Chapter 2851: Falling Down

“Treasure sword, I will meld you down if you can’t cut down this tree.” Li Qiye waved it around and said.

“Clank!” The sword made a sound again. The stars in the sky rustled in fear, seemingly ready to fall down at any moment.

Strands of light poured out and illuminated the entire area. No one could keep their eyes open.

The most terrifying aspect of this was that these strands seemed to be the will of the progenitor with unmatched murderous potential. Gods and supremes, True Emperors or Everlastings; all would be killed by a single slash.

“This sword intent…” The students found it hard to stand still. The Eternals here trembled with horror.

“The sword of a progenitor…” Goldpython and Stonecarver were amazed as well, feeling the same trepidation as the rest towards this peerless sword.

Just think about it, if this sword wasn’t powerful enough, would Desolate Saint have used it as his personal sword?

It was clearly better than ordinary ancestral treasures. These emperors didn’t possess a weapon of a similar level.

“Hey, I’m about to chop it down, you guys might need to get out of the way.” Li Qiye held the hilt with both hands and shouted at everyone still on the tree.

“Go for it, we’ll dodge when the time is right.” One student on the tree said.

“Okay then.” Li Qiye turned towards the tree and smiled: “Not a bad tree at all, it’ll make perfect firewood at home.”

What could the crowd say to this ludicrous statement? Chopping down an ultimate tree just for firewoods? Such insanity.

“Ahem.” Du Wenrui cleared his throat and said: “Student Li, well, the supreme tree is a treasure of the system so you shouldn’t cut it down. The system will lose out.”

“What does that have to do with me?” Li Qiye said.

“Of course it has nothing to do with you, but the progenitor spent great efforts in order to bring it here from a different realm. It has matured over the years, a wonderful feat. I don’t think your house needs this much firewood, right? No need to kill the chicken for the eggs since your real goal is some fruits.” Wenrui smiled wryly.

Of course, he knew that it wouldn’t be the sword cutting down the tree, just Li Qiye. This guy could absolutely do so even without the Sword of Repentance.

“Makes sense.” Li Qiye tilted his head, pondering.

“The tree had persevered through years of storms and rains, it would be a shame to cut it down now. This is a beloved item of the progenitor, please reconsider.” Du Wenrui went on. The tree was finished if Li Qiye insisted. He would only need a few cuts to do so.

The tree seemed to be agreeing with Du Wenrui since its branches started rustling.

“Right…” Li Qiye scratched his head and said: “Probably wasn’t easy for Desolate Saint to plant this type of tree, but I still want to pick some fruits. They’re just up too high, how long is it gonna take to climb up there.”

“You just need to knock, I’m sure the fruits will fall down.” Wenrui hurriedly added, not wanting to be responsible for a disaster by bringing Li Qiye here.

“Xshh…” The entire tree rustled to show its agreement.

“Okay then.” Li Qiye begrudgingly said: “Dean, I can’t refuse after hearing your insistence. You will owe me one.”

“Tree, listen up, I won’t climb up there and will just knock. Let the fruits rain down or find out how sharp my sword is, all of them.” Having said that, Li Qiye gently brushed his sword on the tree.

The tree rustled again, seemingly conceding. It looked like a chicken with a cleaver next to its neck. Saying no wasn’t an option.

The sword also issued a clunk to show its impressive might, very pleased with itself.

“What the hell is going on? Are you watching this too?” One student became stunned after watching this.

“You think this is a play? The tree can’t understand you.” Another lost his patience and shouted at Li Qiye.

“Yes, hurry up!” Others joined in.

Meanwhile, the two emperors felt something strange going on with the tree itself.

“Alright, I’ll spare you then.” Li Qiye smiled and put the sword away.

“I can’t believe this guy, just coming up with one excuse after another…” A student said with contempt.

At the same time, Li Qiye tapped the tree with the sheath.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” The student who mocked him couldn’t even finish before a rain of mature supreme fruits descended from the sky.

Everyone naturally became frozen in response.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” Suddenly, the students on the tree fell off. This included the two emperors.

This was because the tree violently swung its body without any warning. The two powerful emperors were blown away too.

It was one thing for the students but even the two emperors smashed into the ground, looking quite pitiful. It should be unimaginable for beings of their level to fall flat like this but it actually happened.

The two had mud in their mouth right now to the astonishment of the crowd.

Once they calmed down and the emperors got up, Li Qiye had already waved his sleeve and took all the fallen supreme fruits.

The entire mountain fell into a hush. One student looked up and saw that there was no longer one ripe fruit left on the tree. Li Qiye had taken all of them.

“No one else can pick any now.” A student became lost in thoughts.

One supreme fruit required a long period to bloom and bear fruit. The actual maturing process took so many years. To have this many together was the work of many generations.

Now, all of them were gone. They wouldn’t come back for another generation or two.

“How… can this be…” The students couldn’t regain their wits due to the unbelievable nature of this event.

Just one tap and all the ripe fruits fell down. Not to mention that this was a real event, even a legendary tale wouldn’t have the gall to go so far.

Of course, this was no legend since they saw it with their own eyes.

“This has to be magic, right?” A frightened student said.

A long while later, one student salivated thinking about so many fruits.

Not to mention one person, an entire sect would have a virtually endless supply, enough to make them rise.

“Sigh, I guess I do want all of you to call me grandpa so that you’ll learn a lesson, but getting so many unfilial and worthless children will infuriate me to death. So, forget it, no need to do that.” Li Qiye smirked at the students nearby.

They were too confused right now to even try and retort.

“Let’s go.” Li Qiye turned and left instead of waiting for them to calm down.

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