Chapter 2860: Ancient Courtyard

Two divine peaks stood proudly deeper in the garden. In the past, people wouldn’t look twice at them.

After all, even these impressive peaks were a common sight in this area. 

Now, many gave them special attention. The two peaks looked like a portal especially due to the pulsing light there. One door seemed to be open, revealing the world within.

In fact, one could sense an ancient and majestic aura from far away. It seemingly came from an old era and filled with the presence of beasts.

This bestial aura was overwhelming. Just one strand alone could topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

Despite the abundance of power, it was still stable and steady. It wouldn’t hurt anything under the light affinity - akin to the mighty undercurrents of the ocean. It would only hit the rocks below without causing real trouble.

Numerous students have made it to the two peaks. They crossed through the entrance and found an even larger world, one pristine and primordial.

Li Qiye’s group got here a while after. They saw broken runes to the left and right. This place has been sealed before but the seal was broken now.

“Yep, Goldtypha True Emperor came prepared.” Li Qiye glanced at the runes and chuckled.

“Goldtypha alone doesn’t know much about the ancient courtyard.” Wenrui pondered for a bit before speaking: “Maybe he heard about it from his master.”

Orchid Sage, his master, was a current generation progenitor - a supreme being. This courtyard was mysterious and magical but still not enough to get into his sight. He didn’t open it back then for this reason.

This wasn’t the case for his disciple, Goldtypha True Emperor. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Goldtypha clearly made plans before this. Perhaps his goal in coming here was to open the ancient courtyard.

“Let’s enter and find out.” Li Qiye smiled and stepped in between the mountains.

When one entered this pulsing radiance in the middle, they would be blinded for a moment before reaching a new realm.

In reality, this was still Beast Garden, only separated by a great technique. No one has been here before.

The young ones sensed the great aura, feeling that they have gone back in time.

Pristine forests stretched forever. One tree alone could blot out the sky. The mountains here were also taller and bigger than the ones outside.

However, few animals could be seen. A place like this should have plenty of them.

“Such powerful light affinity.” Zhou Qiushi murmured.

The light wasn’t actually visible here but they could feel this invisible power rising like a spring beneath, wetting their shoes and feet.

“That’s why so many colossal beasts are sleeping in this place, even meeting their end here too. It’s very tempting to them.” Li Qiye smiled.

They weren’t the only ones here right now. A mass of students scattered across the peaks and rivers. 

“Where are the big ones?” One student stood on top of a tree and said.

People said that the courtyard had plenty of powerful beasts, even the ancient ones. Alas, they didn’t see a single bird or fish after coming here, let alone a gigantic one.

“Did we get tricked?” Another wondered.

One became mad enough to start rampaging with palm strikes, breaking down a great tree and causing dust to fly everywhere.

“Pop!” Eyes suddenly opened on a mountain to the astonishment of the crowd.

“Boom!” An explosion added to the confusion.

The ground suddenly sank down, pulling the mountain with it and leaving a terrible crater behind.

“Whoosh!” The stupefied students nearby were immediately sucked in.

“Save me!” Cries for help sounded but it was too late. They disappeared along with the mountains in the vicinity.

“Bam!” Finally, the crater closed again.

After the dust settled, people realized that it was a gigantic mouth, not a crater. Moreover, it was only slightly opened earlier yet still enough to devour mountains.

Many from far away noticed a mountain range stretching for a thousand miles right behind the mouth.

“Damn! That’s a gigantic python, an ancient species!” A knowledgeable student shouted in horror.

The lucky survivors started shuddering while the screamers realized their situation and shut up.

They looked around and felt as if the mountains around them were occupied by ancient beasts and that this was a primordial world.

They noticed a lack of creatures earlier but now, perhaps the very ground they were standing on was a body part of a great beast.

“We’ve messed up…” One felt his knees giving in.

One student carefully pushed away a relatively small peak and saw the spots of a leopard. He meticulously observed and said: “There’s an ancient leopard here, look, that thing stretching for hundreds of miles is only its tail and this great mountain is its body.

The crowd came to take a look and gasped after confirming. They realized that the ancient courtyard really had many amazing beasts - the rulers of this world. They were only uninvited intruders, completely pitiful in comparison just like flies. No, even smaller.

“Are, are we done here, should we leave now?” One student from Repentance no longer had the courage to move forward.

In his opinion, they were too small to even fill the gap between the teeth of these beasts. 

“Don’t worry, they won’t wake up if we don’t provoke them. Even if they do, they won’t eat you anyway.” Wenrui smiled: “We’re like flies to them, so would you randomly eat a fly? No, their food will be something bigger.”

The students found this logical and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Let’s keep on moving.” Li Qiye went forward, seemingly amused.

The group followed right along, copying his steps. They didn’t want to accidentally go to the wrong place and be swallowed whole by a monster. Only being next to Li Qiye made them feel safe.

The students from the other academies calmed down as well. They quietly marched deeper into this land, no longer shouting.

Du Wenrui was far in the back this time, gazing into the horizon. There seemed to be something on his mind.

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