Chapter 2862: The Black Bull’s Schemes

It took a while before everyone regained their composure. The bull slithered closer to Li Qiye, ready to earn some points: “Sir, hehe, what do you think about me?”

“Not bad, not bad at all.” Li Qiye took a gander before replying.

“See, that’s a big shot for you, such keen eyesight, knowing that I’m special right away.” The bull stood up straight raised its hoof forward, acting as if it was giving Li Qiye a thumbs-up. 

This appearance looked so bizarre and hilarious so the students nearly exploded in laughter.

“I’m talking about how strong and muscular your body is, I’m sure you will be very tasty, whether it be a meat dish or hot soup.” Li Qiye added.

“That… that’s too cruel and wasteful… I’m an immortal species…” The bull’s shoulders drooped down, seemingly defeated.

The students were so amused by the sudden change in the bull every time when Li Qiye got the best of him. Of course, they restrained themselves, still intimidated by the bull.

The bull’s eyes rolled around for a bit. It took one step back and told Du Wenrui: “Brat, I forgot to tell you.”

“What is it?” Wenrui remained cautious towards this bull because he suffered greatly because of it in the past, the same for many other geniuses.

“That brat Goldtypha has some tricks up his sleeve, probably taught by a real master. Some shackles have been opened but who knows what he wants?” The bull laughed and said.

“Really?” Du Wenrui didn’t expect this and remained skeptical. He has been tricked too many times before.

“As I said, I’m always honest but feel free not believing me.” The bull shrugged.

“Young Noble Li, please take care of the students, I’ll be back right away.” Du Wenrui put on a serious expression and cupped his fist towards Li Qiye.

“Don’t worry, who dares to touch them when I’m around? If anyone touches a hair of theirs, I’ll crush them to a pulp.” The bull declared while stomping on the ground.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye smiled and nodded.

Wenrui couldn’t rely on this eccentric bull but Li Qiye was a different story. He turned and disappeared into the horizon, seemingly in a hurry.

“Haha, this brat is very capable and talented, especially back then.” The bull laughed and revealed: “It’s a shame that he’s wasting his life and skills away in that crappy city. Truly regrettable.”

“Everyone has their own ambition.” Li Qiye said: “Why are you here in the garden still? You can come and go as you please.”

“Haha, it’s obviously because of that bastard, Desolate Saint.” The bull spoke with indignation.

“What did our progenitor do to you?” One student asked.

“He stole an item from us and I want to take it back!” The bull scowled.

“Slanderous liar. Our progenitor is invincible and righteous with the light, why would he steal something from you.” This student didn’t believe it. The rest started glaring at the bull.

“Haha, only naive brats like yourselves would think so highly of Desolate Saint. Saint? Only an act.” The bull laughed in response: “If he was really one, he wouldn’t have abandoned your city and its inhabitants for generations. All it was, hehe, is a place for him to wash away his own sin by moving it into other people.” It increased its volume the longer it went on.

The students became speechless. They have always respected Desolate Saint but the abandonment was an irrefutable truth - a sore spot for all of them.

“Hah, this Sacred Mountain used to be an immortal land, look at what he had done to it.” The bull spewed out its annoyance: “It belonged to my home yet the hypocrite stole it… The bastard is more of a devil than a saint.”

“Completely baseless!” One student barked back.

“Who knows? Just one thought can change someone from a Buddha to a devil, and who to say that a devil didn’t use to be good? A saint could have walked on the path of evil too. Good and evil can shift so quickly. Plus, who has the right to set the criteria for either side?” Li Qiye joined in.

“While standing at the apex, everything else is simply ephemeral and insignificant.” He concluded with a profound gaze.

The students lacked proper information for further conjectures. However, the bull figured out something and felt its hair standing on end. It shuddered and staggered backward.

“That has nothing to do with me.” It shrugged: “All I want to do is to bring this mountain back one day.”

“What are you waiting for then?” Li Qiye smiled.

The students became startled after the instigation. This mountain was a sacred ground of their system. It being taken away would be a huge loss.

“I gotta wait until that old tree demon is dead.” The bull looked dejected and helpless.

“I’m a bit interested in that demon.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The bull has brought this demon up several times. Moreover, it seemed to be afraid of this person too.

“Oh? Do you want to go see him right now? Haha, that guy always acts invincible as if he’s number one. You should go take him down a notch and let him know that there is always a higher mountain.” The bull’s eyes flashed with excitement.

“No point in trying to use me as a borrowed knife. I’m not interested in that.” Li Qiye gave it the side-eye.

The bull became sad again for a bit before coming up with something else: “Where are you going then? Got any plans here? Hehe, I can’t be more familiar with this place so let me know so I can give you my opinion.”

Everyone could tell that it was up to no good, looking like a local bandit.

“Just doing whatever since this place is pretty neat.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“That’s fine too.” The bull agreed: “I know of a very interesting and remote place here. Others can’t find it but I know that there are many treasures there. Easy to grab too.”

“A place full of easy treasures? Really?” The youths were skeptical.

“Why should an immortal such as myself lie to you bunch?” The bull stared haughtily at them.

The youths felt their heart beating faster. Only a saint would be freed from desire and they weren’t saints. All eyes were on Li Qiye now, waiting for his answer.

“Do you want to go take a look, great sir?” The bull urged.

“Very well, let’s take a look then.” Li Qiye glanced at the bull.

“Yes!” The students cheered, excited to see this treasure-filled place.

The bull accepted his task and led the way. They traveled quite far since their guide was very familiar with the ancient courtyard.

It even told cool stories to the students. For example, the peak nearby was the horn of which beast, that lake was only the eye of an alligator.

It knew everything like the back of its hand and enlightened the students.

The young ones were confused too, thinking that maybe the bull was telling the truth? Maybe this mountain really belonged to its home. That’s why it knew so much.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions suddenly interrupted their journey. 

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