Chapter 286: Old Daoist

Chapter 286: Old Daoist

“Good, we should go, the matter here is now over.” The worm happily followed behind Li Qiye. Meanwhile, Chi Xiaodie was still quite confused. This thing was too strange; an abusive talking worm.

“Dao Brother, please wait!” The old daoist quickly called Li Qiye back as he was leaving: “This old daoist has a few hometown cuisines, would Dao Brother like to try some of them?”

Li Qiye turned around and nodded his head at the old daoist: “Fine, one meal.” Then he entered the dao shrine again.

The old daoist was ecstatic and rushed back to the dao shrine like a tornado. Banging sounds came from the kitchen and, in just a flash, the old daoist carried out a tray filled with food.

“Azure Phoenix Liver, Skyleaf Grass, Ice Sea Turtle, Flood Dragon Fish Eyes, Summit Bamboo Shoot…” The worm looked at all the dishes and shouted: “Smelly daoist, because of this meal, this boss will not linger on the matter of you stealing my divine cannon!” Finished speaking, a series of chewing noises appeared as it quickly devoured the delicious dishes.

The old daoist was also a food lover. After seeing the worm eating like a storm, he quickly screamed out and competed for the food: “Leave some for me!”

Chi Xiaodie was dumbfounded, not because of the two competing for the food, but she was surprised at the dishes on the table. She didn’t dare to believe that such a meal would appear in a broken dao shrine.

She only knew two or three dishes from this meal. She had only eaten Azure Phoenix Liver and Summit Bamboo Shoot once. Her royal father would have to personally hunt for them in order for them to eat these two things. They were delicacies in this world and were quite useful for cultivators; mortals would not be able to eat them.

“Try it, don’t ever miss a good opportunity.” Compared to the old daoist and the worm with their ugly table manners, Li Qiye was quite nonchalant. He only tasted one or two things.

Chi Xiaodie calmed down and joined in the battle without any reservation. It would be fortunate just to see such a great meal.

The delicious meal was annihilated in the blink of an eye. The old daoist and the worm were burping nonstop while Chi Xiaodie also had her fill. Even as the princess of a country, this was the best meal she ever had in her entire lifetime. She felt her body floating as her pores were opening with mist coming out.

Only Li Qiye was carefree as he only had a few bites. The old daoist quickly brought out a bottle of fine wine and poured it for Li Qiye.

He then said: “Dao Brother should try it. This is a special brew of the Heavenly Dao Academy.”

“Saint Seeping Spring Wine — good wine.” Li Qiye drank a cup and praised: “The world has this rumor which stated that Wang Yuan loved wine, but who knew that he was also adept at brewing good wines?”

“Dao Brother is truly someone who knows their stuff, wonderful!” The old daoist immediately exclaimed: “This wine was brewed by our ancestor, Second Sage, and there aren’t a lot left back at the academy.”

The old daoist really cherished this wine and couldn’t bear to drink it, but he poured a full cup for Li Qiye.

Chi Xiaodie was quite moved. Wang Yuan was once an invincible paragon — extremely amazing. Who would have thought that this was his personal brew; its origin was too great.

“Hmph! What is so great about Saint Seeping Spring Wine? This smelly daoist has not seen the best wine in this world! Back at the Divine Dynasty…”

Li Qiye then interrupted him from speaking too much by tapping the yellow trunk on its back: “You ate enough, now shut up.”

The worm immediately shut its mouth and didn’t dare to say anything else.

Li Qiye continuously sipped several cups and said: “Extremely good. I am done drinking, say what you want to say.”

The old daoist laughed, haha, and rubbed his hands together, then he asked: “Where is Dao Brother from, and what is your title?”

Li Qiye glanced at him and smilingly shook his head: “Fellow Daoist is mistaken, I am only a no name junior from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. I’m only an ordinary disciple named Li Qiye.”

The worm arrogantly spoke: “Ha, you may refer to my Young Noble as Deity Li, no, as Immortal Monarch Li!”

Li Qiye tapped the worm again and said: “Don’t speak nonsense!”

Little Autumn forced a wry smile and closed its mouth.

The old daoist stared at Li Qiye for a bit and sighed, then he stopped inquiring any further. It was not important whether Li Qiye’s name was real or fake because he understood that Li Qiye was unfathomable!

Li Qiye looked at him and asked: “What is your name? Which generation are you from in the Everlasting Courtyard?”

The old daoist clasped his hand together respectfully and said: “I’ll be candid with Dao Brother. This old daoist’s name is Peng Keng; I am a disciple of the Everlasting Courtyard’s seventh generation, and I’m also its only disciple. At the moment, I am in charge of this place.”

Li Qiye said: “I am still young, don’t refer to me like I am so old. You can call me Young Noble.” Li Qiye said. At this moment, he paused and didn’t say anything else. [1. This sentence would make a lot of sense in the raws. They have been using formal and respectful speech to each other. The old daoist has been calling Li Qiye Dao Older Brother this whole time, but I omitted the older part because it is wordy. Just keep in mind that the old guy is showing a lot of respect to Li Qiye.]

Old Daoist Peng looked at Li Qiye and waited for him to continue. Chi Xiaodie also felt that Li Qiye had something that he wanted to say.

After a long period of silence, Li Qiye couldn’t help but ask: “Is Magu doing well? Is she no longer in charge of the Everlasting Courtyard anymore?”

After so many years had passed, Li Qiye initially didn’t want to ask about the little girl in the past, but he couldn’t restrain his emotions.

Old Daoist Peng replied: “Ancestor had lived in seclusion inside the Heavenly Dao Academy’s secret ground and no longer wants to see the world. Even I cannot meet her.”

Li Qiye didn’t ask any more about this matter. He glanced at Old Daoist Peng and said: “You cultivate the Eternal Physique, did your master not tell you that haste makes waste?”

Chi Xiaodie was quite shocked after hearing this. Eternal Physique — this was one of the twelve Immortal Physiques, and what was even more unbelievable was that this slovenly old daoist ahead was actually cultivating the Eternal Physique. Absolutely incredible! The Heavenly Dao Academy was really a place full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

The old daoist was startled. He quickly stood up and bowed: “Please teach me a thing or two. When Master was alive, he did mention it. However, when I was young, I took the wrong step due to being impatient.”

“I cannot help you.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “The Eternal Physique is named eternal; you can only obey the law of nature through the long months and years and let it form itself. Do not try to change it; only then will you have a chance for rebirth and veer back onto the correct track.”

Old Daoist Peng was in a daze after this. He had cultivated the Eternal Physique for a long time, and he felt that Li Qiye’s current suggestion made a lot of sense.

He then bowed and said: “Thank you for the advice.”

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