Chapter 2842: Goldtypha True Emperor

“Hmph, it’s just another one.” Tiger King snorted while holding the Earthlotus Fruit. 

In his opinion, he could still eat another dew fruit without a problem so this should be just fine due to its lesser potency. He instantly took a bite.

The crowd agreed with him too, not thinking that anything crazy could happen.

“Buzz.” However, the power of light instantly ignited after he swallowed.

It was raging like a thousand dragons but he successfully suppressed it. The consumption of this Earthlotus Fruit changed the situation - akin to a bucket of oil being lit up by a single spark. The thousand dragons finally escaped their shackles.

“Boom!” The power of light inside his body erupted like a volcano.

“Activate!” He shouted again and increased the suppressive level of his beast talismans. Alas, the surging light power was unstoppable after the full ignition.

“Crack! Crack!” The various talismans on him shattered to pieces. Resplendent light strands shot out of his body, seemingly piercing through him.

The final talisman fell and Tiger King lost control completely. Blood and light started splashing outward from the cracks on him, nearly causing him to explode.

“What the hell?!” The students nearby were horrified.

“Master, save me!” He bellowed for help, on the verge of death. He could sense that this light wouldn’t only destroy his body but also turn his true fate and souls into dust.

“Hmph!” A scowl echoed across the nine firmaments with a thunderous oomph.

“Fool!” A palm pulsing with a golden light descended from the sky. Yellow laws poured down like waterfalls around Tiger King.

“Boom!” The might of an emperor emerged like a tsunami along with golden vines growing out of the ground.

The vines seemed to be cast from gold with the agility of serpents. They started coiling around Tiger King, intending on suppressing the power of light.

“It’s too late.” Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this.

“Boom!” Before a full wrap by the vines, the light power inside Tiger King had condensed to the limit and exploded. Bright particles surged out like an ocean of stars in this explosion in the next second.

“No!” Tiger King screamed miserably, overwhelmed with despair and unwillingness before death since even his master couldn’t save him.

The area became silent after the deafening blast. Particles rushed out in all eight directions.

The astounded crowd couldn’t calm down. Some were horrified by this spectacle.

“Hmph!” Another scowl resounded, not as thunderous as the previous but struck everyone in the chest like a hammer. Some felt suffocated and nearly dropped to the ground.

A figure began landing. Once he drew near, golden radiance oozed out of the ground. More serpent-like vines started growing around him and twisted together, slowly lifting the person up.

Vines seemed to grow wherever he went and supported his steps, something similar to the way immortals walked in the legends with lotus blossoming beneath. In this case, he had golden vines instead of lotus flowers.

People finally got a good look at him - a young man adorned in a gold robe with runes on the surface. It seemed that the dao was draping on him instead of a piece of cloth.

He had a sharp pair of eyes with enough impetus to flip the ocean over. A slight hand wave could blow away the sky and split the earth apart.

“Boom!” An imperial aura ravaged the area like a tsunami, hitting everyone like a palm strike and forcing them down on their knees. The students here shuddered and felt suffocated.

“Goldtypha True Emperor!” Someone exclaimed.

Zhou Qiushi and the others trembled after hearing this title. They couldn’t stand straight due to the immense pressure.

Goldtypha - a student of Dawn, the successor of Strong Grass System, the disciple of Orchid Sage, and an emperor with eight palaces!

Any of these statuses could allow him to treat the world with disdain, marching about unrestrained.

“Your Majesty!” Some started prostrating. The weaker students were having a hard time with this oppressive aura.

Only Eternals could truly handle this aura; Ascenders found themselves lacking before an eight-palace emperor.

Goldtypha glanced around the crowd; his eyes darting with lightning speed. Everyone felt as if they have been cut by a blade just now and needed to hold back from yelling in pain.

“Hundred-dew Pill and Earthlotus.” He took a sniff before glaring at Li Qiye.

“You tricked my disciple!” The coldness in his eyes was chill-inducing.

His original form was a dark typha, a branch of the demonic race. He eventually gained many great achievements under the tutelage of Orchid Sage.

Goldtypha had a soft spot for Tiger King since they were both demons. Tiger King was also an obedient and filial disciple.

He couldn’t stay calm after seeing the murderer of his student. He didn’t display an expression of wrath just yet but his aura made the earth quiver.

Zhou Qiushi’s group was overwhelmed with fear. This emperor only needed one wave to kill everyone here. They started worrying about Li Qiye.

“Not quite, it was just an ordinary bet where he needed to eat Hundred-dew and I, Earthlotus.” Li Qiye shrugged.

“Hundred-dew has an extreme nature, opposite of the lotus fruit. Eating the two of them together is akin to pouring alcohol on fire!” The emperor asserted.

As a demon typha, he was an expert in alchemy and understood the event right away. He then looked at the bull’s treasure in Li Qiye’s hand and felt even more love for his disciple.

He only casually said something about wanting it yet his disciple threw his life away in order to be filial.

“You can’t blame me for this.” Li Qiye shrugged: “I wanted to eat the Earthlotus fruit but he wanted to eat the last one. One can only say that this was his fate.”

The emperor’s aura was roaring with rage even though he was trying to restrain his fury. The students nearby lowered their head in horror, not daring to look straight at him.

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