Chapter 287: Ancient Secret

Chapter 287: Ancient Secret

After Old Daoist Peng sat down, Li Qiye said: “I had several wishes when I came to this place, and now there is only one left. I want to hear about the Void Gate.”

The old daoist became serious after hearing about the Void Gate. He shook his head and said: “I am not sure. My junior brothers sent news some time ago that recently, the earth vein fluctuated violently and the gate might open once more. However, as for the exact date, my junior brothers are still calculating.”

Li Qiye gently sighed in response: “The Void Gate has always been a mystery.” Who in this world was the most knowledgeable about the Void Gate? Outside of the deceased Myriad Images True God, there was only Li Qiye left. At that time, Little Autumn was still ignorant.

Old Daoist Peng opened his mouth: “Ancestor Second Sage had gone inside to research, but unfortunately, he couldn’t find the real door, or maybe there was never a real door in the first place.”

Little Autumn shook its head and said: “The Void Gate exists for sure, but it is hard to tell where it is running off to. However, your Heavenly Dao Academy has a left-over door, and it is the best clue to finding the Void Gate. As for my instincts, I can’t tell whether the gate will appear in this generation or not.”

Li Qiye was not anxious and said: “We’ll deal with it when the time comes. I’m not leaving this place for now, and I’m staying at the Ancestral Divine Temple. If your academy has any specific information, let me know.”

The old daoist personally sent Li Qiye off all the way down the mountain before going back.

After leaving the Everlasting Courtyard, Chi Xiaodie curiously asked: “What is the Void Gate?”

Li Qiye glanced at her and answered: “One of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures, the Void Gate.”

Chi Xiaodie exclaimed: “One of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures!” There were many strange things that happened today, but nothing was more shocking than this. She continued after being in a long daze: “The Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures and the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures, aren’t these the items from the legends? They don’t actually exist in this world, right?”

Little Autumn said right away: “Little Girl, you can just follow my Young Noble. Ha, you don’t even know, the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures and Scriptures really do exist, and the Void Gate is even more real. Ha, here…”

Li Qiye glared at it so it shut up and was afraid to say anything else.

Chi Xiaodie was too surprised to pay attention to his words. These treasures were part of the bedtime stories she heard when she was young. The world had always assumed that there were no such items. However, when Li Qiye said that the Void Gate was real, it became quite credible.

She took a deep breath to calm down, but she didn’t dare to ask more when Li Qiye remained silent about the matter.

However, she still had one more question: “Does the Everlasting Courtyard belong to the Heavenly Dao Academy?”

The academy was renowned in the Eastern Hundred Cities and even the entire Mortal Emperor World, but she had never heard of this courtyard before.

“It was established later on.” Li Qiye said: “The courtyard was not initially part of the academy, but Wang Yuan integrated it later on.”

Wang Yuan — Second Sage of the academy; he was not an Immortal Emperor but was just as famous. Why did Li Qiye always know these heaven-shaking secrets?

After arriving at the Ancestral Divine Temple, Little Autumn couldn’t help but feel strange with a sigh: “Ancestral Divine Temple!”

Li Qiye commanded: “Find a spot for yourself. Don’t mess anything up and don’t speak nonsense.” Having said that, he went back to his room.

Meanwhile, Little Autumn stayed in the grand hall to look at the statue of the Chi Clan Ancestor.

He lamented: “Hundred Battles Godking!” Then, it crawled in front of Myriad Images True God and bowed down: “Master, rest in peace. Little Autumn has been sleeping in a special dimension and finally escaped the nightmare of being trapped by those old monks. Don’t worry, Master, in this life, I will definitely cultivate into a human form. It is quite a shame that Master couldn’t escape the nightmare from that place. Damn their grandmothers! One day, Young Noble and I will definitely take that broken urine pot!” Although Little Autumn’s words were still quite crude, they respectfully worshiped the statue.

Chi Xiaodie stared at Little Autumn’s demeanor in confusion; she waited until it was finished bowing before asking: “Myriad Images True God is your master? Then… Have you lived for a really long time now?”

“He is my previous master.” Little Autumn stared at the statue in remembrance: “I haven’t lived for too long. I have been hiding and sleeping in my own realm, and I woke up around one hundred or two hundred years ago.”

