Chapter 2846: Metalkin

Metalkin was a great race in Immortal Lineage, famous alongside Immortal Bronzekin.

They were different from regular humans and demons, not possessing a body made out of flesh and blood.

Of course, some metalkins could eventually cultivate to have this physical form. However, they were born with metal parts assembled together.

One could separate them into eight pieces and they would still be perfectly fine. This was one of the most magical aspects of this race.

Both Goldpython True Emperor and Metalkin War God came from this race. They were distant relatives but the latter had a more noble origin, hailing from their ancestral land - Metalkin Divine Court. [1]

The spectators were stunned to see the emperor splitting into three parts. They didn’t expect him to be capable of something like this.

“This is pretty cool and all, but Metalkin War God is terrifying. His transformation can blot out the sun.” A student from Lightless quietly said.

Everyone knew about this person and his love for battle. It seemed that he was even more capable than expected.

“We can’t go up anymore?” Someone noticed disciples from certain factions blocking the way.

“No.” Someone who has been here all along replied: “Goldpython and Stonecarver True Emperor have teamed up, not allowing anyone to go higher lest they disturb the two’s meditation.”

“The fruits at the top are also the best.” Someone nearby said.

The crowd exchanged glances after hearing this common piece of knowledge. Yes, the fruits up there were the best but the way has been blocked now. Was it really only to stop people from disturbing their meditation?

The ones stopped by the guards had no choice but to give up, not daring to oppose the two emperors.

Academy of Light had plenty of experts. Some Eternals weren’t weaker than Stonecarver True Emperor. Alas, dealing with two at the same time required further deliberation.

Moreover, the two emperors had amazing backings too so they restrained themselves and backed off.

Some murmured words of dissatisfaction but it ended there.

Li Qiye’s group traveled close enough to see the tree in the distance. The young ones became emotional - this was the biggest tree they have ever seen. 

“So big…” One of them murmured.

“Indeed, enough firewood to last a long time if we chop it down.” Li Qiye smiled.

“The sacred trees here are indestructible, let alone this supreme tree. How are you going to cut it?” Another student shook his head.

“For others, maybe, not me.” Li Qiye smiled.

The others chuckled, thinking that Li Qiye was joking around. A successful chopping has been documented before in this place.

Du Wenrui, on the other hand, was scared out of his mind. He was afraid that Li Qiye would actually do this and would never forgive himself for bringing someone like that here.

“Look up, so many supreme fruits.” One student looked at the sky and saw the shimmering fruits.

“Yeah, so many, they’re all supreme fruits.” The students were in awe. Their eyes glimmered as they swallowed their saliva.

“I’ll take some down for you all to try.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Let’s not even think about it. Plus, we can’t eat it right now anyway. We got enough sacred fruits already this time.” One of them responded.

They didn’t dare to be greedy. In fact, just getting some first and second-ranked fruits was enough. Li Qiye had even given them one fifth-ranked fruit each. How could they ask for more?

Of course, they didn’t think he could pick these fruits either but refrained from saying anything to not make it awkward for Li Qiye.

“Continue, remember to protect your dao heart from this place on.” Du Wenrui smiled and told the students in the back. The power of the light here exceeded the previous locations. There’s a suppressive force here too. If you aren’t careful, you won’t be coming back with us so don’t blame me in that case for not reminding you. We’re just taking a quick look under the tree and leaving right after.”

Wenrui wanted to use this chance to train the young ones with the two affinities available here. Of course, they were too weak to linger around here for long, unable to meditate like other students. 

The group composed themselves and followed their dean.

Sure enough, they felt their shoulders drooping down the moment they entered the territory of the supreme tree. There seemed to be a heavy boulder on their back, making it harder to walk and slowing down their pace.

“Protect your dao heart and mind.” Du Wenrui’s voice whispered in their ears, waking them up from their stupor.

They became vigilant and focused on protecting their dao heart without relaxing for a second.

Each pace was difficult especially when they got closer. In front of them was a high mountain as large as a kingdom. The supreme tree took root on top.

Zigzagging stone steps led the way to the pinnacle with no end in sight. These stairs seemed numerous enough to reach heaven itself.

The group felt the pressure pressing down on them increasing with each step. An invisible being was adding one boulder on top then another…

They began sweating profusely in no time at all. Some started gasping for breath. , nearly unable to move.

“Keep moving, if you can’t handle this much pain, how will you be able to leave Repentance City later and make something of yourself?!” Du Wenrui assisted them again.

The group gritted their teeth and moved forward, no longer complaining about the bitter journey.

Their pace was pitiful compared to the powerful students. The ones from the four great academies, in particular, were so much faster. They climbed with lightning speed and reached the top right away.

“Fellow students, can you make it to the top?” One student saw the group along the way and asked.

Zhou Qiushi and the others didn’t respond, completely focused on lifting their feet.

1. Due to the new context, I’m changing Goldform into Metalkin War God

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