Chapter 2856: Those Few

Du Wenrui’s expression soured while looking at Li Qiye.

“Certain things shouldn’t be said with such triviality.” He solemnly spoke: “It has grave implications and can destroy more than just one’s reputation, it destroys an entire era…”

“Reputation is meaningless. In the eyes of some, an epoch and billions of existences are meaningless, only things to be used.” Li Qiye replied.

He paused for a bit before speaking frankly: “The truth is that this system alone is only enough to be an appetizer. All of Three Immortals is the main course.”

Du Wenrui’s expression changed again, looking quite stoic. He thought about his words and spoke with prudence: “I believe you’re overthinking it.”

“Do you remember the scene of your progenitor’s statue collapsing? The pulsing darkness tore apart the sky vault. Do you think that was darkness sealed by your progenitor?” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Du Wenrui was shaken in response. The darkness resulting from the sword being taken away was extremely terrifying and powerful. It left a shadow in him, causing him to feel unrest due to the looming presence of an ominous seed.

“Well, tell me whom that darkness belongs to then.” Li Qiye asked: “You’re just trying to make yourself feel better, saying that it was sealed by your progenitor. It escaped because the seal was broken. Of course, this is the best outcome, whether it be for your own sake or everyone else’s, you want it to be that way. Unfortunately, really ask yourself, is it true? Is this really what you want? Or does the depth of your heart instinctively yearn for the real truth?” He grinned after saying this.

Du Wenrui felt suffocated. He has been in Repentance Institution long enough to know more than other people about the thing lurking behind the light.

So many worshipped the light, some did so blindly. Du Wenrui remained vigilant since not everything was as pretty as it was on the surface. That’s another reason why he chose to stay in Repentance.

Thus, Li Qiye had peeled away the thin layer shrouding the truth while he already had a good idea of the truth.

“You’re very close.” Li Qiye smiled: “The only thing left is whether you have the courage to face what lies behind the curtain, the origin of your progenitor!”

“Good or evil emanates from a single thought. Doing good for an era means that one is good.” Du Wenrui said.

“That’s logically sound but this is more of a personal issue of your part. Nevertheless, your acceptance doesn’t bend reality.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“What are you going to do? Take our system down and extinguish the light?” Du Wenrui sighed and asked. [1]

“You have quite an imagination. The academy doesn’t oppose me so why should I take it down? I only destroy those standing in my way. Or, do you think the academy will eventually become an obstacle?” Li Qiye shook his head.

“My academy only serves to teach and dispel confusion, not compete with the world.” Du Wenrui contemplated for a moment before shaking his head as well.

“Then there you go, Academy of Light will still be the system filled with holiness in your mind then.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You mean…?” Du Wenrui murmured.

“I have no plans against the academy, same with your progenitor. At least not when he’s Desolate Saint. I’m only here to take a look, assuming the role of a scoundrel trying to judge a gentleman.” Li Qiye revealed: “Plus, I’m not a bad person either, it’s fine to play the part of a scoundrel.” [2]

“What if, just what if… your thoughts are true…?” Wenrui eventually said. He didn’t have the courage to finish his sentence.

After all, the academy was his birthplace. He grew up here and worshipped the light, always trying to stay true to his faith.

But what if Li Qiye was telling the truth? Did he really have the courage to face it?

“Don’t worry, propriety will be exercised even if I’m a heinous villain. Otherwise, why would I bother to chat with you right now? I would just be direct since nothing can stop me anyway.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Du Wenrui heaved a sigh of relief and put on a helpless smile. He could only pray that thing wouldn’t escalate to that level.

Meanwhile, the young ones were pursuing sacred beasts in the mountain. They chased after several of varying strengths. Alas, they failed to subdue a single one due to their weak cultivation.

Moreover, the stronger ones made them run for their lives, eventually culminating in a bad beating.

Of course, they weren’t the only ones who got taught a good lesson. Li Qiye and Du Wenrui saw other students peeing their pants after meeting the stronger beasts.

“Rumble!” Loud rumbling resounded after they crossed a ridge.

“Get back.” Du Wenrui’s expression changed and pulled the students back.

They instantly saw a dozen students running for their lives towards the outer region. Their expression was as dark and dejected as can be.

“Rumble!” A dust storm covered the mountain as far as the eye can see.

“Wild wolves!” The young ones felt their legs giving in after seeing the ferocious horde.

There were enough of them to devour the heaven and earth. The leader of this pack was a wolf king with silver fur from top to bottom.

“C’mon, we were just messing around, no need for this.” One fleeing student shouted.

“Arrrwooo!” Howls continued in the back. The wolves didn’t let the students go.

“They courted death, daring to try and kidnap the wolf king’s baby.” Wenrui noticed that one of the students was holding a baby wolf, also silver in color.

So it turned out that this group waited for the wolf king to leave then snuck into its lair and stole the baby. The king found out later and pursued with its pack.

“Ahh!” Sure enough, the students didn’t make it far before being stampeded into meat paste.

The young ones were scared out of their mind after seeing this.

“Yes, better think twice and weigh yourself before kidnapping a baby beast or an egg.” Wenrui smiled at them.

They felt a chill coursing down their spine since they actually thought about doing this not long ago. The ferocious wolves deterred them from even thinking about this. A successful kidnap would still result in death once their parents find out.

As they moved on, they saw more students being killed by sacred beasts.

On a particular peak, they watched an armored Eternal from Northern Academy trying to subdue a crane.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Unfortunately, he was smacked by the crane’s wings and shot through several mountains.

This student started to run after seeing the mismatch. However, the crane didn’t relent, leaving this student no choice but to use his ace card to escape from its sharp beak.

The young ones finally realized the danger in trying to tame these beasts, about a thousand times more dangerous than their imagination.

“I didn’t know sacred beasts are so ferocious.” One of them murmured.

“Yes, some of them used to be wild beast kings before so they don’t play nice. They have joined the light but their wild instinct is still about the same.” Wenrui said.

“I guess we should only watch.” They quickly gave up the idea of capturing one.

1. The you here is informal now. Du Wenrui was very polite before

2. Popular Chinese idiom for expressing indignation when someone else accuses you or someone you believe of something. For example, someone immoral will always think someone else is immoral or is doing something nefarious too. The line doesn’t translate literally too well - using the heart of a lowly man to speculate the stomach of a gentleman

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