Chapter 2877: I’ll Be Going First (Teaser)

This golden eye could see through all illusions and techniques with extreme speed since it was a supreme type of gaze. 

The prodigy’s golden eye has reached grand completion. He just needed to open it and see through everything. [1]

“Activate!” He roared and channeled his merit law. The light of the golden eye intensified with more strands rushing out.

With a nearly imperceptible buzz, the entire world has been locked on by this eye.

Time seemed to come to a stop along with the gentle breezes. The momentum and dao of all became exposed with obvious openings and weaknesses.

The prodigy started gazing at Li Qiye with his golden eye. Meanwhile, his opponent chuckled and stood there, letting him do as he pleases.

The illumination of the eye added a golden layer on him, looking just like a golden rob...

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