Chapter 2844: Supreme Tree

“I have no idea where that old man is, I don’t know anything and haven’t heard anything…” The bull looked around once more and played dumb before instantly running away.

Li Qiye smiled while looking at the fleeing bull. He put Repentance on his back and said: “Let’s go check out the supreme fruits.”

“The supreme fruits!” The young ones became startled with their eyes lit up.

“Well, we’re here already right? As long as we don’t waste too much time on it.” Li Qiye added.

“Yes, it’s not a bad idea to try to pick some for a taste.” Du Wenrui smiled.

“...” The young ones became frozen. They didn’t even dare to think about the eighth and ninth-ranked fruits, let alone the supreme ones.

Remember, supreme fruits were meant for True Emperors and Everlastings. Moreover, the low-level emperors couldn’t necessarily pick them.

A general belief stated that one must be a six-palace emperor and up. As for the realm of True God, Eternals needed to rely on luck. Only Everlastings had a good chance.

The young ones knew that they had no chance due to their current cultivation level.

“Dean, you’re talking about yourself? You’re gonna pick enough so that we can all have a try?” Li Qiye looked at him with amusement in his eyes.

All eyes turned towards Du Wenrui. It seemed that he was the strongest among them in terms of cultivation and had the best shot.

“Ahem.” Wenrui cleared his throat and said: “I’m only an insignificant cultivator whose old bones are too feeble to try anything. I’ll just be watching from below, but Student Li is young and talented, I’m sure he’ll be able to pick a few for everyone to try.”

“Dean, in my opinion, you’re still young and vigorous, this is your prime so it won’t be hard for you to climb up to the top of the tree.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Way, way too old for that.” Wenrui’s head shrank back into his neck and refused: “It’s really up to you because you have the Sword of Repentance, the symbol of authority of our academy. I’m sure you can do it.” 

Now the youths started staring at Li Qiye, thinking that the dean was making a lot of sense.

Li Qiye was able to take the sword out of their city, meaning that he has been chosen by the sword and perhaps even the progenitor.

Moreover, they saw him picked an eighth-ranked fruit and even dug out a ninth-ranked one. Perhaps he would be able to get some supreme fruits with the help of the sword.

“Junior Brother, I think you should give it a shot. Maybe you’ll set a new precedence for our institution with the help of Repentance. It’s whatever if you can’t get it anyway, it’s fine to just take a look.” Zhou Qiushi said.

The other students nodded, agreeing with this comment. They didn’t necessarily expect success since that would be a miracle. 

Du Wenrui smiled and led the group towards the supreme tree. He wouldn’t be surprised at whatever happens next because he already had a solid expectation.

The supreme tree resided in the deepest location of the orchard. One didn’t necessarily need to go here so a few avoided this area and moved on to Beast Garden instead.

The reason for avoidance was because this was the strongest tree here and the only one of its kind, true to its name. 

This area had the highest concentration of light power in the entire orchard. Moreover, this ultimate tree itself wielded immense power, capable of oppressing everything in its territory.

Thus, any visitor would be subjected to its pressure along with the influence of the light. This wasn’t a pleasant sensation for many thus they chose to avoid it instead.

One could see this tree while standing from very far away as long as they had a high vantage point. It looked like a peak piercing through the clouds into the deepest crevice of the sky. Naturally, there were celestial bodies orbiting around it.

Upon closer inspection, the first-time visitors would realize that this peak was actually a tree despite the mountainous semblance.

The name of this tree was Supreme. Its height was truly outrageous with extremely thick branches. They looked like mountain ranges shooting out of a larger, vertical one.

It blotted this farthest area like an umbrella. Other peaks and rivers existed under its shadow. It seemed to be the lord of the orchard, the ultimate existence here.

Faraway spectators would also sense its boundless aura indicating the preciousness of this land. They would feel the urge to kowtow, treating it like a deity.

Most importantly, they would be able to see the light oozing out of the ground. There seemed to be a spring beneath releasing this particular affinity.

This should be a paradise for the natives of the academy system. One could relax and forget about their troubles. They would no longer want to return to the outside world. 

Yes, this seemed like a perfect scenario if one actually wanted to stay here. Most would be affected and converted, eventually staying and dying here.

Let’s put the tree aside for the moment. The power of light here also attempted to wash the visitors’ dao heart and suppress their cultivation. Failing this test would result in being converted by the light.

Nothing was absolute in this world; good and bad co-existed in one way or another. 

The nature of being tested by the light also yielded positive results - a training of the dao heart. Of course, one needed to be confident in their dao heart, soul, and cultivation before trying.

Thus, many students who came from other systems arrived with this goal in mind, wanting to use this suppressive energy of the light and the tree for self-improvement.

Academy of Light had a large number of students hailing from the other systems. They were usually big shots, such as the successor or already a True Emperor.

For example, Goldtypha True Emperor wasn’t a native of the academy. People like him loved going to the tree since they were strong enough to meditate in this place.

Moreover, getting a precious supreme fruit and absorbing its power was beneficial as well, even for emperors. 

This also showed the generosity of the academy. Normally, a sacred fruit like this would be off-limits to outsiders. This wasn’t the case here, resulting in True Emperors and Everlastings becoming students here.

Violet Dragon Empress, Metalkin War God, Brightking Buddha - these were the top characters of Immortal Lineage. Nevertheless, they still became students at the academy.

This unmatched generosity and open-mindedness were another reason why Desolate Saint was considered to be one of the most brilliant progenitors in history.

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