Chapter 2866: The Bull’s Goal (Teaser)

“Is that it? You just want to know whether Desolate Saint is good or bad?” Li Qiye glanced at the bull after that brief reflection.

“Haha, no.” The bull said: “I know many things can’t hide from your gaze. You know exactly what had transpired after coming here. Although all creatures will eventually die, do you think what’s going on is normal?”

“Charcoal, don’t try to cajole me or I’ll grill you up.” Li Qiye said.

“That’s… not my intention.” The bull coughed and stopped his haughty tone: “Sir, I just want your help on one thing.

It pointed at the sky and continued: “I know that you can see through the mysteries here, so please, remove this evil.”

“It’s not here, this place is only a container, an example of asking someone to jump into a jar.” Li Qiye looked up as well. [1]

“I know where it is hiding, please,...

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