Chapter 2856: Those Few (Teaser)

Du Wenrui’s expression soured while looking at Li Qiye.

“Certain things shouldn’t be said with such triviality.” He solemnly spoke: “It has grave implications and can destroy more than just one’s reputation, it destroys an entire era…”

“Reputation is meaningless. In the eyes of some, an epoch and billions of existences are meaningless, only things to be used.” Li Qiye replied.

He paused for a bit before speaking frankly: “The truth is that this system alone is only enough to be an appetizer. All of Three Immortals is the main course.”

Du Wenrui’s expression changed again, looking quite stoic. He thought about his words and spoke with prudence: “I believe you’re overthinking it.”

“Do you remember the scene of your progenitor’s statue collapsing?...

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