Chapter 2852: Supreme Fruit, Not Bad

The students still stood there in a daze after Li Qiye’s group was gone. A few students looked up and saw nothing ripe left on the tree. Various emotions struck them as a result.

“That’s too much, not even sparing one for us. We want to try it too.” One guy murmured as if he could actually pick them if some were left behind.

“The Sword of Repentance is insanely strong. Maybe it really could have cut the tree, that’s why the latter gave up its fruits. It had nothing to do with this Li Qiye.” One student regained his wits and took a deep breath, still overwhelmed with fear.

The emotional students accepted this logic. These fruits would never fall down on their own accord despite reaching maturity.

Li Qiye simply tapped the tree with his sword - this shouldn’t have been enough to knock all of the fruits down. The tree itself must have done so on its own accord.

This made everyone think about the sword itself. The powerful tree must be afraid of its sharpness, meaning that the sword could really cut it down.

“The personal weapon of a progenitor is no joke. It’s probably not far off from being a paragon artifact.” Jealousy and envy grew.

“How could such an amazing sword fall into the hand of such an arrogant piece of trash? There are plenty of geniuses in this world.” Some felt indignation.

In their eyes, a weak student like Li Qiye wasn’t worthy of this ultimate weapon!

Meanwhile, Goldpython and Stonecarver True Emperor also communicated with their eyes that were filled with aggressiveness and bloodlust, clearly tempted by the thought of possessing this sword. 

They have seen ancestral treasures before but the regular ones couldn’t touch this sword at all. It must not be far off from being a paragon artifact.

It had followed Desolate Saint throughout his life, killing numerous devils and masters. No one should doubt its power anymore.

Words weren’t necessary; just that one glance earlier had formed an implicit agreement between the two emperors.

They could let go of many things due to their tough mental state after reaching this level. In fact, they could forgive him for killing their fellow sect members.

However, he had forced their hand and must pay for possessing a treasure beyond his capabilities!


The young ones were still muddle-headed after leaving the tree, unable to regain their composure in a short time. The previous event struck them to the core.

The supreme fruits were unreachable in their mind. Just getting to see the tree was more than enough - an experience of a lifetime.

But now, Li Qiye let the fruits rain down after a single tap. This magnificent deed overwhelmed them and seemed like a dream despite being part of reality.

As they were leaving, Li Qiye casually took out a supreme fruit and took a bite. A ripe one was extremely tasty; its juice resembled sweet dew.

The fragrance made the youths think they have drunk the most thirst-quenching dew in existence. Their body relaxed and felt great almost as if they were ascending and becoming immortals. Saliva streamed out of their mouth.

“It’s not bad.” Li Qiye said.

Du Wenrui forced a smile. “Not bad?” 

Not to mention ordinary cultivators, even emperors craved this fruit and would greatly benefit from eating them. No one else could make this insane statement but him.

Li Qiye looked at the youths and shook his head: “You can’t eat it even if I give some to you because your body will instantly explode after one bite.”

They became embarrassed and wiped the saliva off, knowing that Li Qiye was telling the truth. They would explode into light particles right away due to their cultivation.

Ascenders would suffer the same fate. Stonecarver and Goldpython True Emperor need to eat very carefully in order to slowly digest its power.

However, Li Qiye took one bite after another without a care and treated the fruit like one found in any market.

He finished one and took out another while speaking: “You may eat when you’re stronger. The problem is that if I were to give it to you now, your dao heart can’t resist the temptation. Plus, carrying wealth is a crime, others will kill you if they know you have this fruit inside your pocket.” 

The young ones didn’t think this far ahead. This was indeed the case - so many masters would covet and scheme against them. No, even kingdoms would mobilize all the same. Their lives would be over then.

“I will let the dean hold them for now until you all are strong enough. Meaning, you will never get to taste it if you don’t improve in the future.” Li Qiye said and handed a bunch of them to Du Wenrui.

“...” Du Wenrui held them and was left in a tough position: “They’re too precious. I don’t think this is proper.”

He knew the effects of these fruits all too well. Those who have eaten them were privy to this knowledge.

Now, this was a big gesture from Li Qiye to give their academy so many fruits.

Unlike the youths, he knew that Li Qiye was only a passerby. He wasn’t really a student from Repentance and wouldn’t stay here.

A small pond couldn’t hold a true dragon. He was only accompanying them on a whim. Nevertheless, he still gave them an entire treasury worth of fruits in the end.

The experienced dean himself found it difficult to accept so many.

“Consider it a stroke of fate.” Li Qiye smiled: “Plus, your poor academy has no resources or treasures to speak of. Even if you have incredible methods, you still won't accomplish anything unless you betray the system. The fruits are just a small gift of mine.” 

“Very well, I’ll accept them in their stead.” Du Wenrui solemnly said.

“What are you waiting for, thank Stude-, no, Young Noble Li already.” He put away the fruits and told the young ones.

The young ones didn’t know how to react after being given so many fruits - an immense showing of generosity that couldn’t be described with the word, “gift”.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” The group got on their knees and performed a grand gesture to show their gratitude.

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