Chapter 2849: One Slash

Li Qiye answered the taunts with a smile on his face. He turned around and said: “Okay, let’s go get a few fresh ones.”

He jumped on the tree and began heading upward.

“The guy really thinks he’s the supreme or something. If he can get even one, it’ll be from the blessing from all of his ancestors.” One student said.

The students here all felt the same dissatisfaction. The supreme fruits were virtually impossible to get for ordinary people. Even someone as powerful as an Eternal would have a hard time.

Getting one meant getting a power boost but more importantly, it became a symbol of talents, status, and might.

Remember, only Three-eyed Prodigy, Goldtypha True Emperor, and Spiritheart True Emperor have gotten one so far.

If they could get one too, it would be so amazing and shocking. Perhaps their power was inferior compared to these three, their status would soar to the same level, at least with regards to sacred fruit picking.

Now, a student from Repentance wanted to get several? That just sounded outrageous. Even the group mentioned above wouldn’t dare to make this claim.

“Look, I have ripe fruits next to me. The ones here are easier to pick, why not try?” One student sitting on a branch saw Li Qiye heading to the higher location.

“If we are to pick some fruits, we will get the best one. Only the highest fruit is worthy of me.” Li Qiye said.

“Oh, so ambitious?” This student laughed: “I don’t think you’re strong enough to get there. The highest point of this tree is deep into the sky vault, full of pressure from the grand dao. Don’t think about it before you’re an emperor.” 

“It’s no problem.” Li Qiye chuckled and moved on.

“Fool, just watch, he’ll embarrass himself.” A spectator sneered.

“You don’t get what he’s trying to do. Look, the members of the two emperors’ factions are blocking the way. He won’t be able to get up and will have an excuse. It’s not that he can’t pick the fruits, it’s because the emperors didn’t let him go up there.” A different student said.

“Ah, I see, you’re the smart one here.” Everyone agreed after hearing this.

“So a clever ploy.” Another said with disdain.

As the crowd continued to watch, the disciples on guard immediately stopped Li Qiye.

“Go back, this path isn’t open.” They coldly uttered.

Clearly, they have seen everything that has transpired below and had no love for Li Qiye. That’s why their attitude was quite aggressive towards him.

“I’m here to pick fruits.” Li Qiye revealed an innocent smile.

Others didn’t think much of this smile but Du Wenrui shook his head, thinking that more people were about to die.

Of course, he didn’t think about stopping them either. No one can save someone from purposely walking towards death.

“Scram!” Another disciple became more aggressive.

Meanwhile, Stonecarver and Goldpython didn’t say anything, meaning they gave implicit consent for their men to act this way.

“You don’t own the supreme tree so on what ground can’t others try?” Li Qiye looked indignant.

“Because I have this.” One disciple took out his sword with a cold glint: “Scram if you don’t want to die. Don’t bother our emperors from meditating.”

“See? He has an excuse now for heading down, no need to pick fruits anymore. He gets to save face by doing this.” The speculator below snorted.

“Right, he couldn’t trick you, Senior.” Others had nothing but disgust in their eyes.

“Spiritheart True Emperor was able to go up, so why can’t I?” Li Qiye seemed unwilling to give up.

“You dare to compare yourself to Her Majesty? Take a piss and look at your own reflection.” A disciple from Goldpython’s camp said.

“That’s right, you’re nothing. Stop embarrassing yourself!” The ones below became rowdy.

“You don’t need to go up there, there are plenty of ripe fruits down here. Show us what you got.” They taunted.

“Hey, your men are completely unreasonable. Emperors like yourselves should be controlling them and preventing injustice!” Li Qiye shouted at the two emperors.

They ignored him and continued to meditate.

“Scram!” One disciple became murderous after seeing the potential interruption: “I’m not playing around. I will kill you if you don’t leave!”

“You’re courting death right now.” Li Qiye’s smile grew thicker.

“Alright, teach him a lesson already and show him how vast the world is.” A spectator below gloated after seeing the situation escalating.

“Sigh, they’re blocking the way, tell me, what should we do?” Li Qiye lamented: “You’re such a useless progenitorial sword if you can’t even deal with this. People say that you can sweep through everything in an unstoppable manner? But now, you can’t even take care of this little thing. Why should I keep a piece of crap like you around?” He patted his sword after saying this.

“Clank!” The sword left its sheath and exuded a holy light.

“Careful!” The disciples from the two factions instantly took out their weapons and treasures.

“Boom!” They activated them for both offensive and defensive measures, going all out to kill Li Qiye.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” Unfortunately, heads started to fly along with blood gushing out from the neck.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The headless corpses fell off the tree and slammed into the ground.

A rain of blood stained the supreme tree, dripping down the leaves and small branches.

This rendered everyone speechless - killing members of the two factions after a minor disagreement? Most importantly, the two emperors were present as well!

The slack-jawed crowd at the bottom of the tree couldn’t calm down. They thought that this sword was too ferocious, unlike its name.

“Sigh, what are you doing? I was just venting.” Li Qiye looked helpless after the sword returned to its sheath.

“Hmph!” A thunderous scowl horrified the students below.

An imperial aura emerged like a storm. People looked over and saw the two emperors standing up at the same time. Their pulsing eyes gazed straight at Li Qiye.

“He’s dead this time.” One student gloated.

The emperors had a murderous glint in their eyes. Killing their disciples in front of them was akin to slapping them in the face and pissing on their prestige.

“It’s not my fault.” Li Qiye waved his hand: “Didn’t I tell you two earlier to keep an eye on your men and stop them from being ridiculous? Plus, they wanted to kill me first, I was only defending myself.” 

He paused for a moment before continuing: “And one more thing, I’m not the killer. If you have to blame someone, then blame this sword for causing trouble.”

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