Chapter 2858: Haughtiness

Li Qiye’s answer seemed contemptuous and arrogant to others. Only Du Wenrui accepted with a wry smile, thinking that Li Qiye was only speaking the truth.

The power disparity was simply unfair. Li Qiye was already being nice and merciful enough by even just talking to the guy, more benevolent than a high monk.

Just imagine, he was a supreme giant standing before an ant. The latter even spoke in an inquisitive and aggressive manner yet the former still answered.

Remember, just one toe would be more than enough to crush this ant.

Of course, the centaur god had no idea that this was the case. His expression turned ugly after being shown such disdain.

Remember, he wasn't only the leader of the centaurs and a member of True Dragon Court. Most importantly, he was also an Aramanthine Eternal - strong enough to sweep through the eight realms. 

With strength came pride so he had a hard time swallowing this anger.

“You are determined to provoke our legion and empress?” The archer revealed his bloodthirst: “You should know that it is very unwise to do so. Hmph, you won’t be the only one dead but those close to you…”

“Ahem.” Du Wenrui cleared his throat and jumped in: “Archery God, I’m afraid you are misunderstanding Student Li. If you wish to resolve this issue…”

“Dean Du.” The centaur god interrupted him: “This isn’t enough to place the blame on your academy but the one who doesn’t want to resolve this is your student, not us. If you want him to come out okay, then give our legion an acceptable answer, such as confessing to the crime and facing any punishment.”

Du Wenrui chuckled after hearing this and stopped bothering with this suicidal man. Why would a supreme giant care enough to justify his action to a bunch of ants?

No need for that. He could end that entire legion once they provoke him enough!

“You don’t seem like a bad guy, just a little stupid. Okay, I forgive your insolence and will spare your life.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Hahaha!” The centaur god exploded in laughter after hearing this. The other members nearby guffawed, thinking that this was the most hilarious thing they have ever heard.

“Forgive my insolence?” Yang Chengli stared at Li Qiye in a daze: “So funny, do you not know who I am?”

“And who do you think you are? A supreme emperor? Hmph, only Her Majesty can forgive me for any insolence! You are not even a speck of dust before her!” His eyes became fierce; his tone turned cold.

These words weren’t just ignorant boasting. In fact, he was indeed considered a big shot, a top master in the eyes of many people.  Moreover, Violet Dragon Empress’ cultivation was unfathomable - on the same level as Holyfrost True Emperor.

Du Wenrui shook his head. The guy kept on digging his own grave.

“I haven’t seen this empress before but I’m sure she’s not much, perhaps qualified to be a bed warmer for me at best.” Li Qiye didn’t care.

“You!” Dense bloodlust emanated from the centaur god, resulting in a layer of frost forming nearby and making people shudder.

“Ignorant fool, you will be shown no mercy for insulting the empress!” A disciple from his tribe shouted.

“Kill this idiot already, exterminate his nine clans for his insolence!” Another furiously shouted.

The empress was a supreme existence in both True Dragon Court and Divine Beast Legion, admired by numerous disciples.

They were enraged to hear Li Qiye insult their leader, wanting nothing more than to kill him and washing away his dirty mouth with his own blood.

“Unforgivable! No one will be able to save you today!” The centaur god became murderous.

“We’ll see about that. When you leave this place alive and tormented, tell your empress that I’m missing a maid and she can fulfill that spot. Of course, it’s fine if she doesn’t want to. I’ll make her obediently do so anyway when I feel like it.”

Zhou Qiushi and the others couldn’t believe it. They stood there, speechless.

Violet Dragon Empress was a supreme existence like the ruler of heaven. People were always stirred after hearing her title. That’s why Li Qiye’s statement was so outrageous and cocky.

“Leader, cut him to pieces! To pieces!” The disciples continuously roared.

“This will be your last moment!” The centaur god opened a sack and everything turned dark. Crows started flying out of it.

“Poof!” The crows blazed up so the sky was completely covered in flames.

“Firegod Crows!” Zhou Qiushi recognized them right away.

These birds were ferocious with beaks as sharp as blades - sure to leave bloody holes. Their flames were more destructive - able to turn people to ashes in the blink of an eye.

“Ignorant brat, make your move.” The centaur god glared intimidatingly at Li Qiye. 

“No bow and arrows? Aren’t you the Centaur God of Archery?” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at the fiery crows in the sky.

“Killing you will only stain my arrow.” The centaur god uttered coldly: “My crows will peck your flesh away, piece by piece, so that you will suffer a fate worse than death. Your cries will echo in this place.”

The young ones shuddered in fear as if they could see this terrible fate befalling on Li Qiye. Du Wenrui, on the other hand, chuckled while shaking his head.

“I see, just some little crows, let them come instead of just ominously circling up there making people feel unlucky.” Li Qiye said dismissively.

The centaur god’s expression turned unsightly. He took time carefully grooming these crows. They were extremely strong and could form a battle formation. Many experts have died to their beaks.

“Leader, blind him first then tear his chest apart to dig out his heart!” One centaur shouted.

“Go!” The centaur god whistled a kill command.

“Whoosh!” The crows instantly swooped down while the flames around them ignited.

It looked like thousands of fire arrows were shooting straight for Li Qiye. One could hear loud banging noises like falling meteors.

They were lightning-fast as well, just taking one split second to be inches above him. Meanwhile, Li Qiye stood still as if unable to react.

“Be careful, move!” Zhou Qiushi cried out.

Li Qiye finally looked up and smiled. He opened his mouth and spewed out a flame. This flame looked quite ordinary but it easily swept through the crows, causing them to screech pitifully.

They were made from flames in the first place so nothing looked out of the ordinary. However, this common fire incinerated them to ashes in no time at all.

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