!” The dark creature staggered backward after seeing this. It also recognized this powerful sword.

“Repentance is a good name. What should repent right now? Hmm, how about the sin of darkness?” Li Qiye gently stroked the blade and said.

“Clank!” The sword channeled its strongest power without being activated by Li Qiye. It didn’t want to incite his anger by holding back.

“Rumble!” Strands of holy light oozed out like waterfalls and tore apart the darkness. Each was as big as a galaxy, enough to cut down the source of darkness.

The spectators would feel trepidation before the murderous light - completely brutal and emotionless! The source of sins had nowhere to run.

The light represented both salvation and destruction. Nothing else should exist but the light.

After reaching its strongest state in the hand of Li Qiye, he also became the judge of all. This incoming slash would be able to flatten his path.

The dark creature continued to retreat, afraid of the overwhelming light.

Ultimately, light and darkness were sworn enemies. Plus, this incoming light from the sword was insanely powerful.

“Raa!” Unfortunately, it had nowhere left to go and let out a desperate roar. It threw caution to the wind and unleashed its own dark affinity.

“Boom!” Darkness of the same intensity as the light earlier rushed to the sky as the creature decided to go all out. Holding back would result in certain death. 

“Boom!” Its tail pointed up straight to the sky and spread almost like a peacock.

“Buzz.” Ancient dark runes appeared around the tail and turned into an inscrutable totem.

The totem opened a world of darkness. The dark affinity oozed out like a tsunami from within, turning into an ocean that engulfed the creature.

“Raa!” It became more powerful and its eyes glowed brightly with a dark affinity looking like the night sky.

“An ancient species.” Li Qiye looked at the totem on the creature’s tail and smiled: “Looks like Desolate Saint had his reasons for taking you in.”

“Raa!” The creature started by swinging its tail downward like a palm strike. It had enough force to annihilate all the puny existences beneath.

“Come.” Li Qiye laughed and leaped to the sky then swung his sword.

“Clank!” The blinding slash left behind a deep scar in the spatial fabrics.

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