“Could he be the descendant of Myriad Images True God?” The “he” Chi Xiaodie was referring to was Li Qiye; she felt that this hypothesis was very likely to be true. Li Qiye was the descendant so he came here to worship his ancestor and to take the things that were left behind.

Little Autumn only glanced at Chi Xiaodie and smiled without saying anything.

Chi Xiaodie didn’t give up and continued prying: “Where are you from? Could it be the world of the gods from the legends? Is there really such a place in this world?”

Little Autumn looked at her and said: “Miss, don’t inquire about my origin, lest it brings about a calamity.” Little Autumn had a big mouth, especially after sleeping for countless years inside his realm; he wanted to talk a lot. However, after being warned by Li Qiye, Little Autumn knew what to say and what not to say. Otherwise, his Young Noble would really show him what’s up.

Without Li Qiye’s permission, Little Autumn would not tell anyone that it came from the Void Gate. At that time, it was only an unwitting worm and its master, Myriad Images True God, took it out. The idea that it came from the Void Gate was only its Master’s speculation.

Later on, in order to explore the Void Gate, Myriad Images True God actually went into the Buddhist Burial Plateau to obtain an item, and they became trapped in a strange and inescapable place. Li Qiye, as the Dark Crow, came to save them, but unfortunately, the True God couldn’t surpass the arduous time. As for Little Autumn, it was put into its realm to escape the calamity and it had been asleep until now.

Little Autumn asked while looking at Chi Xiaodie: “Why is Little Miss staying by my Young Noble?”

Chi Xiaodie was caught off guard and didn’t know how to answer. Was she a servant? Not quite. Was she a maid? Also not quite. The truth was, Li Qiye never mentioned anything about accepting her as a maid, and she was only a temporarily attendant at best.

“Little Miss needs to have sincerity and good faith. Only then will you have a good opportunity.” Little Autumn gave her some advice: “Geniuses are nothing, and heaven’s proud daughters are also nothing. To my Young Noble, even fairies are nothing. I see that you are a type of princess or saintess, right? To my Young Noble, this status is not worth a single coin; think about it well.”

In the past, Little Autumn didn’t follow Li Qiye for too long before Li Qiye went into hibernation. But in that era, it had seen many great characters around Li Qiye — goddesses and fairies were only his maids.

Little Autumn slowly went into a room while Chi Xiaodie was still standing there.

The next day, Li Qiye told Chi Xiaodie: “Practice well, I have to go outside for a bit.” Having said that, he took his leave.

“Young Noble, wait for me!” Needless to say, Little Autumn followed him like a shadow.

Chi Xiaodie didn’t ask where Li Qiye was going and stayed behind silently. She was used to Li Qiye’s mysteriousness and knew that she alone couldn’t influence his actions. Maybe, in his mind, she was only someone he was teaching a thing or two to.

Thinking up to here, Chi Xiaodie sighed; since when did her emotions become affected by Li Qiye?

Li Qiye left for the western border of the Heavenly Dao Academy with Little Autumn right behind him.

The academy’s territory was vast; one could only imagine its inner power since it stood strong all the way from the Desolate Era until now. The academy's barren western territory spanned for millions of miles with majestic mountains and rivers. Perilous peaks and valleys were found everywhere. Because of these dangers, humans were not around; only Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits infested this zone.

“You, stay aware and check to see if the Void Gate can appear or not.” Li Qiye told Little Autumn once they stepped into this area. He had calculated the time and was certain that the gate would appear in this generation, but the exact time remained a mystery.

“Roger!” Little Autumn knew what to do without Li Qiye’s command. It was likely born in the Void Gate, so it had a natural talent with space and void; it was capable of leaving and entering different dimensions. It was more sensitive to the Void Gate than anyone else, which was why Li Qiye dug it out.

Little Autumn was sensing a fluctuation of the heaven and earth while following Li Qiye into the deep wilderness, checking the changes of the earth, step by step.

“Young Noble, maybe the Void Gate isn’t in this area of the academy.” Little Autumn continued on to say: “In the past, Old Master had checked the academy’s door several times for an opening, but he couldn’t find the real thing. Could it be that Old Master was misguided from the outset?”

The Void Gate — one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures; the Space Scripture was born from within. The Space Scripture was extremely mysterious, and since time immemorial, no one had ever heard of someone being able to enter the real Void Gate.

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