Chapter 2868: Be My Maid?

The sky-crossing slash stopped the trio’s fatal blow. It was filled with light and released light laws, akin to a scene of dawn chasing the fog away. 

An immortal source emerged and protected the peacebringer magpie. It severed the nine heavens and ten earths along with the flow of time. No attack nor anyone would ever be able to get through.

“The Sword of Repentance!” The first to recognize this slash was the trio.

“That’s Repentance!” Numerous students shouted after calming down from the bright spectacle.

None of them expected for this institution to join the fray and save the prey from the trio.

“That guy is Li Qiye.” A hawk-eyed spectator saw Li Qiye.

People turned around and saw him along with the students from Repentance Institution and the bull.

“Look, another peacebringer magpie.” Someone saw the bird on Li Qiye’s shoulder and shouted.

“The one that ran earlier, did Li Qiye capture it?” Another student wondered.

“No, it looks like it searched for reinforcement and is coming back to save the male one.” A different student analyzed.

The crowd exchanged glances after hearing this, contemplating. 

“Reinforcement? Those students from Repentance?” One guy said.

It made sense for them to look down on Li Qiye’s group because the other side consisted of emperors and the centaur god who was an Amaranthine Eternal and more powerful than the two emperors. [1]

The students couldn’t fathom how these Repentance students could save the bird from the three, thinking that they didn’t know their place.

“He’s here again…” Treasure Source True God became serious after seeing Li Qiye and the bird.

The trio stared at Li Qiye, aware of the situation. Li Qiye had ruined their move earlier so they wanted to kill him now, evident by the murderous glint in their eyes.

However, due to their status and cultivation level, they restrained themselves from yelling. 

They also stared at the Sword of Repentance with great curiosity. They have seen its power back at the supreme tree and were relatively on guard.

“Okay, leave now. This nest is mine from now on. Don’t think about it.” Li Qiye clapped to get the attention of the crowd then smiled.

The wounded magpie in the sky chirped and flew down to circle around him several times before landing on his shoulder.

“Why are these magpies so close to him?” Many were stunned to see the magpies perching on his shoulders.

“That nest has no master, on what ground do you claim it?” The centaur god coldly uttered.

“Because I say so.” Li Qiye smiled: “Now they belong to me, anyone not convinced?”

Having said that, he told the bull to go grab the nest.

Everyone became flabbergasted after hearing him including the trio. After all, everyone wanted to obtain these magpies. This was a blatant provocation.

“You want to challenge the heroes of the world?” Stonecarver True Emperor’s expression darkened.

“Yes. And heroes of the world? You think too highly of yourself. You all are nothing more than a bunch of stray dogs in my eyes.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

“He’s insane!” The response resulted in an uproar. The students nearby started yelling; some couldn’t believe what he had just said.

This was more than just targeting the trio. Li Qiye insulted all the elite students who were dragons and phoenixes among men. They wouldn’t be able to handle this disdain coming from a Repentance student.

“Ignorant fool.” One student uttered.

“Who does he think he is? Nothing more than a cursed descendant from Repentance, a lowly wretch.” Another added.

The students here began insulting him, viewing him as an enemy.

“May I ask who do you consider a hero then, Fellow Daoist?” Spiritheart True Emperor spoke in a pleasant manner. She wasn’t angry, simply curious.

“You’re not one of them but calling a beauty like you a dog is unreasonable too. Hmm, you look witty too, probably qualified to be my maid.” Li Qiye looked at her and chuckled.

The crowd became frozen from astonishment. Zhou Qiushi and the others worried about Li Qiye while nervously sweating. Li Qiye had said something like this before but only in private. Now, he publicly told everyone present and in front of her too.

A few stared at Li Qiye as if he was an idiot. In their opinion, this guy must either be insane or stupid.

Spiritheart True Emperor had seven palaces and was the fiancee of Metalkin War God. This top character could only be viewed with respect and admiration. Thus, Li Qiye’s outrageous comment indicated that he was tired of living.

“Your flippant attitude will result in death, fool!” One admirer gritted his teeth.

“A frog wanting to eat swan meat, take a look in the mirror first.” Another said with disdain.

“You’re an eccentric one, to say the least.” The emperor tilted her head and stared at him, still calm. She eventually shook her head and left.

“The guy is lucky because the emperor is merciful. That boastful comment should have earned him a hundred deaths.” A few students scowled.

Meanwhile, the bull had taken the nest out of the cave, revealing the four eggs on top.

The two magpies chirped after seeing their nest and immediately flew towards it.

“Okay, if no one has any objection, this ends here.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“Don’t think about leaving before handing over the eggs.” The centaur god snorted.

Li Qiye stopped and stared at the trio again: “The three of you still got something to say? Step up then, I’ll beat you into submission. Same with the rest.”

Eyes started spewing fiery hatred now as the crowd stared at him. The young ones from Repentance became speechless.

“Student Li, your words are quite haughty.” Stonecarver True Emperor said.

He didn’t seem angry but his words clearly showed dissatisfaction. Emperors like him didn’t like being shown such contempt in public. They weren’t used to being treated in this manner.

“I’m always like this, which is why people refer to me as Fiercest in the past. Feel free to come bite me if you disagree.” Li Qiye smiled.

The provocation kept on escalating to the level of a verbal slap.

The spectators became fixated in the developments, waiting to see how the trio would deal with this arrogant madman.

1. I think there was a mistake by the author in an older chapter, listing this guy as a Millenium Eternal. I remember it well because I called that level trash in the note

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