Chapter 2843: Troublemaking Bull

Everyone watched with bated breath in complete silence. Only Li Qiye remained unaffected by the imperial aura.

Zhou Qiushi and the others couldn’t interfere, unable to handle the force of this supreme existence.

Goldtypha True Emperor stared intensely at his foe, seemingly trying to read everything.

“It was a good scheme.” He eventually uttered.

“Not a scheme, the fault was with the heart of man.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Tiger King didn’t realize the circumstances in his death. The truth was he would have been fine by eating three dew fruits. Sure, the pain might have been unbearable but he wouldn’t have died.

However, the third lotus fruit had lesser potency but its gentle nature interacting with the power of the light resulted in pouring oil over fire. It instantly released the power of the two previous dew pills so he blew up. Not even his master could have saved him.

“Repentance Institution, not bad at all, not bad at all.” His praise made people get goosebumps.

Normally, earning the praise of an emperor was a glorious matter. Alas, people could sense the murderous intent behind his words.

Zhou Qiushi and the others felt a chill coursing down their spine. No one could save them from the wrath of an emperor.

“Dean Du, looks like your academy has hidden dragons and crouching tigers.” He turned towards Du Wenrui and said.

The emperor remained confident with his grand dao in full mode despite seeing that Li Qiye was hiding his power.

After all, he has seen enough storms and masters in his life. Plus, his master was a progenitor. He didn’t need to fear anyone.

That’s why Li Qiye’s hidden cultivation didn’t deter him. He didn’t mind going all out against the guy right now.

“Ahem, you’re too kind.” Du Wenrui said: “The students only read random books and know a little bit about alchemy, this is useless stuff, nothing worth mentioning before you, Your Majesty.”

“It’s my disciple’s fault for being reckless.” The emperor said.

This statement allowed Zhou Qiushi’s group to breathe easy. It seemed that the emperor wouldn’t attack their institution right now.

Of course, everyone expected this outcome too. Tiger King lost fair and square to Li Qiye. If he were to get revenge, that would utterly ruin his reputation.

“The dao is long, we shall meet again. I want to see the profundity of Repentance Institution when there’s a chance.” Goldtypha True Emperor told Li Qiye with narrowed eyes.

“No, beat him down, beat him down and make the old man come out.” The bull suddenly interrupted: “Brat, that’s all you need to do for his master Orchid Sage to show up! Haha, then beat that guy down too for some real fun!”

Everyone couldn’t believe it. This bull was still spewing chaos in the presence of an emperor. It wasn’t afraid at all and wanted Li Qiye to fight Goldtypha True Emperor and Orchid Sage.

Fighting the emperor was one thing. There were others on the same level as the emperor. But as for Orchid Sage? That would seem like an overestimation of one’s capabilities.

“Whenever.” Li Qiye leisurely said: “I’ll be waiting. Of course, I also want to see Orchid Sage’s grand dao. I heard your disciple say that his grandmaster’s dao surpasses history itself.” 

“Buzz.” The emperor became agitated. His imperial aura erupted like a storm, seemingly intending on destroying everything here. The place became an apocalyptic epicenter.

The horrified and kneeling students trembled even more, unable to stand up.

“Your Majesty…” A few of them had an extremely hard time carrying on.

Zhou Qiushi’s group was frightened by the intensified aura as well as Li Qiye’s response. Offending the emperor was one thing but bringing in that progenitor too? They thought that Li Qiye was a demon that could push their academy down the abyss.

Their worries were warranted. Orchid Sage had enough power to destroy not just their academy but the entire city.

“Yes, yes! This is more like it! Remember, you need to beat him really bad so that Orchid Sage will come!” The bull shouted in the background. It started grinding its iron hooves on the rock below as if wanting to beat up the emperor itself.

Finally, the emperor chose not to take action and said: “This chance will come.”

He turned around and told the crowd: “Disperse, the bull treasure belongs to the fateful.” Having said that, he left without taking another glance at the treasure.

People felt much better without the imperial suppression looming over them. Some stared at Li Qiye with strange expressions. Others started moving away from him.

“This kid is dead for sure, talking about Orchid Sage like that.” One student spoke to his friend as they were leaving.

“Yes, why would he boast about challenging Orchid Sage? Does he think he’s Luminous Master?” His friend sneered.

“It’s gotta be that sword boosting his arrogance. His cultivation can’t back it up.” A third coldly said: “Only Luminous Master is qualified to stand next to Orchid Sage. A student from Repentance can’t discuss the dao with Orchid Sage regardless of his power level.”

All the students have left now. Some still wanted the treasure but heeded the warning of the emperor. Only Li Qiye’s group was left.

“This dirty thing still has some uses, and should be a sacred grade artifact for recovery.” Li Qiye threw the treasure at Du Wenrui and said.

“Hey! Watch your mouth, dirty thing? It is called a bull treasure, okay?” The bull retorted right away: “It’s not an ordinary bull treasure either. Completely priceless since it is created from a Nine-stamen Golden Grain.”

“I’ll thank you on behalf of the students.” Wenrui happily accepted it.

Li Qiye then turned towards the bull: “A black bull like you want to eat that golden grain? Are you dreaming?”

“What are you trying to say?! Do you not know where my handsome self came from? I am the lord of all beasts, the king of all saints. I possess a supreme bloodline in control of the supreme dao. I am unique in all of history, that golden grain is nothing, even the legendary ancestral tree of Three Immortals…” It suddenly stopped at this point.

“Go on. Three Immortal Ancestral Tree? You’ve eaten that?” Li Qiye said.

“Haha, I’m just making stuff up.” The bull looked around and heaved a sigh of relief after not seeing anyone else around.

“No, I heard you clearly, please tell us more about your incredible experience, handsome bull. Broaden the horizon of juniors like us.” Li Qiye continued.

The young ones didn’t react to hearing about this tree. Du Wenrui slightly raised his brows after hearing this.

“It’s, it’s nothing, I haven’t experienced anything like that. It’s only the crazy babbling of an old man, nothing to do with me.” The bull laughed.

“Well, I’m interested in this babbling old man then.” Li Qiye smirked.

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