Chapter 2864: Three-eyed Prodigy

This youth hailed from the three-eyed tribe of God Eye System. This tribe was relatively large in Three Immortals.

Members of this tribe were born with an eye positioned vertically on their forehead. If one could cultivate this eye into a golden form, they would gain great powers.

Normally, just training this eye a bit would allow them to read incredibly fast on top of remembering the entire content.

With the golden form, they could easily see openings and destroy all illusions, turning complexity into simplicity… All in all, they would gain many heaven-defying abilities.

This prodigy was even more exceptional since he cultivated the golden eye successfully at a very young age.

Because of this, he became the youngest half-step in Immortal Lineage. Even Flying Sword Marvel who came from a noble background took six months longer before reaching this level.

In the eyes of many True Gods, a half-step Everlasting was an apex existence. They tried for a lifetime in order to reach this level but failed.

On the other hand, the prodigy only needed fifteen years to become a half-step - an amazing achievement.

According to their records, he was also the youngest half-step and the youngest to have a golden eye in his tribe.

His impeccable talents earned these peerless achievements. No wonder why people considered him to be the top genius of this generation.

He floated in the sky like a deity, looking spirited with a bright pair of eyes. His gestures and movements seemed to be full of pride.

His presence stabilized the universe itself and suppressed the firmaments. Even the five-colored hawk was wary of him.

He stood there like a god with his wings spread open to protect Spiritheart True Emperor.

“Thank you, Fellow Daoist, but I am fine right now. Please move back so I can fight my heart out.” The emperor accepted the gesture but refused.

“Good…” The prodigy forced a smile and recalled his techniques, looking a bit embarrassed.

Nevertheless, the crowd was still impressed by him.

“Three-eyed Prodigy is really strong, look, that divine bird is afraid of him. Emperors like Goldpython can’t compare to him.” One student said with admiration.

They could see that his aura successfully intimidated that hawk earlier.

With the prodigy backing off, the hawk screeched to gather more battle spirit. It spread its wings and launched a second offensive towards the emperor.

“This brat is quite strong, his potential is boundless if he keeps on improving.” Even the arrogant bull praised.

“Are you here to watch or to find treasures?” Li Qiye interrupted the amused bull.

“Oh right, I almost forgot, let’s keep moving to the border area.” The bull slapped its head and stopped being distracted. 

This scene was hilarious but the young ones didn’t dare to laugh. They struggled to hold it in while following behind the bull.

The group traveled deeper into the ancient courtyard. The scenery around them changed rapidly as well.

At the start, mountain ranges reigned this area with towering peaks. But now, the place became a wild plain untouched by men.

Calling this place a “border” was truly apt. The sky gradually turned dark as well as if it was dusk.

All in all, this strange feeling could only be described as the light wanting to leave them.

The young ones naturally became afraid, unlike the calm Li Qiye.

“Are, are you taking us to a remote area to sell us…” A student eventually murmured the deeper they got in.

“Brat, you think too highly of yourself. How much do you think I can get selling you brats? In fact, I don’t even know if I can find any buyers. Even the beasts here don’t want to eat you since you’re not enough to fill the gap of their teeth.” The bull looked with contempt.

This student turned red with embarrassment but still felt better.

The bull was right. They were weak and had no treasures to speak of. No one would covet anything of theirs so the bull didn’t need to trick them. Plus, Li Qiye was around too.

After going far enough, the bull looked around and stomped on the ground while chanting: “Open!”

“Creak-”  A wall quickly emerged before them, made from unpainted rhombus blocks. Strangely enough, it seemed capable of blocking everything possible, separating an entire domain.

“You knew this thing was here?” One student asked curiously.

“Hmph, I already told you, I’m an immortal species and this belonged to my family’s, later stolen by Desolate Saint.” The bull became smug.

This student stopped speaking right away because this bull would always insult their progenitor. It was better not to talk from now on.

“Go in.” Li Qiye smiled and entered first.

“Don’t be scared now.” The bull laughed at the young ones, seemingly gloating. It entered next.

The young ones became afraid after seeing the bull’s devious smile. They didn’t know what terror loomed behind this wall.

They exchanged glances and decided to bite the bullet and walked right in.

After the last one came in, the wall disappeared as if it was never around in the first place.

The scene changed again; they have entered a new world. They saw numerous stars up in the massive night sky. Unfortunately, these stars seemed dispirited and didn’t shine brightly, almost like a candle on the verge of extinguishing. 

They thought they were standing on a different planet. Once they stopped looking at the sky and scanned their surroundings,  they felt trepidation with their hair standing on end; goosebumps popped up on their body.

“What the hell is this place?!” One shouted with his knees shaking.

The place was a massive cemetery. Well, no, it was just that there were skeletons all over.

They emitted a white glow from being illuminated by the moonlight - a very creepy scene.

These skeletal remains were unimaginably gigantic. One of them looked like a mountain spanning for thousands of meters, piercing into the sky vault like a skeletal spear.

This was only the one in front of them. Upon closer inspection, there were numerous more in this land.

The bones of a serpent spanned like a mountain range. These delicate pieces were also tall and sharp enough to pierce the sky.

The skull of an ape looked like a citadel that can accommodate a million people. Its palm looked like several mountains in one place.

Moreover, there were types of creatures here that they have never seen before.

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