Chapter 2845: Research

Some geniuses didn’t mind going here for the sole purpose of meditating, aware of the slim chance behind a successful picking.

As one made it to this area, they saw many people meditating already. Due to the tree’s size, people could casually sit around wherever. It could easily accommodate tens of thousands of cultivators.

Moreover, standing on one of its massive branches was akin to standing on top of a ridge. Many chose to sit on them as well to meditate.

This painted a scene of unique lights glowing all over the area, each coming from a different student.

One demon student revealed his true form - a massive serpent coiling around one of the branches. He faced the sky with a golden core in the mouth, spitting it out then swallowing it again.

Another student, a heavenly Buddha, pondered the great mysteries. Buddhist light radiated behind him along with the images of numerous stupas. Other sacred Buddhas were chanting for him.

One member of the fire tribe channeled the samadhi fire around him. This didn’t hurt the living creatures nearby. This fire seemed to have its own sentience and life force.

The special circumstances beneath the tree made the talented students not want to leave. It was a great place to learn about the dao and its mysteries.

Of course, after learning a bit more, some would hurriedly leave instead of lingering for a minute.

The benefits here were clear and substantial but so was the potential complication and dangers. Staying here would result in their dao heart being eaten by the power of the light. It wouldn’t be long until there was nothing but light in their mind and they wouldn’t leave this place.

“Yes, incredible…” One student became ecstatic after learning something great. He glanced at the fruits above and said: “It’s fine, reaching this dao is enough, no need for the supreme fruits.” He left without any hesitation.

Many felt the same way. They were happy to learn the dao here; the fruit was far harder to get.

One could actually see them from a distance due to the holy glow around them. Strands of light rotated around the fruit and gave birth to peerless runes.

The mature ones had a more complete version of the runes versus the young ones. It meant that a ripe fruit represented a peerless dao of the light, hence their value.

Yes, their value was as clear as day but obtaining them was a different issue. Not even True Emperors had a guaranteed chance.

That’s why one could hear groups talking about those capable of getting them.

“Have you heard of anyone getting a fruit yet?” One student not near the tree asked.

“Yes, Goldtypha True Emperor got one.” A resourceful student hurriedly said.

“Wow, amazing.” The others became envious.

“It’s not surprising due to his power. He has eight palaces on top of being Orchid Sage’s disciple. But most importantly, he’s a dark typha so he is innately close with other sacred woods and trees. That’s an advantage unique to him.” An older student elaborated.

“But I heard Three-eyed Prodigy got two.” Another jumped in.

“Two? That’s even better than Goldtypha True Emperor then.” A new student shouted.

“You must be new.” The older student glanced at him and said: “Three-eyed Prodigy is very famous as one of the most talented cultivators right now. He’s also the youngest Everlasting in the contemporary, six months younger than Flying Sword Marvel, so as you can see, his talent is as clear as day. In fact, in terms of talents alone, he surpasses Goldtypha and even Holyfrost True Emperor, Violet Dragon Empress too!”

“You’re underestimating the prodigy. His cultivation is also better than Goldtypha True Emperor.” A more knowledgeable student elaborated: “He’s a half-step Everlasting. Yes, this is the entry-level but it should be stronger than an eight-palace emperor, that’s for sure. And, he came from that three-eyed tribe in God Eye System, their youngest member to have a golden eye, at least in the records. Just try and imagine his battle prowess…”

“Right, Three-eyed Prodigy is on the same level as Metalkin War God and his peers.” A student from Northern Academy added. They naturally supported the genius of their academy.

“It’s a little much to say that he’s on the same level as Metalkin War God’s group because he is still weaker than the war god. However, he’s undoubtedly stronger than Goldtypha True Emperor and should be even with Flying Sword Marvel.” A powerful student objectively analyzed.

“Two supreme fruits though…” Some instinctively salivated at this thought.

“What about Stonecarver and Goldpython True Emperor? I heard they’re here too.” Another asked.

“They’re indeed here but I heard that they’re focusing on dao enlightenment and not picking the supreme fruit.” A senior explained.

“Spiritheart True Emperor is here too, can she do it?” A student from Lightless wondered.

“I think so, she has seven palaces on top of being from the Garden of God.” A senior sentimentally said.

This group quickly made it to the bottom of the tree. They looked up and saw many people meditating already. Some were trying to pick the fruits too.

There was no lack of fruits here but due to the size of the tree, getting from one fruit to another took a long time since they needed to go through the branches.

“Look, Stonecarver True Emperor.” The group didn’t see anyone picking nearby, only meditating students.

They saw the emperor sitting cross-legged on a branch up high. The runes inside his body seemed to be flying out.

Each had an ancient radiance, seemingly from the primordial chaos itself. His imperial aura was in full swing as well, looking like a mist engulfing his area. The people who tried to climb up higher felt a great pressure after seeing this scene.

“Hey, it’s Goldpython True Emperor.” Someone spotted another emperor at a higher location.

They saw a golden python as thick as a water jar coiling around a branch. As it slithered around the branch, its golden liquid fell into the leaves, adding a gold shade to them as well.

Upon closer inspection, it seemed that this particular python wasn’t a complete piece, just multiple sections assembled together. Any piece could be removed whenever.

Sure enough, loud clunks resounded. The python suddenly split into three parts. One of them continued to coil around this branch, the other two parts flew higher up.

“What’s going on? Qi deviation?” A student became frightened.

“Do you think Goldpython True Emperor is a demon?” Another student smiled and shook his head: “No, he’s a metalkin but right, his title is misleading. Metalkins can separate their body parts.”

“I see.” The group understood.

“I’ve thought that he was a demon all this time.” Many shared the same confusion due to his title.

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