Chapter 2863: Five-colored Hawk

“Rumble!” Violent quakes rocked the entire ancient courtyard. Everyone looked over and saw mountains crumbling down.

Numerous lakes and rivers have been either severed or penetrated completely in a shocking manner.

This was due to a battle between man and beast. The stars in the sky fell victim and exploded into smithereens - a scene of the apocalypse.

The first combatant was Spiritheart True Emperor. Her imperial aura was in full swing and majestically swept through the eight realms.

People have forgotten about her fairy-like beauty at this moment. This was her true appearance - an emperor!

This seven-palace emperor was going all out with enough might to effortlessly blow away everything nearby.

Her seven palaces floated above as she unleashed true flames outward. Her vitality was as vast as an ocean and her imperial domain exerted its pressure.

The flaps of her golden wings carried enough force to sweep through the nine firmaments. They were insanely strong. 

When converged at the front, they acted like golden armor that could stop any offense - virtually impenetrable. When spread, they served as two divine sabers crossing through the air in an unstoppable manner.

She darted through the air and attacked with her wings, not holding anything back and rending the earth.

Her opponent was a divine bird with five colors and a blazing trail in its path looking just like a shooting star.

It had unusual agility darting back and forth across the entire sky. This was indeed a mighty bird.

Being slightly skirted by its wings alone would result in destruction. It shot out multiple rays looking just like supreme grand dao from its tail in order to resist the emperor.

The apocalyptic fight sent out blinding sparks. Each one could crush a mountain and melt a large area.

Due to the high intensity of the fight, the frightened spectators needed to stay far away.

Both the emperor and the bird were too strong. Their battle woke up many gigantic beasts nearby. They chose to retreat instead of joining the fray.

“Rumble!” Because of this, many mountains were shattered from their steps.

“This girl has good eyes, not bad at all.” The bull praised: “This five-colored hawk is very suitable as a mount, fast and capable in battle.”

The young ones were in awe of the sheer destruction, thinking that an emperor could really destroy their academy with a single wave.

“Sir, are you still missing a companion? Do you want me to hook you up?” It put on a wretched smile.

“Not too bad, a pure bloodline too.” Li Qiye looked at the emperor and said.

The bull took advantage of this, its eyes shifted deviously: “Let me help you, a pure bloodline will be very useful for the next generation.”

“You’re overthinking it, that bloodline is only suitable to be a maid to help me change clothes, that’s all.” Li Qiye said.

The young ones were astounded. Remember, Spiritheart True Emperor had seven palaces, a celest, and was the successor of Garden of God. Li Qiye’s statement seemed too unreasonable while keeping all of this in mind.

“Young Noble, she’s Metalkin War God’s fiancee.” One student quietly reminded the two.

“So what? It’s her honor to be viewed highly by him. If that war god dares to utter a word, I’ll crush him right away.” The bull said.

Li Qiye was overbearing enough yet this bull was exactly the same as him.

No one was around the vicinity to hear this but Spiritheart True Emperor did due to her heightened senses. She instantly gave a murderous glare towards the group.

This glare looked like it came from a death god. The young ones lost control of their legs and nearly kneeled.

“She… she heard us…” One of them turned pale.

“Good, we won’t have to repeat ourselves then.” The bull leisurely said.

“Drop your rotten idea.” Li Qiye chuckled and didn’t care either. He was only casually commenting on her bloodline. Taking her in or not depended on his mood.

The young ones didn’t know what to do. This was their first time seeing people teasing an emperor - one with seven palaces too. These two seemed to not put her in their sight at all - quite domineering.

“Rumble!” Who knows if it was the flow of the battle or if she was enraged by the disrespectful comments but she raised her wings.

Golden feathers shot out and turned into a world-rending sword formation, aiming at the hawk.

The hawk didn’t relent either. It spread its wings wide enough to encompass the sun and moon before flapping them together for an attack aiming at the formation.

The battle reached the next level - an unfortunate development for the land.

“Spiritheart True Emperor is so strong.” Many spectators gasped after seeing her power. Even the Eternals present were intimidated.

She was far stronger than Stonecarver and Goldpython True Emperor.

“Miss Spiritheart, do you require my assistance?” A voice sounded during the fight, still carrying a hint of childishness.

A youth appeared on the horizon. With just one step, he emerged near the emperor, seemingly ready to offer his assistance.

He was around fifteen years of age, dressed in an embroidered robe and looked like a young noble from a rich clan.

Moreover, his domineering expression showed blatant disdain towards everyone else.

There was a third eye on his forehead. It was closed now but golden strands of light seemed to be oozing from the slightest opening.

He didn’t exude his aura just yet but his pose in the sky said that he was the number one in the world. Of course, the guy was strong enough to demand attention.

The hawk noticed him and kept a good distance.

“Three-eyed Prodigy!” Everyone shouted.

“He’s here too.” Even the proudest students nearby were afraid of him.

“A half-step Everlasting…” A senior praised.

“So young yet already a half-step, that’s terrifying.” Someone who saw him for the first time added.

“Don’t you know that he’s the most amazing genius from Academy of Light. He’s the world’s youngest half-step.” Someone next to him elaborated.

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