Chapter 2848: Spiritheart True Emperor

A dress as white as snow; a lady as pretty as a fairy. However, all eyes were on her wings.

Her pair of wings was a blinding radiance seemingly made from the purest gold. Each feather was an exquisite work of art - as thin as a cicada’s wing with clearly defined lines. The wings looked noble and supreme.

A sacred halo resided above her. Though this pure light wasn’t overly dazzling, each shiny strand seemed to be lighting up the spirit and heart. 

The light of the academy was just as pure but it gave a different sensation.

The academy’s light included encroachment and cleansing. Thus, it usually converted others.

The light from her felt like the rays of spring melting the snow away. It quietly flowed through the heart and warmed the soul.

“Spiritheart True Emperor…” One student calmed down and said her title.

“Your Majesty.” The weaker cultivators performed a proper greeting, even the Eternals.

Being in her presence prompted different emotions - admiration, astonishment, respect…

“She’s here…” A powerful student murmured, clearly having a crush on her.

She had seven palaces - strong enough to be considered a top student.  She joined Lightless of the southern region.

She originally came from Garden of God and was a member of the Celest Tribe.

Garden of God was founded by Sacred Spirit Progenitor, a paradise for the members of the Sacred Spirit Tribe. Spirits have always ruled over this sect.

Thus, it was very impressive for Spiritheart True Emperor to inherit the garden despite being a celest instead of a spirit. The sect clearly valued her.

She had another status - the fiancee of Metalkin War God. The two of them had an arranged marriage since youth.

There existed a phrase in Academy of Light - Violet Dragon Empress of eastern Dawn, Metalkin War God of southern Lightless, Brightking Buddha of western Sacred Bank, Holyfrost True Emperor of Northern Academy. 

The four of them stood at the peak of Immortal Lineage, so being the fiancee of Metalkin War God showed Spiritheart True Emperor’s great status.

“Holyfrost True Emperor only managed to pick it up back then but it had accepted you as a master now. This fortune is exceedingly rare.” She couldn’t help but praise the sword.

“It’s because I’m good-looking and become famous wherever I go, that’s why this sword is following me. Have you met someone as good-looking as I am?” Li Qiye said.

“Nonsense!” A crowd member shouted right away, certainly a fan of the emperor.

“External appearance is ephemeral, only the grand dao lasts forever.” Her sincere and friendly smile made people forget that she was an emperor.

“Ah, my grand dao is hidden and can’t be seen with a glance or two, unlike my dazzling handsomeness. Those who can actually see this are aware of how special I am.” Li Qiye joked.

“So shameless.” The students showed disdain, both males and females.

Some even pretended to vomit because Li Qiye and handsomeness didn’t go together in the slightest.

He looked as normal as can be and would be quickly forgotten in a sea of people. Nothing about him stood out.

Thus, his self-claim of being attractive naturally vexed the crowd.

“Bah, ugly and mischievous. How can he be so full of himself?” A female student had a look of disgust.

“Let him be, just a nobody lucky enough to obtain an ancestral treasure. He’s as egotistical as can be now, thinking that he’s number one in all of history.” A male friend nearby laughed.

They still kept it as cordial as can be despite the sneers because they saw his sword killing a student a while ago. Otherwise, they would have taught him a lesson by now.

The emperor only smiled and jumped up the tree, walking up the trunk to reach the highest point.

Everyone knew that the supreme fruits got better as one got higher up. The ones at the top were the finest of the finest. Of course, also exceedingly hard to pick.

“Your Majesty.” The members of Goldpython and Stonecarver True Emperor’s factions have been guarding the area. They didn’t want others to disturb their emperors’ meditation. 

This domineering act invited the scorn of the crowd. Alas, no one dared to express their annoyance.

Alas, these members didn’t dare to stop Spiritheart True Emperor. They respectfully bowed before making a path for her.

Even the meditating Goldpython and Stonecarver True Emperor opened their eyes and nodded to greet her.

The spectators considered this as a matter of course. She was considerably stronger than these two.

Not to mention the members of their faction, the two of them wouldn’t be able to stop her either.

She nodded back before moving forward. She jumped on a tip of a branch and looked around, noticing a few ripe supreme fruits.

All eyes were on her now.

“Just one is enough.” She quietly murmured with a smile before gently knocking on a fruit.

“Pop!” The fruit fell into her hand.

“That’s a seven-palace emperor for you, so strong.” The crowd started praising.

“That’s our emperor for you.” A student from Lightless took pride.

“Incredible, just one knock. Her dao heart must be immensely pure.” One male student felt admiration.

“See you again, everyone.” She put the fruit away and descended before telling everyone with her pleasant voice.

Some of the students uncontrollably stared at her departing figure for a long time, still awestruck.

“That’s the most friendly emperor I’ve ever seen.” One of them calmed down and sighed.

“Right, she never puts on an act, very amiable.” Others agreed.

With the end of that brief show, Li Qiye looked at Zhou Qiushi and lazily stretched before speaking: “It’s getting late, time for us to start picking some fruits.”

Their power was limited so staying here for a long time would have an adverse effect.

“Yeah, as if you can pick them!” An eruption of laughter ensued along with gazes of disdain.

“Why not? Not only that we will pick them, but if I’m in a bad mood, I will take every single one too.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Your audacity is unmatched.” One student replied: “You think your group can take all the fruits? Know your limit.” 

“I alone am enough, and as for my limit? It is beyond your ability to fathom.” Li Qiye retorted.

“Oh lord, does your arrogance have no bound?” Another sneered: “The more one learns, the more they will realize the vastness of the world. There are limits to the power of an ancestral weapon. There are numerous masters in Immortal Lineage. The real overlords are emperors and Everlastings.”

“Just a bunch of brats.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You!” The crowd grew more exasperated by Li Qiye’s arrogance.

“Okay then, show us that you’re not just all talk, go pick some.” One more laughed.

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