Chapter 2869: Three Arrows Bet

The students watched with bated breath, thinking that no emperor would take this sitting down.

Emperors were used to dominating and intimidating everyone else. To be provoked in this manner by a student from Repentance Institution? Most emperors would kill the guy with one slap!

“Student Li, we’re neither here today for face or to compete on who has the sharpest tongue…” Goldpython True Emperor slowly said.

His start impressed some of the students. One of them stated: “That’s an emperor for you, so benevolent and forgiven. His temperament far exceeded his foe.”

Many nodded in agreement. Another sneered: “That Li guy just looks shallow and vulgar in comparison.”

“We’re here today for the peacebringer magpies.” Goldpython went on; his eyes fixated on the nest. To be specific, the four eggs inside.

“The nest has four eggs so there’s no reason for you to monopolize them all. I’m satisfied with one, so Student Li, I hope you can do us this favor.” Goldpython said.

“Yes.” Stonecarver nodded as well. They were here for the eggs, not to fight over face.

“The three of us will take one each, you can take the last egg along with the two magpies. We won’t make it difficult for you.” He added.

“Hard to argue with this.” The students nearby agreed, finding this suggestion logical and reasonable.

“That’s why we can’t compare to the emperors. Their personality and characters are great.” One person sighed and praised.

“One each? Such wishful thinking. I’m taking all of them.” Li Qiye looked at them and smiled.

“Hmph, he is just too overbearing.” One student scowled after hearing this. The crowd didn’t appreciate this lack of flexibility.

“This Li guy is given face but won’t accept it, a person like him won’t have a good end.” Another student added.

The trio didn’t expect this response, especially the two emperors. Their expression gradually turned cold.

They were influential not just in the academy but in all of Immortal Lineage. But now, Li Qiye treated them like air. How could they swallow this anger?

Even Buddha had a line that couldn’t be crossed, let alone them. 

“You’re too arrogant, brat!” The centaur god bellowed.

He lost his cool first due to the previous humiliating defeat. Others just didn’t know about it. Now he had another reason to feud with Li Qiye.

“And? You must be mad about how I seared your butt into fried horse meat the last time we met. It’s quite a rare meal.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The centaur god trembled with rage; his face turned red. He needed to run for his life from that flame previously but only his men knew about it. Li Qiye revealing this in public was akin to adding salt to the wound. 

“Little animal, do you dare to take on my arrows?!” He bellowed.

He has never been afraid of anyone before. As an Amaranthine Eternal, he was actually stronger than these two emperors. This allowed him to do whatever he wanted, wherever. Nevertheless, this junior kept on disrespecting him.

“You?” Li Qiye looked at him and said: “You’re barely a Ceaseless Eternal, stop thinking that you’re an Amaranthine.” 

“You!” The centaur god turned even redder. He eventually said: “My speed is at the amaranthine level!” He stressed the last few words for emphasis.

“Oh, so only in terms of speed and you simply lied. Do all the members of Divine Beast Legion like to boast like you?” Li Qiye smiled.

The centaur god had no response, stuck in a tough position.

His power wasn’t actually at the amaranthine level. People praised him for having this level of speed. Eventually, the rumor became exaggerated and some started spreading that he was indeed an Amaranthine Eternal.

He didn’t bother correcting this false rumor so everyone eventually took it as facts.

Li Qiye once again embarrassed him with another revelation. He enjoyed being called an Amaranthine Eternal all this time but this ended up coming back to bite him.

“Brat, do you dare to take me on?!” The centaur god’s bow became bright with a ferocious aura - clearly a capable weapon.

All eyes were on Li Qiye. It looked like this centaur god wasn’t a real Amaranthine but his archery abilities should live up to its fame.

“Why not? I will just stand here, no weapon, and you won’t be able to hit me once.” Li Qiye didn’t care at all.

“Is he crazy?” The spectators became slack-jawed.

Zhou Qiushi’s group was startled too. The centaur god’s archery has been proven multiple times, unlike his cultivation level.

His speed and techniques were impeccable so Li Qiye might be too rash with this challenge.

“Hmph, I don’t think he has ever seen the centaur god’s archery in action before.” One student sneered.

An older student added: “He should be able to stop the arrows with his sword but just standing there? That’s suicidal.”

“It’s his own fault for wanting to die.” The first guy replied.

“I see, I’ve been around for so long and this is the first time someone dares to let me fire freely! Let’s see just how amazing you are! If I can’t shoot you down, I will leave and never oppose you again.” The centaur god angrily smiled.

“Who knows if you will be able to leave.” Li Qiye said.

“Very well, I will fire three shots. Survive if you can.” The centaur god shouted.

“After three shots, I will return one to you. Survive if you can.” Li Qiye casually said.

“Fine!” The centaur god relied on his archery since his debut. He considered himself to be a peerless archer, hence his title - Centaur God of Archery.

Others could look down on his cultivation but not his archery.

The two emperors were fixated on this match. They wanted to see the extent of Li Qiye’s abilities and if it was enough to back up his arrogance.

In their opinion, if the guy only relied on his sword to be arrogant, then he wasn’t a real threat. This match was a good chance for them to carefully observe his true power.

“Are you ready, brat? I’m about to fire!” The centaur god shouted.

Despite their feud, he was still an important character who does everything openly instead of relying on a sneak attack. 

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