Chapter 2866: The Bull’s Goal

“Is that it? You just want to know whether Desolate Saint is good or bad?” Li Qiye glanced at the bull after that brief reflection.

“Haha, no.” The bull said: “I know many things can’t hide from your gaze. You know exactly what had transpired after coming here. Although all creatures will eventually die, do you think what’s going on is normal?”

“Charcoal, don’t try to cajole me or I’ll grill you up.” Li Qiye said.

“That’s… not my intention.” The bull coughed and stopped his haughty tone: “Sir, I just want your help on one thing.

It pointed at the sky and continued: “I know that you can see through the mysteries here, so please, remove this evil.”

“It’s not here, this place is only a container, an example of asking someone to jump into a jar.” Li Qiye looked up as well. [1]

“I know where it is hiding, please, Sir, take action and remove it for everyone’s sake.” The bull hurriedly said.

“What now, you want to be a saint too?” Li Qiye said: “Since when are you merciful enough to care for others?”

“Of course not, I only want to feel safe, it’s not really for everyone else.” The bull smiled and finally became honest: “This is my territory, more or less. To have such a devilish thing here makes one nervous, you know?”

“The foundation of this system exceeds your imagination. The complexity extends beyond the light and its illumination. It’s not only something created by Desolate Saint, but a lot of contests had also happened here." Li Qiye said.

“I know a little about this too.” The bull happily showed off his knowledge: “For example, that old tree demon has been wanting to kill Desolate Saint. He told me himself.”

“Oh? So you know more about him.” Li Qiye smiled back.

“Nope, I got no idea.” The bull immediately shut up.

“You don’t need to find me for something like this. It’s only a devilish entity, can’t be stronger than Desolate Saint. You just need to slay it.” Li Qiye chuckled without pursuing the previous topic.

“Haha, I’ve thought about it too.” The bull nodded and said helplessly: “I’m awesome in all aspects, but… not in this regard. There are restrictions in this place.”

“Didn’t you say Sacred Mountain belongs to you?” Li Qiye said: “So how can there be limitations here for you? Just do whatever you want.”

“Well…” It looked sad and filled with indignation at this point: “It’s all that bastard’s fault, goddamn it, he ruined this mountain or I wouldn’t need to…”

“I’m always happy to help someone, that’s my source of happiness. Of course, you should know that there is no free lunch in this world. I won’t help you for nothing in return. Show your sincerity.” Li Qiye smiled.

“That’s no problem at all.” The bull became spirited again: “Sir, I will toil like a bull for you.” 

“Forget it, you’re already one in the first place!” Li Qiye gave him the side-eye. [2]

“True…” The bull agreed and put on a serious and dignified appearance: “Sir, you know that it is a seed of discord. I don’t know why Desolate Saint left it behind but I’m sure that one day, this evil thing will cause chaos for the academy. So many innocent people will lament and die because of it.”

“That has nothing to do with me.” Li Qiye replied: “I’m not from this system so why do I care? Plus, Desolate Saint isn’t a good person in the first place. His reason for starting this system might not be pure. It’s fine to leave this thing here.”

“I…” The bull didn’t know what to say.

“Let’s talk about something else. I see that you have a nice treasure, how about giving it to me?” Li Qiye looked at the bull and started walking closer.

“Ha...haha… you’re funny, Sir.” The bull became startled and staggered backward, raising his hooves to hide his treasure.

“I know that this treasure came together with you, you view it on the same level as your life.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Not just that, it really is my life.” The bull put on a pained expression: “If you really want it, then I don’t want to eliminate this evil thing anymore, it has nothing to do with me in the first place.”

“Very well, I’ll consider it a good deed for the sake of everyone else in the system. I shall kill it then.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Oh, that’s the style of an important character for you.” The bull immediately changed its tone: “No wonder why that magpie gave you the garland. You’re the only one in this world qualified…”

“Okay, stop.” Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted the bull: “My trip this time is actually to see what evil thing is here in Sacred Mountain and if Desolate Saint actually has the light in his heart for a period of time, truly wanting to be good.”

“You had a feud with him?” The bull laughed excitedly: “Hehe, I know that Desolate Saint has left something incredible deeper in the mountain. I don’t know what his goal is though.”

“Not a feud, and even if it was, it’s gone now. Our dao was different, that’s all. No need to keep a grudge.” Li Qiye smiled.

“How benevolent you are, sir.” The bull gave him a thumbs-up.

“So why is the old tree demon stuck here?” Li Qiye smiled and asked.

“You know about this too?” The bull was startled for a moment before calming down. It shrugged in response: “I don’t know the details since he doesn’t talk about it, looks like he lost a bet to Desolate Saint. He’s a real monster though.”  It seemed afraid of this particular being.

“Hard to say who’s the victor. Desolate Saint won in the past but he will win in the future.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Perhaps.” It replied: “He even said… hehe, Desolate Saint, that dog, he doesn’t know shit about the light, and that the guy is only a prostitute wanting to quit to get married so he has to put on an act. Remember, the old demon said this, not me.” 

“I do want to meet this guy, he seems capable enough.” Li Qiye said.

“Haha, do you want me to lead the way?” The bull’s eyes flashed brightly: “His mood is extremely foul, completely unbearable. Progenitors came to see him before but they all left after smelling the stench.” [3]

“I’m sure you will be able to teach him a good lesson, let’s see how much longer he can act arrogant for.” The bull tried to persuade Li Qiye.

“What? He gave you a beating so you’re keeping a grudge against him?” Li Qiye noticed this.

“Of course not.” The bull stood up proudly on two hooves: “Who am I? A true immortal, one and only in history. Hmph, that old tree demon is only a rotten piece of wood, how can the likes of him take me down?”

“You definitely ran for your life.” Li Qiye didn’t hold back, adding salt to the wound.

“It’s because a gentleman forgives a lowly wretch, that’s all.” The bull put on a dry smile.

“Let’s talk about your bloodline now, it’s extremely nutritious in the form of beef soup or beef skewer.” Li Qiye joked.

“No, there’s no such thing…” The bull was actually scared. It knew just how precious and nutritious its blood was.

It would definitely annihilate another schemer but had no confidence going against Li Qiye.

“Don’t worry, I’m just messing with you.” Li Qiye smiled.

“That’s good…” It heaved a sigh of relief. Nevertheless, it kept a safe distance after seeing that smile from Li Qiye.

1. I don’t understand how the second line applies here because of the vagueness. Just a straight translation, but not literal. The literal line is “asking a lord to jump into a jar”. So the story goes, Empress Wu Zetian sent an official to investigate another. The first official asked: “what should we do when a prisoner won’t confess?”. The second official, unaware that he was the suspect, replied: “Throw the guy into a jar and start a fire, he’ll definitely confess then”. To which the first official replied: “You’re under investigation, please be ready to get in a jar.” The second immediately kneeled and confessed. I’m not sure how it is applied here by the author

2. Another idiom here - literal is I will be your bull and horse, meaning that the speaker will work their butt off for someone, complete subservience. Li Qiye joked back that the thing is already a bull, so the phrase is meaningless

3. Not sure if the stench here is literal or just figurative. Progenitors might be plural or singular, not clear. In the case of unknown number, I usually pick plural

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