Chapter 2853: I’m Very Rich

They also realized that they weren’t on the same level as Li Qiye. He wasn’t a student like the rest of them and was just staying at their school for now.

Just think about it. Li Qiye still gave them one each despite the clear value of the fruit. Not to mention they were strangers, most probably wouldn’t act so generous even towards their closest ones. Only someone from the legend would do something like this.

That’s why they knew that Li Qiye’s level far exceeded them - a hidden master.

Li Qiye only smiled and accepted their gesture.

“Okay, I will temporarily hold these fruits until you all are strong enough to use them. That’s why you have to keep trying harder in order to not disappoint the young noble’s goodwill. One day, you will be able to create your own domain.” Du Wenrui looked at the students and said.

The young ones became emotional after hearing this. A ray from dawn seemed to be illuminating them and dispelling their confusion and doubts.

They clenched their firsts, determined to walk forward regardless of future hardships. They refused to be treated with disdain from now on. Moreover, they would also take pride in their origin and academy. Their blood boiled with excitement and ambition.

“Time to take a look at Beast Garden.” Li Qiye smiled and continued forward. The young ones calmed down and followed right after.

Unfortunately, a person stopped them before they could enter the garden.

The stopper was a youth shrouded in a pulsing radiance. It seemed as if there was a treasury within him. The glow looked prestigious like the shimmering of gems.

The auras of various treasures surrounded him too. It was clear that he had a lot of treasures.

Moreover, he wore an expensive robe made of unknown materials along with various trinkets. They seemed to be expressing three words, “I’m very rich”. The divine stones engraved on the robe wanted to blind the spectators with their radiance.

Below his feet was a seven-colored cloud, allowing him to float.

Normally, standing on this type of cloud would exude an elegant and transcending image. However, this guy seemed to be standing on something materialistic and full of bravado. One could also see the three words, “I’m very rich”.

“Who is Li Qiye?” He uttered coldly.

“I am.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You?” The youth was surprised but his eyes fell upon the sword behind him: “Indeed.”

“I am Treasure Origin True God, I’m here today to…” He snorted and continued.

“Treasure Source True God?” Li Qiye interrupted and looked at him up and down.

“Oh? Frightened by my awesome reputation?” He didn’t like being interrupted.

“No, you’re overthinking it. I think your name should be “I’m very rich” though.” Li Qiye mocked.

“...” The true god turned red and glared at him.

“It’s not my fault, everything about you seems to be giving off that vibe. Sorry, I guess I misinterpreted.” Li Qiye shrugged, acting innocent.

The true god trembled with rage, nearly vomiting blood. His dressing style including the robe and the cloud was meant to represent his prestigious status, not to show off his wealth in a vulgar manner - or so he thought.

“Okay, ‘I’m very rich’, what do you need from me?” Li Qiye seemed amused. [1]

Zhou Qiushi and the others struggled to hold their laughter inside.

“...” The true god felt the urge to kill. He took a deep breath to compose himself and said aggressively: “I am Wang Weiyuan. I’m here to tell you today that your life is mine.”

“What? ‘I’m very rich’, do you have a problem with me?” Li Qiye said.

“You killed Teacher Deng, so a life for a life!” The true god acted as if he didn’t hear Li Qiye calling him by this terrible nickname.

“Teacher Deng? Who's that? I’ve killed plenty of people and don’t recall this person.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The true god’s expression turned unsightly.

“Deng Rensen is who he’s talking about.” Du Wenrui reminded Li Qiye.

“I see.” Li Qiye nodded: “Yes, you can say that I kill him, but the truth is that I was only trying to save him…”

“I don’t care to hear your excuses, a life for a life so you must die. Just know that I will always try to kill you regardless of the time and place.” The true god said.

“Oh, so that’s how it is. Don’t you know that he died to the Sword of Repentance? Do you want to be its victim too?” Li Qiye patted his sword.

The true god’s eyes narrowed while looking at the sword. He knew just how powerful it was since he watched Holyfrost True Emperor picking it up in the past.

Because of this fear, he decided to announce his intention instead of ambushing him first. This also meant that he would utilize any means necessary in the future to take the guy down.

“Hmph, you can’t rely on a weapon to protect you forever.” The true god said.

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. Since you came to warn me first, this is considered a just and honorable act so I will spare your dog life today.” Li Qiye nodded.

The true god was actually an Eternal of 100,000 generations but Li Qiye treated him like a dead man. [2]

“The feud between my Northern Academy and you starts today.” The true god asserted.

Deng Rensen was a teacher while he was a student there.

“I welcome it if you can represent that academy. If your academy is foolish enough to come and provoke me, I don’t mind killing all of you.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hmph.” The true god scowled before controlling his cloud to float away.

“‘I’m very rich’, when I do kill you later, I’ll strip you naked and take your cloud too. They seem very expensive and will probably fetch a nice price.” Li Qiye shouted at the departing true god.

The true god trembled again and staggered backward, nearly falling off from his cloud.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye didn’t kill this guy for offending him. He appreciated the youth for coming here and stating his intent first.

“This guy is a little devilish.” Du Wenrui chuckled: “His talents weren’t considered exceptional when he joined Northern Academy. He became Deng Rensen’s student later and was taken care of so he owes the guy. Now, he is considered a top talent there after experiencing a miraculous event allowing his cultivation to soar, or at least that’s what the rumor says.”

“Yep, he ate a treasure source. His heart and mind have the aura of one now, so any item he uses looks very expensive and precious.” Li Qiye said.

Du Wenrui wasn’t worried at all. A student couldn’t take Li Qiye on regardless of however devilish he may be.

He praised the youth for having the courage and the mind to repay a favor. Unfortunately, he was courting death for going against Li Qiye.

“Off we go again, let’s see what ‘I’m very rich’ will do to try and kill me. I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun.” Li Qiye casually said, not caring.

The youths finally laughed after hearing this amusing title again, now that the true god was gone.

1. “I’m very rich” in Chinese is Wo Hengui, it doesn’t sound as weird as it does in English since names in Chinese are made up of regular characters, sometimes with a specific meaning. Maybe I should use Wo Hengui in this context instead of “I’m very rich”

2. 100,000 wasn’t mentioned in the power ranking for Eternals. A Myriad Eternal is 10,000 and a Ceaseless Eternal is 1,000,000. He should be a Myriad Eternal, this might be a mistake from the author too

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