Chapter 2867: Wounded Peacebringer Magpie

Zhou Qiushi and the others have finally finished looking around for treasures.

“Time to go kill that devilish thing.” Li Qiye looked at the bull and said.

“Sounds good to me.” The bull became excited and shouted: “Brats, it’s getting late. Gather your stuff and group up, we’re leaving.”

The young ones got an incredible harvest this trip, completely filling their bags to the brim with treasures. This skeletal world no longer looked scary to them, more like a treasure grove.

The fully assembled group happily followed Li Qiye and the bull, ready to leave.

They realized that they would always have luxurious meals and treasures as long as they follow Li Qiye.

“Okay, we start moving again.” The bull seemed excited too. 

The treasures here didn’t matter at all but Li Qiye agreeing to remove one of its problems put it in a cheerful mood.

They left the skeletal world and the frontier, almost making it back to the center of the ancient courtyard.

“Twirp!” The moment they got back, a shadow flashed as a tiny bird landed on Li Qiye’s arm.

“The peacebringer magpie!” The students shouted in astonishment.

The bird still had a radiant glow despite its feeble appearance with blood everywhere. These seemed to be grave injuries.

Li Qiye applied ointment on the bird; his eyes narrowed.

“Who hurt it?” One student wondered.

The students thought that it was such a spiritual bird during their last meeting? Who could bear to hurt it?”

“There are two of them in the nest by the cliff.” The bull said: “Looks like it’s a plan.”

“Twirp!” The bird stared at Li Qiye with bright and intelligent eyes.

“It’s asking you for help, the other is captured.” The bull understood and told Li Qiye.

“Don’t worry, I’ll save your friend.” Li Qiye gently patted it and smiled.

“Haha, this person should be quite capable, able to do something like this.” The bull gloated. It knew that someone was about to become very, very unlucky.


Meanwhile, one news excited the students in the ancient courtyard.

“I heard there is a peacebringer magpie around here, no, two actually.” A student with a good information network revealed.

“What is that?” Many haven’t heard of this species before.

“A supreme bird of virtue.” This student elaborated: “Anyone who earns its grace will surely prosper. According to the legends, Desolate Saint and his light along with the success of the academy were partly due to him being favored by this bird.”

“It’s that magical?” The crowd was startled.

“I got good news, Goldpython and Stonecarver True Emperor have found the bird’s nest. They’re ready to capture it.” Even more exciting news came about.

This prompted the mass to run towards that area.

“They want to capture it for good fortune for generations to come?” A new discussion began.

“It’s not strange at all. Everyone wants a bird like that, whether it be for themselves or their sect. It’s both fortune and karma.” An older student nodded. Everyone else agreed with this statement.

The nest area was filled with people. The sky, ground, and peaks nearby had students ready to watch the show.

The nest was located on a lonely peak piercing the sky vault like a divine sword. The pinnacle had the shape of a crown. Among the precipice above was a cave, just big enough to fit a baby.

A faint glow came from inside, emanating from some eggs. Due to the location of the cave, it was hard to tell how many eggs were inside. It was certainly more than one.

This was the nest of the peacebringer magpies.

At this moment, one of them blocked the cave and fought against Stonecarver, Goldpython, and Centaur God of Archery.

This one was larger than the one that gave Li Qiye the garland, clearly a male.

Many understood right away that the trio came for the eggs, not the birds themselves.

“So that’s what they’re doing, the eggs.” One student murmured.

“It’s hard to earn the grace of these birds.” Treasure Source True God was also present. He stared at the cave and was very tempted: “It might be possible to do so when you groom one from an egg though.”

The true god heard that when one was chosen by these birds, they would have a lifetime of peace and prosperity. However, even progenitors found this to be difficult, let alone them.

Maybe grooming a baby magpie would change this. It might follow its new master forever, giving this person great fortune.

The current combatants shared the same thought. The true god also wanted a piece but this trio might refuse to share since they were the first to find it.

“There might be more than one egg.” A few students looked towards the cave but failed to see the exact number.

A few strong ones became overwhelmed with greed. Alas, they chose to act with caution.

“It won’t last much longer.” A girl in the sky shook her head - Spiritheart True Emperor.

No one dared to stand close to her because of her status and power. She had gotten a mount - the five-colored hawk.

“Get ready!” The trio exchanged glances, ready to deliver the finishing blow.

They were holding back earlier, afraid that other strong characters such as Spiritheart would take advantage of the fight and steal the eggs.

Now, it looked like Spiritheart had no intention of doing so. Therefore, they wanted to finish this fight as soon as possible in order to avoid further complications.

The male magpie was on its last leg with wounds everywhere. Despite its scorching light and blade-like wings, it still couldn't’ take on these three.

“This magpie is incredible.” Someone commented after seeing it persevering for so long.

“Finish it!” The three shouted at the same time, unleashing their destructive divinity across the realms.

“Rumble!” The peak started cracking in many places.

“Screech!” The magpie screeched and shot out feathers like arrows, completely prepared to fight to the death.

“Boom!” The feathers were shot down while the finishing move continued onward.

“It’s done for.” Everyone was ready to see the end of this magpie.

“Clank!” However, a sword slash interrupted the trajectory of this fatal blow.

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